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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

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  1. cr7da8055

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  2. Jag Hyde

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    Don't give up bro. Focus on the goal ahead, not the stumble behind!
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  3. Jag Hyde

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    Day 10 - Checking In "Officially"
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  4. T0mCrus4der

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  5. Alex_Al

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    @Saiyan123 hey bro!
    I m in day 92 and wanna know... My rival is still in a streak? Is here?
    I thought i deserve a victory at some point! Hahaha! :)
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  6. Always_moving_forward

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  7. Clean day so far so check. I cut cords with my exes, flings etc and now on very low contact with parents and siblings - except for mom nobody calls and cares anyway - but I was chatting with my (girl) friend today that when we are on nofap the tension starts to build up eventually and we may fall back into old communication with exes or go for some rebound dates or connections. Its this tension which might blur our inner boundaries. So I am thinking to stay clear of PMO for at least 90 days and if I manage that I will be reintroducing MO gradually in my life or maybe VO - staying vigilant of course - because I am no nun and I have not abused M before this nofap. Like several times in a month or smth. P and fantasizing would have to be out of question by then. It would be interesting to hear other females on this issue. @Freedom_lover @Borntoshine33
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  8. King Ghoul Sstar

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    Idk what happened. But I plan on not losing. So you better be focusing on life and defeating urges. lol
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  9. Jonny1992

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    Sad that you answered today only.
    It is not your fault. You won. Sorry for the early loss.
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  10. Pedro.lives

    Pedro.lives Fapstronaut

    Meditation has helped me with that, and self improvement articles on medium.
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  11. Borntoshine33

    Borntoshine33 Fapstronaut

    Well sister as far as i am concerned .. My goal is to b MO free for 365 days....And then lifetime.. I have seen people here relapse very bad after a long streak of 120,150,180 because they think that no they are pmo free ..
    But in reality in any addiction including pmo our brain has a memory of addictive pathways (detlafosB pathways) which once formed will stay there forever so PMO addict can never recover except when it will stop using these pathways for long enough 1year + to make them redundant... Even then she has to be careful..
    So i guess doing 90 days and introducing M again would not b a good idea ..I personally will not M ever due to spiritual reasons. But if you want to you May do so After 270-365 days.. :)

    Ya i completely agree with.. That... I was not listening to music before but on when i came to nofap used to listen to rap songs 24×7 coz for me any addiction was better than M O...
    Building friendly connections during pmo reboot helps a lot ... Socializing is one of the key factors against pmo...
    Old communication with exes is a complete no no.. It will mess with your mind and due to this your reboot.. Can't say about Rebound date.. Might be okay if you maintain your boundaries
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  12. Thanks for opinion. I am not addicted to M - this used to be reinforced with P or other activities such as texting, and fantasizing in general, and I will stay away from that anyway. So I guess I will try to sublimate my sexual energy by working out, dancing and things like that - but I am no beast and I don't intend to go into heavy weights or cold showering every day - it's masculine energy and my body says no no to these extremes. I used to do that (exercise hard and try to be perfect in all spheres of my life by sucking it up and manning up - I was expected to do that by my family and to show example for my siblings and shit like that) and I got broken. And also, since I am not a virgin and I know that my libido levels are high (in fact at the highest now bc of my age) I will need to find the middle ground somehow I think - at least during my single season :) My situation is a bit different.
  13. T0mCrus4der

    T0mCrus4der Fapstronaut

    Check in.
    now being in a duel really stoped me from binging
  14. Pedro.lives

    Pedro.lives Fapstronaut

    @fleurette I honestly think meeting someone you like and having relations with them is totally healthy. I feel all O leads back P and the cycle continues. We are human and we do enjoy companionship, there should be nothing wrong with that.

    Control your mind to not need to but enjoy a healthy relationship. Love yourself enough to be happy alone, and respect were to draw the lines in a relationship. Being in a fruitful relationship is much more healthier than MOing by yourself.

    Lot of the guys here don’t want to look or talk to girls which is nuts.. Look, talk and enjoy companionship, we are human!
  15. Skiller

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  16. Shakermaker

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    Reset last night unfortunately
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  17. Always_moving_forward

    Always_moving_forward Fapstronaut

    Wow I never knew that nofap and girls was really a thing. I thouth girls don't realy pleasure themselves (when single). So I guess all the girls who are saying that were lying xD
  18. Always_moving_forward

    Always_moving_forward Fapstronaut

    I love the feeling to know that you are not alone on the nofap journey!
    Most of my "normal" friends think nofap is crazy stupid or dumb if I decide to let them know about it.
  19. T0mCrus4der

    T0mCrus4der Fapstronaut

    Yeah I don't reallycare about it that much. I just notice the benefits for me,plus it's a great challange for self development and growth in general.

    I think most people will dismiss it, bc it's quite a tabu topic. plus it's so hard and there is a lot of shame involved, too.
  20. Borntoshine33

    Borntoshine33 Fapstronaut

    No ... I think most girls don't do.... Only few do... I am unfortunately among the bad ones that do ... Even if a girl does she would obviously be shy to openly claim it...
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