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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Stay strong! I had my first urge so I need to to start finding ways to release it besides pmo.
  2. You got this, just do anything good apart from relapsing and most importantly don't even give in to a second of temptation.
  3. fg4795

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    My Journal
    Hey @Alex_Al
    I am still missing you.
    Hoping you are doing wonderful.
    Nonetheless I am checking for 17th week of our duel.
    And I wish you the best Christmas possible :)
  4. @SoldierofGod I relapsed. Maybe we could have a rematch one day.
  5. let's go again!
  6. Alright. It’s 1-0 so far. Your winning. Day 0 Checking in.
  7. i'm feeling good thank God so keep fighting, let's make this duel last forever!
  8. Pedro.Conquers

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    Hi everyone!

    im coming back from a 25 day streak and this is what i learned.

    Have a note pad where you have a list of thing you do when you feel negative emotions coming. Here you can list 3 things

    1. Things that make you watch porn/feellike shit. (Stay away at all costs).

    2. Things that can be triggering but not all the time.

    3. Things that bring zero thoughts of PM.

    Dont do 1, be aware of 2 and when it doubt do 3.

    Then have a sheet where you can draw a cycle of watching porn leads to.


    Eat like shit break my fast

    mindless netlfix


    I am more sad and more upset and alot more lonely because now i have lost that human connection and can possibly suffer from ED.

    The cycle leads back to where i orginally started but worse.

    Lastly i practice distancing myself from emotions when i feel a certain/negative way. Repetition is key. Have to love repetition.

    Last night i relapsed because i was fighting with my chick over seas. Ive been loyal with her and had numerous chances to sleep with other girls. I knew ordered mcdonalds was 1am was a bad idea i even left the drive through on the way home..

    But its okay i have learned alot and has a 25 plus day streak!! I am happy and il take that as a solid WIN. I am not going to beat myself over it and ruin my day today. I will pick up where i left off and handle my shit!

    Merry x mas and happy new year everyone!
  9. I’ll do that. Thanks for the advice @Pedro.Conquers. Stay consistent.
  10. doing all good, having urges but fasting from socials and youtube today. Need to be more productive.
  11. keep it up bellator! just need to study today, have a good day!
  12. MixerAwersome

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    I need an opponent.. Who is ready for New Year Battle?
  13. sure does, let's start it right too being productive. just got to study today.
  14. @SoldierofGod One week completed. Just have to take this one step at a time.
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  15. Pedro.Conquers

    Pedro.Conquers Fapstronaut

    Have to help each other grow

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