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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

  1. Yes

    200 vote(s)
  2. No

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  1. I respect you as a worthy opponent. That means something. Trust me
  2. Okay, that is why I waited for you, I think you deserve that chance .

    Do you want it to be 1 or 1,
    or because I am currently on a duel,
    we should go last man standing ?

    PS: I will rarely be in the forum, but will admit if I loose . I plan some times off . First it will be like a week or two and the second will be months .

    PS 2: I felt like Madara saying Do you like the clones with Susano or nah ? (cringe )
  3. You can throw everyone at me. It won't make a difference in the end it will be about you and me.
    That's how I felt like. Sure bring them on. ;) But this would probably break the rules of the duels right?
  4. Since I don't wanna put extra pressure on you and not want you to wait to be just against me .
    The duels are @Leader of ME vs @cr7da8055
    and @Leader of ME vs @The Legend of Hope , you can, if you will, always ask cr7 to duel .

    I check and I am out .
    I hope nobody uses P here till I return .
    On my first, smaller war . But are there small wars ?
    On war with myself .
    To the front lines fearless and relentless .
    It is the first of many .
  5. Don't worry. I would like to duel against more than one at the same time. It's not really changing the difficulty for me.
  6. You picked the poison, since cr7 is here regularly it will be better , you are right .
    Let the last man standing, be the last man standing .
  7. I hope you come back victorious @Leader of ME.
  8. It's been a little rough the past 5 days for me but I'm holding on. I'm not going to watch porn because of all the evil that comes from the industry. The fight isn't just for me, it's because I don't support the industry anymore. I will pray for an end to the porn industry and sex trafficking. Now all I have to worry about is staying away from hentai because my brain rationalizes and makes me think 'its good because no one real is involved.' Masturbation was never a hard thing to resist. It's the porn that hard to resist for me.

    (I had to rant a little because I had a really big urge. It helped.)
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  12. i am doing better than ever with my break my brothers.

    thanks for being protector @Leader of ME, you showed why i chose you and your title suits you exactly, take over as leader until i am back this monday or maybe longer but ill let you know after my bday on monday. you definitely have the capability to run this place, or you choose as leader who to be elder of the duels (i suggest @cr7da8055) who will take secondary responsibilities and ease the burden from leader and take over from monky as he's gone for too long now.

    sorry for taking the time out of your busy lives anyway, it is good to see experience and your character shine through in running this place.

    i didn't see the conduct of @MixerAwersome, the posts have been deleted, just learn from this and keep fighting here as a fighter you are. I hope you learn you can't lead if people don't see you as a supporter of us all first of all that's all i have and want to say
  13. and you aren't allowed to duel more than one at a time (even though you can do 1v1v1 and 2v2 format), a lot of people want this and to fight everyone but logistically it's not good to run this place doing that so sorry about that - it's in the rules too
  14. i'm available for duel too atm if anyone wants to fight but back on monday and less active than usual, just set me up @Leader of ME or @cr7da8055 :)
  15. Pedro.Conquers

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    Whats your incentive to take breaks from NOfap?
  16. Pedro.Conquers

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    youur backkkk
  17. Pedro.Conquers

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    Porn and sex trafficking will never seize to exist.

    But what you can do is get spiritually stronger to stop watching porn and maybe become a officer of the law to help reduce sex trafficking?
  18. Turtleboi

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    Checking in for the day. I have finally recovered from my fear problem that plagued me for the last two weeks or so(At least recovered enough to function properly). Had a reset on Monday since I used P to escape from my fears again, no MO since I was too terrified to do so. Forgot who I was dueling with, so I didn't tag anyone, sorry about that. Recently started exercising a lot more than I used to, my body is clearly not used to it but meh. Recently adopted a modular system instead of the weekly system, any imperfect day doesn't matter in this new system since I'll just move on to try again the next day. Feeling a lot less stressed since I adopted this, but this is just the first week so I'll have to wait to see the long term effects.
  19. MixerAwersome

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    I hate it when someone interferes in my work, that's all.

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