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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

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  1. Hi guys, I've been offline for 5 days tbh but I just wanna open up...

    I'm fed up of losing, failing, not living up to expectations but no one can change that but me. I can't be stressed too much but I can't keep on losing either. It's got to be one day at a time, keeping composed and believing in my ability when situations occur. Then I can't mess up. I believe in myself and my ability. I know I will be great inshaAllah, the only person stopping me is myself. I know how many sacrifices I've made people my age wouldn't do. It's not enough for me and where I wanna be tho. I wanna be the best in everything I do, this is my life all the time even subconciously before PMO because in reality there's no better feeling than winning and knowing how hard you've worked.

    One realisation I have made is that for an addict, we all have micro addictions and bad habits other than PMO. When I broke up w my ex for months, I'd check up on her instagram to see what she's up to and I felt like I couldn't stop even though I knew it would harm me. I was and still am really addicted to instagram, so I deleted it. To snapchat, so I deleted it. To YouTube so I deleted it. But I realised that these micro addictions are just as bad as PMO in reality. For the person reading, think where their other bad habits lay and for me I realise just one thing. It's a reward for being lazy whereas we really don't need these apps and distractions in our lives if we are really chasing our goals. It really angers me even writing this knowing I know how much potential I have yet how much time I've wasted talking to girls even for things I can't have. I even messed up my A-levels over a girl tbh, that's the truth and when I make my purpose to do well is when I do well. The trouble about addiction lays in the trigger, but that trigger only lies in the trouble of not having enough self control and discipline. When I'm talking to a girl, it's my choice to make it sexual and want more even tho I can be inclined towards it.

    So what can I do and what do I plan to do? The plan has always got to be a lot better than the realistic achievements tbh. I shouldn't see a day where I haven't done as well as I could've as a failure though. I should see it as a better chance to do better tomorrow. All your errors and mistakes are forgiven and treat your day as if you will only live that one. Don't overburden or be harsh but positive. Know that you will reach your goals, and everyday you try you become a better person. Trust in yourself and your ability. Do your best to remove micro addictions, one big micro addiction I have is actually a habit of checking here unnecessarily which I need to curb and same with the news. Live by the routine of doing the necessary for the benefit and not the unnecessary which harms. This is reality for me and as far as I have came, I can go further and I will go further if I am true to this and I have you all as a support. Today is the day I focus on myself and what benefits me, stop focusing and depending on others. I need to be ruthless even though I don't want to be and let all variable factors be solved by God and my effort.

    My counter is reset and I begin today a new man inshaAllah. May Allah make me carry out my commitments to myself and the same for all of you and may he make us winners for just our efforts also. Ameen.
  2. Salam bro,
    Thanks for returning, fight against @AllenJT
    Listen, I heard great advice on this a while ago but I realised if you are away and alone, you are easier to hunt. Stay with the group and fight.

    The enemy is not gonna wait for you, till you become perfect. You need to fight whilst you keep falling, that is the true battle until you finally outplay him by different techniques.
    Thanks for joining you'll be against @MaxLivre .
    Thanks for joining max, good to have a strong recruit. You'll be fighting against @Saiyan6 . Keep us updated with check-ins and how your doing. Thoughts always appreciated also.
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  3. Keep it up brother.
    Salam bro, don't worry about it. Just learn and fight me now!!
    @ohayou615 VS @a_new_chapter
    @Timmyrogger VS @primordial-saiyan .

    Looking forward to this one. May Allah make it never end! Ameen.
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  4. Listen, you aren't alone in a place where society does nothing but encourage loneliness. You have this place and better times will come and even if they don't in truth loneliness needs to be dealt with in the correct manner because people use it for dependancy which is unhealthy. You were all alone in your mother's womb and you will die alone and this is what you need to find comfort and be okay with. If you want to talk, any one of us are free to be your brothers and talk but in reality you need to work hard and i'm saying this as a reminder to myself and I hope you understand I say this with the best of intentions. Let's go and see you become a master!
    Good to hear you're doing so well Alhamdulillah. Love hearing good things. I learnt GCSE French but have forgot most of it, but I am learning Arabic actually on a course starting this weekend for 3 hours. Let's be the best we can be inshaAllah!
    12 is crazy and tbh I haven't ever understood the like concept in this place. I feel like you can appreciate something without liking or say thank you and reply instead. I don't mind it and it doesn't bother me so I hope it doesn't bother others when I don't like back because they know I have so much love for them anyway.
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  5. @Timmyrogger
    Day 1 check in:

    I played football today 2hrs after 2 hrs yesterday, I scored 4 goals yesterday and 2 today, my legs are aching and yesterday I got kicked a lot but it was competitive so I enjoyed it. I have been eating healthy for a while now, no sweets and just natural sugars like fruit and healthy juice. My diet is a lot better than it was. My results from my exams came, they weren't great but I was expecting it because I had a bacterial infection. I can see I'm not trying hard enough with my studies so I'll try harder inshaAllah.

