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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

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  1. first of many warrior! keep fighting hard
  2. in Islam there is the fast which was tradition of Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) where he fasted with no food and water every Monday and Thursday (sunrise to sunset), and also the fast of Prophet Dawud [David] (peace be upon him) which is fasting every other day.

    After time one of the benefits of fasting is it's supposed to restrain your desires, even though it might make it harder at first and I think scientifically it's a way of increasing testosterone and losing fat. Thought I would spread the message and I'll try fast mondays and thursdays from now too inshaAllah.
  3. Pedro.Conquers

    Pedro.Conquers Fapstronaut

    Fasting is true way of controlling your mind. If you can control your hunger you can control anything...

    I dont know it was a morning thought on M and P.. Im just gonna see what works for me but the hardest and obviously answer would be just quit PM.
  4. fg4795

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    My Journal
    Great work my friend, we're really happy for you.
    Show us what you've got :)
    Well @Alex_Al can explain the opinion of a man still in a wonderful streak.
    I can talk about the ones who got big streaks and then lost them.
    The big problem is always porn. It is.
    Abstaining also from masturbation helps you avoiding distraction, or purity if you're religious.
    But the big enemy is always porn.
    Of course also M can be addictive, but as human we can control it better without external stimulation.
    Porn is an external stimulation that makes us go crazy. Craving for more.
    Because in what I called "dark periods" I was there craving for a more or weirder video.
    Because I was overstimulated.

    The big problem with P is that it doesn't stop with O.
    I mean, at least in my experience, the pattern is that when I had one session of PMO, if I give up to binging is always because I want to keep on watching porn so I also M just "as an habit".
    It is never that I watch porn because I wanted absolutely to M.
    So in my opinion the biggest devil is porn, for the reasons I said above.

    P fucks up our mind. It is external. No control over it.
    There will always be something tempting you.
    M it is about you.
    I think it is beneficial to abstain from M also for gaining more control on yourself. Trying "to teach" yourself not to obtain always some easy pleasure let's say.
    Because it is possible that the excitement from M without anything will try to tempt you to go back to porn.
    But it's a possibility.
    To me it has happened, but because I was still weak. But I am getting to it, don't worry ;).
    Losing with porn is certain.

    Closing, I think that gaining the perfect control on yourself, it is could be somewhat beneficial what you thought about.
    But it requires a perfect self-control. Otherwise you risk to enter the cycle of "exscuses" to justify.
    Love to you all,
    Thanks for reading.
  5. fg4795

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    My Journal
    Day 22
    Another week for me. Doing a lot of work lately.
    Even less active in here. But here for my checking.
    Really happy right now.
    How about you?
  6. crookedboots

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    If I can just weigh in here @primordial-saiyan and @Pedro.Conquers. I believe that the real danger in taking this approach is that while just doing MO is natural, it can easily lead to the use of porn. That's because of the brain associations our minds formed over long periods of time watching porn.

    if you decide to go down that route, @Pedro.Conquers, you have to be real with yourself. If you find yourself slowly getting the urge to watch, you gotta call yourself out on it and get back to not Ming without P.
  7. Alex_Al

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    NoFap Defender

    I could not agree more with my co-fighter @fg4795 I also believe that the most important thing is to stop porn. But the truth is that masturbation can function as a Trojan horse. He wants a lot of attention. It also requires a lot of honesty with ourselves. I personally believe that masturbation is about adolescence and early adulthood. Many things can be beneficial but when done at the right time. I do not see any benefit from such a habit or relaxation from an adult. Maybe he should look for why he has such needs from the beginning. Are there emotional gaps? I want to say that clearly the major thing is to cut porn .And if this is done gradually by cutting porn first and then masturbation, maybe it is better than having constant setbacks. But surely the ultimate goal for someone who wants to gain clarity of mind and health in any way, is to stop this wrong tactic.
    These with a lot of love.
    Almost day 460, in less than two days.
  8. my practical steps to fighting is to develop this organisation and at least put up a collective struggle against it. This is why I need quality fighters like you and those reading this.
    P is not limited to the hub anymore, it's everywhere so when you say:
    I think this is the key, to remove external stimulation outside real human interaction, even then to lower gaze. We already have energy, this energy is taken by demons and what we choose to give it too and it's more powerful than we think. With this energy we can change the world, especially if it is collectively used.
  9. Strong words, i'll try take them wisely, God protect and guide you.
  10. @crookedboots I lost brother, it was w a girl I know online tho not just on my own so a lot cleaner than watching P. I deleted socials now though for a while, recommend watching the social dilemma.
  11. fg4795

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    My Journal
    I love this one.
    Had a similar argument with my friends not so much time ago, about still getting drunk when we go out.
    I stopped, because you can forgive yourself at 18 if you get drunk.
    At 20 you still can forgive yourself from time to time.
    At 24 if you still get drunk regularly. Well, the problem is not mine ;)
  12. crookedboots

    crookedboots Fapstronaut

    It's been a pleasure, and I've watched the Social Dilemma --great documentary.
  13. I want a rematch if u agree to it, i want you to be my rival. shameful for me to ask but i want to prove myself.
  14. MixerAwersome

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  15. crookedboots

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    Ah yes. Of course. I shall be a good opportunity for me to prove that my victory is decisive, like boxers having a rematch in a boxing match. Prepare to go down @primordial-saiyan
  16. Time to show what I'm made of. Leader for a reason.
  17. Turtleboi

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    I fucked up again. Never really got a streak going since corona started and now I'm back at square one.
  18. crookedboots

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    Excited to see it!
  19. Pedro.Conquers

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    haha Im too real with it. Im back to just obtaining from just PM. Im keep it simple and easy. Need that mind control baby.

    Too much damage to just go back to M without the P.
  20. Pedro.Conquers

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