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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

  1. Yes

    209 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. Awesome brother :) ball hard.
  2. Check in, @CoolBuddy7 has disappeared again hope he's good. I guess I won the duel so I want to go against @Bascoal. Finally sorted something I've been putting off for the longest time, my schedule. I prayed to God to make me improve and become more productive. I did a lot of things on my to do list. Updating this is one of them and making a separate thread I'm sure you'll see soon. Insta Allah. Like beast said, ball hard warriors.
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  3. @Saiyan123 sorry bro my journey came to an end as i failed myself after coming so long 4 i came in contact with my ex after many months hence the series of unexpected things a new journey started from now
  4. What happened you were doing so good.... These exes really screw a lot of reboots unfortunately :(
  5. Bihari

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  6. The one who's reached here(Marvellous Streak)
    With the blessings of God upon him he can reach to the stars.
    Hope you remain solemn and stable every day irrespective of all atrocities you encounter.
  7. N0M0RENasty

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  8. I create websites, what are you looking for, pm me
  9. I understand this well! So I ask you... ......Why do you want to stop PMO? ......................Are you upset about it enough? ....................Don't give in to the relapse! Turn yourself around and attack it even harder!..........................If you truly want to give up this silent killer try even harder!..................................You don't truly lose until you give up. Do you think you have tried hard enough to earn the right to giving up? The answer is always NO!

    Therefore, you are not a loser but you aren't a winner! Tackle this beast and become the giant that tells IT how to feel and not the other way around. You got this!:emoji_thumbsup::emoji_call_me:
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    My Journal
    Checkin in the enemy knocked on the door last night but there was no vacancy for him so left out
  11. Grip36

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    I'm back! Was on a brief vacation. Check in for today, daily check ins will resume.
  12. just she msg me after many months whole past repeat as flashback in my memory which just so messed up my mind that my demon conquered over me & i again slip into the place from where i have risen up...anyways learned from my mistake a new journey with some new goals...
  13. thanks pal...mistakes are the best teacher...i do make misatke & i take whole responsibility & i will clean up this mess once again from my life...thanks for support
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  14. sorry bro its too late to be awarded...
  15. They not only break streaks. They murder lives. That is why I fap sometimes, I can't reach to no woman. They fucked up. In the head, and literally. And of course they turn on exes, they suddenly decide to go BIG LEAGUE. Then she calls back, then I call amnesia and it is all the same. Literally all women are no relationship material and I had to teach myself the hard way. That's WHAT IT DO BABY.
  16. Checking in day 2
    feeling great made sme major changes
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    Congrats! One thing I’ll tell y’all, my brain hasn’t fully recovered. In the last 10 days of my streak, I had a lot of visuals of videos I had watched before. Be careful, and don’t let the snake bite! Peace
  19. cr7da8055

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    I’m starting a new streak from now! @Saiyan123 please put me in a new battle.
  20. Ya i can feel it .. The brother had 120 day streak and was going very strong except that her ex called her up...

    Are all girls same Yes the girls who date are majority same but in my case it is always the guys who cause trouble ..
    But my motivation of leaving MO is greater then their screwed up thoughts,
    Games, intentions etc. So I survive every single time.... I won't back down

    And I personally believe like
    "if you leave someone don't go back to him/her
    Most probably his damaged ego will kill you or leave you badly wounded "


    "if someone left you don't ever go back to the person or scroll her profile or answer her calls
    so that you can stop yourself from giving her chance to play with your emotions again"

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