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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

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  1. Bihari

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    checking in..
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  2. fg4795

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    My Journal
  3. We can duel againif you want to
  4. Well yes completely agree with this one... Actually i have seen majority girls like that in my uni . Even guys become trash after they are left by girl... Very trash uni is a sick place :(
    Sometimes it is coz of regret sometimes the other person knows that the guy/girl have feelings for them and wants to use him/her when going through some personal issue, need support or help etc etc that is really mean but that is how the world is mostly and we have to adapt to it
  5. Always_moving_forward

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    Let's go then!
    Let's both reach 100 days :')
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  6. Young girls are the worst. They are so spoiled and CAN DO ANYTHING. NO SOCIAL NORMS. See young men, they cannot. If we break up and you are a girl slapping me in public- it is okay. If I slap you. Police. Same reason, same power, same attitude. Different JUSTICE. These people can do whatever with you guys, just cause you born a man. But... I take the other road, cause I ain't with the flies... And the most important thing. I CAN CHEAT, you can't . That is in the head of every girl. Better don't go on vacations or work for some time. If you don't believe me, you will see. BUT IIIIII ain't wit' this goofy life no more. Don't trusting nobodies emotions, just try to keep my head above the water. IF you feel there are good women, you will get burn brothers. I have enough experience, I have seen enough, read enough, watched enough. It is my blood, sweat tears and soul guaranteeing it. You will burn. Many of the grandpa knows it. CAUSE they gangsta, none of this programmed beta males born after the war raised up by a single mothers. They don't know shit. But I with them birds, they fly in every possible direction... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

    The Beast was here. Check in, I mean.
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  7. Well i think you really hate girls....
    This is really bad... Because our hatred consumes every part of us..... It makes our living unbearable

    I live in Muslim majority city... Basically dating is forbidden in our basically i know many girls who are 23 and are not even friends with guys let aside dating let aside cheating.. They get a good job and then get married to their husband and live happily...
    But most of the girls break norms of their religion and date...they either get badly hurt by guy or hurt the guy badly... I have seen both..
    Guys of our place are mostly trash....They have ego issues etc etc .. They will flirt with girls, have 7-10 girlfriends etc etc and then marry a girl who is chaste and doesn't talk to guys... I mean that is such hypocrisy on their part ...
    Personally i don't date but i think i still get in trouble because my friends talk to guys or their bfs and say mean things about me and cause me trouble at their hands... I don't know who to blame guy who hurts me or the girl who manipulates him.
    It trash...

    I don't think you should go after girls .. Rather focus on your career, your parents , siblings, religion .... There are lot of things to do and improve rather than wasting our time at futile hatred of trash people who don't deserve our valuable time....
  8. Do I hate you? There are things in my speech that are hardly to follow when you are not eyes to eyes with me. Don't be full by the bull aggression. I am agressive only when matters and never hate none.

    Glad that you are replying to a poor soul like me. Maybe if you met me you will say I am trash. My first impression is like that, then they got fall in love, then they promise crazy things stay a lot with me, then catch the next train. Then maybe the right things is me catching the gat, but I am still playing around ..
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  9. I am thankful to you for distancing my mind of the thoughts. I am after no one. Lead never follows. Thank you, sunshine.
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  10. Hardcandy

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    @fg4795, pre-weekend check in.
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  11. Day 3. Am I already a superhuman?
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  12. I understand your situation buddy.
    When I was in my first semester, I encountered a boy who always use to come to my room and use to say that he is depressed because his Girlfriend has left him
    Mysteriously, he always used to hide his arm via handkerchief or via hand.
    One day he came up to us(a bunch of 4 roommates) and said he's again patched up with her GF.
    We're mesmerized and asked him for a party.
    After a few days I was told my roommate that he'd committed suicide via a rope noose. And In his Hand he drew the name of his Girlfriend via a sharp element.
    How crazy are guys too that they aren't vigilant enough to sustain themselves after a break-up.
    I used to believe that guys are tough and are able to resist and endure any blow given to them.
    But What I saw was totally defiant to what I used to listen oftenly from the wise people.
  13. fg4795

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    My Journal
    bro I think you took the worst example you could, violence is wrong no matter what and let me tell you I can read so much hate in what you write, it's not a good thing for you, I agree with you that the world it is not perfect but neither am I and neither are you, am I wrong?
    spoilt girls can be a pain I felt on my own skin but still it doesn't mean that you must stay alone or that every young girl in the world are here to ruin your life, some will, some won't and to some maybe you will be the one who ruined hers.
    As well pointed by @Borntoshine33 values and difference between boys and girls are different based on where you live, if the spoilt girls are the worst problem remember that probably you got lucky because you live in a democratic country with a good welfare, so I think you just need to keep on the good track and don't let the hate win over you because in the end you will get your interior peace with no hate. maybe with girl maybe without, but with peace the most important thing
    it sucks yes, but you know I blame both, the girl that educated to hate, hate you because you just live as you want and the boy too because the girl can manipulate well but in the end he took to decision to hurt you, it's not like he has a gun in his back
    hey really happy to see that you are still on the good path how's it going?
  14. I've seen a veil of pall in front of many Girl's face.To bluff you and make you trap in that pit hole.
    But not every girl is like the one filled with a feeling of enmity. Some are cheerful and motivating as well.
    Exact and precise nature of girls is the well bred who helps others and gives incentives to continue pursuing one thing.
    Singing is my hobby and whenever I sing songs in front of them and my teachers They always push me to sing more and more and more.
    And become well-established in this profession.
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  15. that is where you lost me, I am a beast.

    I hate seen my brothers fall in the traps. For me. It is over. I trust none, that bring me as you say inner peace. Soon, I won't care, cause either way people don't really understand what I am talking about.

    Don't fall to the trap that violence is bad. Violence is moving everything around you. If you suppress it soon you will find yourself being a sheep around wolves.

    It is my mistake engaging in this talks. I will try to stop myself giving opinions left and rights. Though they facts, I am lacking being low-key.

    If somebody got offended somehow, there was no hatred, I guaranteed. I feel great. People always say it, when they didn't invest to know me better.

    All my agression is righteous. Hating a *****, is giving a validation.

    I hate none and love myself.

    See you soon.
  16. That's the key
    You look like a real beast extricating himself from the constraints of beauty
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  17. ZenMode

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    Hey guys. I was doing so well reached my longest streak after ages I got to almost 2 weeks but then I became complacent and now back to my old ways partly due to not being active on this site and not taking it seriously. But now something has clicked in me and I had to look at myself and think what am I doing this for. So I am back now on this site and ready for a duel. I reset my counter and going to begin hard mode. No content at all untill I have fixed all cravings and am back in control.
  18. fg4795

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    don't. Opinions are good because are different and we can always learn by reading someone's opinion. So personally I would like to keep reading yours maybe discuss and why not? maybe I'll learn in the end that you were right and it will be good because I was wrong but I learnt
  19. Halibut

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    Hey all - Day 36

    Just wanted to let you guys know where I am at. I have felt the best I have done in a long time.

    I am having genuine laughs, more genuine emotions. I am not getting anxious at silly little things, I am doing things more that I want instead of pleasing others. I enjoy socialising more.

    Everyone is different when they hit the mysterious 'superpowers', mine seem to kick in around the 1 month mark - so if you are feeling flat, depressed and ready to give in, just take faith that there is your better self on the otherside.

    How you doing @FTI?

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