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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

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  1. that is where you lost me, I am a beast.

    I hate seen my brothers fall in the traps. For me. It is over. I trust none, that bring me as you say inner peace. Soon, I won't care, cause either way people don't really understand what I am talking about.

    Don't fall to the trap that violence is bad. Violence is moving everything around you. If you suppress it soon you will find yourself being a sheep around wolves.

    It is my mistake engaging in this talks. I will try to stop myself giving opinions left and rights. Though they facts, I am lacking being low-key.

    If somebody got offended somehow, there was no hatred, I guaranteed. I feel great. People always say it, when they didn't invest to know me better.

    All my agression is righteous. Hating a person, is giving a validation.

    I hate none and love myself.

    See you soon.
  2. That's the key
    You look like a real beast extricating himself from the constraints of beauty
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  3. ZenMode

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    Hey guys. I was doing so well reached my longest streak after ages I got to almost 2 weeks but then I became complacent and now back to my old ways partly due to not being active on this site and not taking it seriously. But now something has clicked in me and I had to look at myself and think what am I doing this for. So I am back now on this site and ready for a duel. I reset my counter and going to begin hard mode. No content at all untill I have fixed all cravings and am back in control.
  4. don't. Opinions are good because are different and we can always learn by reading someone's opinion. So personally I would like to keep reading yours maybe discuss and why not? maybe I'll learn in the end that you were right and it will be good because I was wrong but I learnt
  5. Halibut

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    Hey all - Day 36

    Just wanted to let you guys know where I am at. I have felt the best I have done in a long time.

    I am having genuine laughs, more genuine emotions. I am not getting anxious at silly little things, I am doing things more that I want instead of pleasing others. I enjoy socialising more.

    Everyone is different when they hit the mysterious 'superpowers', mine seem to kick in around the 1 month mark - so if you are feeling flat, depressed and ready to give in, just take faith that there is your better self on the otherside.

    How you doing @FTI?
  6. Hey beast...
    I agree with you on a lot of points...since tomarrow is my exam and I can not write that much I am sorry though....
    Listen there was a guy in my class whose girlfriend always used to cheat him and breadcrum him always leaving him between yes and no...
    So i tried to repeatedly advice him stay away from girl as she will ruin him and his career he didn't listen to me thought i was a villian in their relationship... And used to bully me, insult me and repeatedly taunt me in front of his Gf and class... I was forced to submit harassment report for verbal abuse/bullying...

    After few months the girl again left him and went to her ex bf and he almost died he was had hemorrhage due to high BP.. And at last said sorry to me and that i was always right...

    Moral of the story
    Me =good girl =got bullied by a guy
    His gf=bad girl =ditched the guys and ruined him
    So both good and the bad ones exist it is unfortunate that good ones get hurt
  7. Stay strong. You are really ''clearer'' than probably all of us. Since my birth I am the one bulling the bullies. I don't know if somebody ever cheated on me. I think not. People being loyal enough to me. More of my talk is what I see and understand. I was and am always respected by everybody. My brothers suffer this society, though. I have sympathy. But I should not. As the boy up said, we not perfect. Having sympathy for loosers is me not being over it and having love for fools in most of the case. But that is my imperfection. You can read Nietzsche about the sympathy, but it is too hard to read, indeed. So you can trust me. Sympathy to fools is weakness, especially when you try to help them once. I just try to lift people up. Cause I have said many times. I am born a leader.
  8. Always_moving_forward

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    What streak are you on?
  9. I am your most important chick now, devil. I want some focus here, please. This devil is so unpredictable.. I will have to freeze you to stay away from these chicks :D
    Attended Red Tent meeting yesterday, unleashed all my inner demons there, danced and sang and got a massage and played like a kid and screamed and laughed until my belly hurt. Awesome awesome awesome! Here I come baby, defend yourself now! ;)
  10. Oops maybe that dance of ours in previous duel "beauty vs beast" could be related with this? Oh no.. sorry - Scorpio-type of joke :D
    People. Let him vent and rant and do anything he wants here, I mean guys need to let their emotions out. Even Beasts need that. To unleash their demons and grow. Everyone of us needs that. Beast, if you're still angry on girls, come here baby, I'll cool you off in my ice castle :D
  11. Always_moving_forward

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    It's my life! :D
    it's time that I take the virginity of my Ego and show him who is in control :emoji_bangbang::emoji_ballot_box_with_check:
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  13. N0M0RENasty

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    check in saturday.
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  16. Man risked bc of friends of mine that send me this fake funny video that were P in reality, luckily I stopped after few seconds but feel a little guilty.. going to do some pushups

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