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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. PegasusKid

    PegasusKid Fapstronaut

    Same actually, I'm struggling just to do a day. No shame though, it happens. Let's try to get back on the wagon and reflect on what went wrong in the first place.
  2. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

  3. Good job guys .

    You will figure it out, don't stress .
  4. Always_moving_forward

    Always_moving_forward Fapstronaut

  5. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

    Great! Lets continue moving foward!
  6. FellowCompanion

    FellowCompanion Fapstronaut

    Hey there :emoji_wave:

    @HiddenWarrior I'd really like to join this challenge.

    Recently I've reached my best at 27 days. Currently I'm back to day 1, but I'm determined to go even further than last time!
  7. Checking in @PegasusKid I’ve stayed clean for the past two days.

    edit: but I just slipped up again. I’m going to check in every day and update how monk mode is going because I haven’t stuck to it. If I relapse one more time I’ll ask @HiddenWarrior to remove my title as reviver of the duels.
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  8. Pedro.Conquers

    Pedro.Conquers Fapstronaut

    Hello sirs

    Been an up battle lately. Going to practice visualization, william hoff breathing & transcendent meditation everytime the thought comes untill it passes.
  9. Midday check in- I’ll update again in the evening.
    So far, going well.
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  10. PegasusKid

    PegasusKid Fapstronaut

    Slipped up again today. Gonna reread quit porn easily and mostly likely also gonna reread ez peasy. Those books helped me a lot but i need to review the concepts clearly.
  11. Checking in again. Stayed clean. Sorry to hear about you slip up @PegasusKid. Hopefully the book helps again. Stay strong, the battle continues.
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  12. Toni7

    Toni7 Fapstronaut

  13. Welcome .
    You are starting against me .
    Good luck .
  14. FellowCompanion

    FellowCompanion Fapstronaut

    Let's go!
  15. FellowCompanion

    FellowCompanion Fapstronaut

    Well this was a short one... :confused:
    You won, faire and square.

    Up for a rematch?
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  16. @PegasusKid, slipped up again just a couple minutes ago. I’m good with monk mode throughout the day. My problem is at night I use my phone. I’ll change that.
  17. Let's fight .
  18. PegasusKid

    PegasusKid Fapstronaut

    Slipped up again as well today. Its just hard to care anymore I think. I was discussing with some other guys on discord how the main issue is in the moment I want to pmo all of my reasons, motivations, etc just go out the window so the main thing i need to focus on is always keeping that purpose in mind no matter what.
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  19. I'd be keen to duel someone if anyone wants to chime in! I am not sure I understand the rules fully, but I'm willing to partake.
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  20. It's an honour to have such an influential presence here .

    @fg4795 you fighting someone ?
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