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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

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    MONSTER MONK Fapstronaut

    What Saiyan said. I can second that. I really messed up my exams this year due to the same reason. Just take a moment.. Breathe. Then shut down, give to your mom, or break your phone. Turn of that wifi! I hope you don't even read this. No matter how many replies you get on this, there is no advice for this, you know what you have to. And that is to get your head in those books.
  2. Snakeloa

    Snakeloa Fapstronaut

    @control your life late Sunday check in. Still here still strong and on track

    Hope you are doing well.
  3. WolfHound 獣

    WolfHound 獣 Fapstronaut

    From my next check in imma put my own motivational ''speeches'' for us. If everybody is okay with it.

    Today was enormous breakdown for me. Let's say it that way. Allah tested me, Jesus tested me, Satana tested me, all the demons and angels and spirits and ghost and everything tried to test me.. Guess what imma do... Listen to aggressive music?! NO. Imma eat bad? NO. Imma fap? certainly NO. Imma stay and embrace all the demons on my sinner soul? Oh yeah. Yummy. Imma take all the pain inside, cuddle it like a little child. Love it by my heart, the only thing that I got since my soul is shaking on the regular. It will be endless death.. Maybe Buddha is with me, he says I believe that live is suffering.

    I am walking in the right direction. Even if my legs give out, I will move like a gorilla on my fists. Even if that is not working, I will use my neck muscles to move forward, if there are no hands.. Till my heart beat drops.

    I am proud to be part of the people who struggle. It means you care guys. It means YOU want your soul back. That you say NO, to the demonic society patterns.

    Even standing by myself, at least I am sure that I love the person who I am with.

    I cannot describe how thankful I am that I have you to talk to. And even though I have experienced a full mental breakdown.. I didn't lost my progress. I am getting my mental back. Hitting rock bottom will bounce me back like Andre Iguodala on the 76rs.
  4. Hardcandy

    Hardcandy Fapstronaut

    Today I feel super motivated to be a better person. A quality conversation with a friend and my hope levels are high. At this point, a week is pretty good. However, I have many things to do but, I feel I can manage.

    Had some urges lately but it is much easier to resist.

    BTW... Check in ;)
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  5. wheelgauge

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  6. fg4795

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    So happy to know that :)
    Let our duel lasts forever
    Anyway checking in
  7. Don't we get some holidays in nofap? Fourth day
  8. Turtleboi

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  9. Bihari

    Bihari Fapstronaut

    Wednesday check in
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  10. ZenMode

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  11. Bascoal

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    Day 90 here eheheheh
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  12. Tikitakabarca

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    Wednesday check in.
    Hope you are doing good.
  13. Bihari

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    Novelty gives us a knock-out punch!
    Remember why were we hooked to porn so bad? Because it was new every time we saw. The porn directors know the theory of novelty and they are practising it in their work! I still remember a punchline- "we innovate, you masturbate."

    Ever happened to you that you have a beautiful, loving and caring girlfriend and still you fuck up the relationship for a girl who is not as beautiful, caring or loving like her?
    Men seek novelty. It's in our genes. we can only control against it through our willpower and better wisdom.

    My point is, we have to accept and apply novelty in our lives to get the same rush in our brain that porn gives.
    Get into newness guys. New is good. New is refreshing.
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  14. @Turtleboi
    I dreamed of relapsing last night. I'm so glad I can wake up and still have my streak.
    I'm tired as hell now because I kept getting woken up by noises at night. But I can't let that kill my day. I just have to be very aware of how that affects me.
  15. Genius 18

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    I relapse. You win @Tikitakabarca. Best of luck for future duels.
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  16. Genius 18

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  17. I'm back.
    @Saiyan123 I'd like an opponent. I'm thirsty for blood as well as success.
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  18. @Saiyan123 Looking for my first opponent!

  19. day 3...mistake of few moment just wasted efforts of months...anyways cloud of temptation is clear
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  20. @Saiyan123

    How have watched some erotic films not because I wanna fap, but I liked the actress and is curious about her. I don't know if it is counted as a reset. @Saiyan123 am I still in in this duel?
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