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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

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  1. Checking in day 4. Had a lesbian dream and I was actively participating there :D What's my subconscious doing?? Anyway, let's get down to business. I know my team mate @BeastBoyBalling is good, how about you sister @Freedom_lover? @Pizzapowa? Stay strong guys! We're in this together. Let's spend the rest of this month PMO free, what do you say? ;)
  3. Yes, we are. Stray strong sister! Tell this inner PMO demon to fuck off and then rise shine and thrive! I'm right beside you!
  4. rinzler 2.0

    rinzler 2.0 Fapstronaut

    Brother, First things first, don't stray so long into the night, browsing unwanted stuff. Just go to sleep early. If you don't feel at easy to go to sleep, just close your eyes, lie in your back, relaxing your body, stretch your hands and legs ( Just to a small fraction ), and close your eyes, breathe slowly. In about 2 mins, you would find yourself in deep sleep ! Next, I don't know how and why, maybe because I don't stress too much, because I don't do any productive stuff at night, and instead only watch TV Series, or new Movies. So, I don't feel so uncomfortable on waking up early, still I have the irritation for some minutes, and I just let go of them. Hence, after a while, I become normal again, but if I got back to using my phone or laptop again for some more time, my eyes would sore. Sorry brother, I couldn't give you any definitive answer. My eyes ache as I didn't sleep more than 2 hours ( Anyways, that was improper sleep. I still woke up in between ) at night yesterday, and I kind of dozed off in the morning today after 06 am till 08 30 am, when my Grandpa woke me up. So, my eyes hurt. Will write a better answer if possible later !

    I too feel that way now. Lets make our situations better. We have to put an end to this. Let's try doing that.

    Sure brother. Lets do this. Lets slay this monster. Although, this time around we have to be more careful dealing with this. We have to stay on our feet, and be ready to fight always !

    True though, whenever I had to wake up early, due to compulsions in my life, I woke up without any alarm or anything. Yeah, when you have any purpose, you wake up, your subconscious tells you to wake up, and it is not so tiring when that happens to me ! I feel fresh during those times !

    This time, I will brother. Atleast for you. Atleast, to make your prayers for me successful, and I think, brother @Saiyan123 would do it too !
  5. Amazing video sisters ..... Keep up the good work..... You are amazing.... Love you lots
  6. Kratos_GOW

    Kratos_GOW Fapstronaut

    We win because we are determined. Disciplined. Not because we feel ourselves superior.
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  7. Just to announce that today i have failed. Something really bad happened in my life and unfortunately i was completely dominated by hatred and other negative emotions, which led me to relapse. I'm sorry to disappoint you, im disappointed with myself too, i didn't see it coming i never thought it would be that fast. I have the honor to say that i did my best and to announce the winners. I just want you to execute me with your best weapon. Then go back to your training and duties, keep fighting hard. and good luck. I'm better dead. (Gonna be offline for a few days.)@Saiyan123 @Coolyorky @CoolBuddy7
  8. rinzler 2.0

    rinzler 2.0 Fapstronaut

    No brother. You have not failed. I was the one to lose out on this at first. You and @Coolyorky were the one's who won. Although, not sure how @Coolyorky 's doing ! You still got this brother ! You can do this !

    Same situation here, and I went into a strange fapping cycle, which I have never been in so far.

    You have disappointed no one brother. It happens. Stuff happen in our lives; well we have no control over them. It's okay brother. You didn't do this by feeling excited to reset. Although, there's no stopping now.

    No brother. I was already executed. You and Coolyorky were in this fight, and now you've reset. No one is slaying you now.

    You're not ! Don't do this brother. It sure feels low, when we hit the "reset" button, and just kind of give in, but, we should never lose out on our reasoning and should begin again with more motivation to do and be better the next time.

