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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

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  2. Paf-On

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    Never give up
    Let's duel again...
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  3. Hope we both have a productive day tomorrow as well! Remember to say no to the urge. Let's see who is stronger in this fight!
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  4. AllenJT

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    Checking in. Thursdays are my off days and I've recently been trying to do something that restores my appreciation in this beautiful world. Originally I would go hiking each Thursday, but recently I've started volunteering at a nearby animal shelter. Because of that, I'm now just trying to decide what I want to do from now on on Thursdays. Whether I decide the day before, or the weather decides, or something else.

    I'd like to go to the shelter tomorrow but because it's gonna be really rainy, it isn't a good day to spend time with the good boys and girls, especially since I try to take a few of them on walks whenever I visit.

    Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions on what I can do on Thursdays with bad weather, I'm all ears. Since I prefer outdoor activities, it's a little tricky on rainy days.
  5. Spend time reading, learning skills. Learn a language or something cool and beneficial. Everything is online, use it to your benefit.
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  6. @a_new_chapter , I fucked up. Really last couple attempts have been weak. Couple shit happened in my life which has been messing w me. I want to go against you again though bro.

    Tomorrow I gotta sort this out, sort my life out a bit too.
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  7. On a more positive note, I played 2 hours football today. Why I failed I have no idea, I played good. One thing is maybe that this girl ik in person added me on facebook and was messaging w her but that's kind of a lame excuse. Last couple attempts I have let down my guard early and the enemy has took advantage. Time to LEARN from that. No youtube for a week, hold me accountable to this please @a_new_chapter .
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  8. Hey don't give up @primordial-saiyan ! I'm sure you'll learn from the mistake. Bad things in our lives tend to throw us off including on the road of nofap. I'm also trying to improve controls over my emotions, so that I won't give in to the urge even when bad things happen in life. No youtube for a week sounds like a good start, but it's more important to improve our mindset so that we become stronger in the long run.
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  9. Day 11 checking in. Let's duel again if you'd like. @primordial-saiyan You got this bro!
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  10. Maybe go to the gym/swimming pool? I try to do that these days. Or go to volunteer with a different organization? There is also where you may find local people/groups with similar interests?
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  11. Kratos_GOW

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    Alright let's go
  12. Hi ,

    So, it took me three days to feel better I am finally more energized after session . Yesterday was the first day of missing French learning but my mind was not right, so it was not the right thing to do. Unfortunately, I have not being working out lately. I played table tennis yesterday. But I have problem with my left hamstring . My right is torn, as I have already shared, and now my left seems overworked. So it will be rest again, I don't know when I will start working out again, it depends on it .
    As PMO wise watch your language . Words like '' NoFap'' , encourage you to fap . It is simple psychology . Mind struggles with ''no'' before words and take the main thing which is ''fap'' and mind says to us do it, do it do it. We can say, for example.. I want to be sexually responsible. To continue my thoughts, things like ''hard mode'' are bad to say, because ''hard'' . We are saying to us, it is hard.. On the contrary, that famous among us book - Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking method.
    You probably remember how I was speaking in the beginning of our meeting . Using words like ''shit, fuck, et cetera '' . In my daily life I wasn't swearing, nor using those kind of words, but it was easier to express myself in the forum because English is not my mother tongue . And I feel better without them. Those words keep us in bad energy circle. In low vibrations . PMO is situated at the low vibrations, waiting on us .

    Much love. Thank you for having me .
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  13. Thanks for this, the last point you make is really valuable too. My mindset needs to stay consistent. For me I have control over emotions, I never get angry at all or lose control of them apart from losing sexual discipline. This loss in control isn't just M tho, it's messaging girls too for me and ik others in here have the same issue. I really want to join gym, I'm not the strongest but I have to just have my thing, I'm gonna walk down and join today inshaAllah. Later on there's a weekly social I'm going to and I'll try make some new friends too. And apart from that I need to catch up in lectures/tidy room and go grocery shopping.
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  14. wise words brother.
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  15. Each of us grow. One way or another :)
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  16. ohayou615

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    Sorry for not responding these past days...was on the East Coast for a wedding. Sorry about the relapse but you mustn’t forget about the progress you have made. Every small improvement is worth it and as long as you stay true to the reason you are on NoFap, you will overcome it, one day at a time.
  17. If you look back and look at others not on self improvement it's crazy, but this is only step 1.
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  19. Paf-On

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  20. fg4795

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    My Journal
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