    Bismillah and Alhamdulillah.
  6. Timmyrogger

    Timmyrogger Fapstronaut

    Day 4 check in @ohayou615 @primordial-saiyan @a_new_chapter i qm happy to see 3 competitors in one dual this surely will give me more interation with you guys and this time its gonna be a long streak .. i fail and than i curse myself which is not right but i am working on it ... anybody here has some clues about getting rid of prostatitis ?????? It sucks when i pee and after pmo it gets worse ...
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  7. MaxLivre

    MaxLivre Fapstronaut

    Hi @Saiyan123
    I relapsed yesterday. I was feeling edgy, it was without any porn and quite small but it still happened and I failed in that moment.
    So I lost the duel.
    But do not be too zealous as I will come back and once i can I will come back to these duels and I am sure that I can be better this time around.

    All the best to all of you,
    Thank you,
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  8. Hi everyone! I used to be @fleurette but I deleted my account due to my own personal struggles. Let's just not dive into them. I hope everyone is doing OK? I am on day 50 of my no PMO journey now :)
  9. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    What a wonderful surprise mylady, I hope that this 50 days means you are doing great :)

    Anyway @Alex_Al checking for the week that will lead me to day 163 tomorrow.
    It has been a busy week with academics but still I've found time to hit the gym 3 times and to make some run in the mountain(living just on them allows me to be there in notime :) ).
    Had some bad thoughts on the beginning of the week that could potentially lead me to relapse because of some ghosts of the my old life but I kept strong and eliminate them. I am saving my time and energy for things that are more useful now. Like my shape, my health and my culture. My team finally is doing better and I am able also to be the leader better, we finally had a bunch of win in a row, the safe zone is here right now.
    We could say it has been a good week after all.
    How about you my friend? :)
  10. I hope so too. I am surrounding myself with inspiring people now and doing the inner work. Been too immersed in distractions before, this site being one of them. I will not be a frequent guest maybe but I missed you and came here to cheer for you! @fg4795 you have the attitude of the lion king, wow I even can feel it! Keep strong!
  11. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    We are tough fighters in here but you will make us blush :), thanks for remembering about us.
    I am happy to know that you're surrounded by inspiring people, it is important when you can talk to people that understand what you're doing :). Anyway thanks for the compliment, as everyone in here I am just fighting my way back to light :)
  12. EdwardElric2020

    EdwardElric2020 New Fapstronaut

    hey,im 19 years old
    best streak=14 days
    been trying nofap since NNN
    anyone wanna duel?
  13. Pedro.Conquers

    Pedro.Conquers Fapstronaut

    Your awesome bro!! Keep up the great work!! Your putting up a good battle eh bro? Most guys would have folded by now. Keep it up!

    Yea nofap powers and chicks are the best, when your one with yourself you can take over the world!! I’m also sober drug free as well. Best thing i ever did for myself.

    I’ll try my best to check in!! RESPECT.
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  14. Pedro.Conquers

    Pedro.Conquers Fapstronaut

    Every time you want to jerk off, get down on your knees and ask him for the POWER. Everytime you jerk off, Alah turns his back on you. Get connected. Channel that inner demon for your greater power. Don’t let the demon kill you, let him work for you.
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  15. Pedro.Conquers

    Pedro.Conquers Fapstronaut

    I think i O’d in my sleep, my P felt kinda slimy on the morning bathroom break... Trying not to over think that and just move forward. Can’t let my mind play tricks on me. My higher power shall guide me.
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  16. Great to see you back fleurette. Missed you around here! Glad to see you're doing good too.
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  17. This is good advice tbh, i need to really make my inner demon see my strength.
  18. Thanks for joining, fight @MaxLivre
  19. I'm not too sure man, maybe exercise?

    Today was a really lazy day, left me with loads of work to do for tomorrow and I'm not really happy w it so I'm gonna reset counter because it doesn't meet my goals. Tomorrow will be better inshaAllah. I have a lot of stress tbh, the house I'm living in is bad but I'm stuck in the contract. Not dealing with it in a good way at all.
  20. cali4sto

    cali4sto Fapstronaut

    Great to see you around, was waiting for this moment haha

    Man day 26 already, everything just feels natural, more intense and just good overal.

    2 weeks free of alcohol and weed, and motivated to stay like this for the near term, I have many goals that I am going to accomplish.

    Very motivated with waking up earlier and building up a huge resilience and discipline.

    It is time for people to get to know me not just because of my typical:

    - He is a good lad / He is funny / He is smart / He is easy going / He does not give a fuck / etc.

    It is time for me to become a MAN.

    I want that people first thing that comes into their mind when they talk about me is:


    Best of luck with your journey @Pedro.kills , I think it is no coincidence that the 2 of us are on this battle together ;)

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