    I have done this for some time around now, from earlier month, brother. I even thought about this when I reset so many times (after losing out to you), but, I got placed into a duel before that, and so I decided to give it another shot. I feel more confident already, and feel like I am ready to slay this PMO, and put it in it's place. I would say not to go offline, and instead be here now, for that would give you some motivation to work out on your problems, but, that's just my opinion. You feel free to do what you like doing, but, think about it, if you're gonna go offline every time you reset, instead of getting into another duel, you are wasting some time brother. You can be in a duel, and still think where you went wrong. You can analyze your fighting methods during then. Don't give up already, for you are a Great Warrior, An Invincible Warrior. Keep going. Waiting to see you back brother.
  9. Helau

    Helau Fapstronaut

    New guy here,

    @Saiyan123 I'm up for a duel. Competition is exactly what I needed.
    I like that line.
  10. rinzler 2.0

    rinzler 2.0 Fapstronaut

    Hey there, @Helau . Welcome to NoFap. Glad to see you join us. Good luck to you... :) Feel free to hop in !
  11. Zen Mode

    Zen Mode Temporarily Suspended

    Yes I changed my mindset and ready to give it another shot And I'm more determined now and will take it more seriously. I don't want to fail again .

    @CoolBuddy7 I think this is the perfect time for our rematch. We both are at the same stage and feeling the same way. We can push each other through these hard times and both come out strong.

    What do you say Duel on ?
  12. Gamechanger$101

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  13. rinzler 2.0

    rinzler 2.0 Fapstronaut

    I would love to, but, I think I'm already in a duel with brother @Saiyan123 . I think maybe, we can do a 1 vs 1 vs 1, if you both are okay with it ?
  14. rinzler 2.0

    rinzler 2.0 Fapstronaut

  15. Mr. 94 feet

    Mr. 94 feet Fapstronaut

    I got dreams almost every night. I am too horny. Nowadays I went in a place where were thousand of people and etc. bumped in two a woman who liked me, smiled at me very playfully. I am going nuts.
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  16. bluedragon9

    bluedragon9 Fapstronaut

    We are so alike, same here, You need to think about outcomes in a broad way, we introverts become insecure due to overthinking which invites social anxiety. "It's not where it goes, it's where it can lead you to". Search for "Noah Elkrief" in youtube, he had a series of logical videos about social anxiety.
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  17. bluedragon9

    bluedragon9 Fapstronaut

    Sure I'll check after exams
    I am sorry everyone, I think I started this by talking about being atheist.
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  18. Will sort everything out tonight and reply to everyone, take care fighters and fight hard for our goal. Thanks for accepting my apology @Alex_Al , means a lot you're staying as well and you don't need to apologise too :). @BeastBoyBalling definitely will last 10 days, my last attempt was weak, you better manage to last 10 days aswell @CoolBuddy7 ;) Thanks for the advice I will visualise my purpose before sleeping, clearly you have very strong willpower. I love everyone here and everyone fights by my side in war against our enemy and we will be victorious no doubt about that.
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  19. cr7da8055

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    Hey there peeps,
    Wanna share something amazing that happened to me today.
    It goes something like this. I know this girl for a very longtime, like 2-3 years or something, not really the close type,just the hi-bye types.
    She joined my class today, and I sat next to her cause all the other seats were taken up. I really didn’t want to sit close to a girl, cause I don’t know for what reason, I started to fear talking to girls even if I wanted to. But then it happened, and she started asking me about the subjects, and the things that she had missed the last class and stuff like that. It started off pretty mediocre, but then i don’t know what happened, I suddenly started to flirt! I mean not the traditional way, but it involved a lot of laughter and convo, that I missed for like the past 2 years!
    Like last year, I used to only text my crush on social media, cause I was too scared to talk to her; but when I left social media, I had to do something to keep the convos going, but I failed not once, but a million times, all because I was addicted to pmo.
    I used to pillow hump a lot last year, but I tried a week without a pillow, and I realised I was desensitized. Hoping I get well soon!
    It’s tough,but the rewards will surely trump these difficulties. We were born not as animals to waste their time in pmo, but to do something that will help the world become a better place. I wish us all luck to succeed in this important journey of ours.
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