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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

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  1. I don't know whether it is right approach or not but
    I think you should take a break from nofap for at most three days and binge as much as you want then start out the challenge firmly from then onwards
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  2. Bascoal

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  3. Bascoal

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    We are in a duel right now is that? :)
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  4. BeastBoyBalling

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    I am a bull then.
    Your raps skills are great,
    Good luck.

    The Beast checks in.
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  5. Bihari

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  6. fg4795

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    My Journal
  7. Turtleboi

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    Checking in for the day. Not sure what happened but I somehow feel stronger then even before than I relapsed for the past two days. Maybe the spiritual thing I did worked. Took a small nap today, and it felt a bit weird since I haven't took proper naps for a while. Also, @Saiyan123 , I lost the duel a few days ago lol, forgot to ping you for that.
  8. BeastBoyBalling

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  9. Back now, will try sort out everything on here insha Allah.
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  10. i think there is never wrong time to do the right thing...once more try...nothing bad in trying with day 0...
  11. Well done, that was a duel for the history of the duels, lasted so long must've been great benefit to both fighters and your benefits, what you find hard, techniques, skills you've learnt. Make the report your own. You're a true warrior!
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  12. I wouldn't watch erotic films. That is not a good idea, we're going hard mode nothing sexual.
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  13. Awesome, will try find someone what a streak :)
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  14. Agree entirely, sorry for late reply. I also feel in this society we value ourselves less than we're worth, that's why we always want someone but if self worth goes up then you want other women less.
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  15. wallpaper-2632709.jpg [email protected] after battle
  16. Maxym

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    Day 2. @Saiyan123 set me up with someone, please.
  17. Don't worry too much, you're strong and will bounce back. I believe in you you just gott to make sure these next few days are pmo free completely not even a glimpse.
    Sure, thanks for joining. Making all new duels now.
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  18. Well done @Snakeloa on the win, you'll be against @WackinWolf now. Check in and remember to do reports every 2 weeks on progress, benefits, techniques.
  19. Snakeloa

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    Thank you for the flowers.

    @control your life thank you for your honesty & sharing man. Useful to pay attention to the circumstances that were unfolding when you relapsed and how you managed / responded to decision points along the way. If I can be of support let me know.

    BTW My technique was to trust in myself and my AP group, to have clarity on my goal and to sharpen my attention to trigger points.

    @WackinWolf I would like to keep the Sundays for check ins if you don't mind. Let the mighty battle begin.
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