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Have you beaten your record or improved your average noPMO since joining this?

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  1. Cool thanks for joining. You'll be against @AllenJT.
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  2. Let's fight
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  3. Thanks and sounds good! Nice to meet you @AllenJT
  4. fg4795

    fg4795 Fapstronaut

    Checking @master3
    unfortunately @cr7da8055 is not logging anymore since like 1 month
    I just hope he's fine.
  5. Turtleboi

    Turtleboi Fapstronaut

    Checking in for the day. Last few days weren't much productive, but that's expected and could be tolerated considering the circumstances (Compared to last year's CNY, where I do nothing but gaming all day and occasionally going out, this has been quite an improvement). Still got some temper issues, lost control and got myself in an argument and sleep very late(2:20 AM,yay) out of spite. Clearly I need some more control over my emotions. Also getting besieged by urges recently, they are all eerily the same urge. Pretty sure I'm gonna get hit hard tmr, so gotta keep my guard up.
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  6. Hey @Turtleboi definitely do not give in. Say NO to the urges. Or you will definitely regret!
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  7. Timmyrogger

    Timmyrogger Fapstronaut

    Day 2 check in @ohayou615
    Yesterday night something weird happened to me i had two wet dreams in one night ... is this phenomena normal ?
    And you must have enjoyed your time in japan ..
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  8. AllenJT

    AllenJT Fapstronaut

    Nice to meet you too. Good luck to you, you got this.
  9. Heeeyyy yooo!

    Discovered NoFap in 2018
    Tried NoFap in 2019
    Will succeed NoFap in 2020 ;)

    On a 3 day streak no PMO right now,

    Who is up for a fight?
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  10. Hey @Calisthenics4Stoics , not sure whether I can have the duel with two people at the same time. If possible, I'm up for a fight because I'm also in a similar stage. Just let me know @Saiyan123 Thanks!
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  11. Thanks, @AllenJT ! Good luck to you and you got this as well! Let's do this.
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  12. theman1

    theman1 Fapstronaut

    Hurts to say it, but I was caught on the wrong foot again.
    Day 0. Head up, deep breath, we go again.
    I'm sure I'll be able to get back on track with this duel. Let's do this!
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  13. Pedro.Conquers

    Pedro.Conquers Fapstronaut

    Hey homies, i will never forget y’all. We all came a long way, i keep saying this but checking in talking to everyone here on a daily works. Lots of different opinions on here but you need to take the good from the bad and do what works for you.

    I just dont want to watch p and M, and have quality relationships with woman and myself. I want that mental clarity and boost that i get from not Ming and Ping.

    I thought it would okay to watch tv once a week, so i tried that. Since tv is asssociated with porn, junk food, depression.. My addict behaviour goes off when i know its readily available. Though i really want to watch Netflix’s new season of narcos when it comes out, its probably better to read a book about ‘narcos’. So now i cant even watch tv once a week without being a junkie?

    Saturday night i brought up the tv, then i stayed up late which then my friends came over at 2am then partied till 8am. Then Sunday night i went off with tv, junk food porn again. Thing is I didn’t even watch porn cause i have everything blocked and my lap top was dead. I found old videos of girls i used to have sex with and did that. How sad is that really when you think about it? I cant even be one with myself.

    At like what @Saiyan123 is saying about quitting this or that, we are playing a game of whack a mole. No matter where we turn we will find a way to be addicts. We need to connect to a power greater than ourselves and let them do the driving. Easier said that done but we really need to want it and focus. I had a spiritual awakening last week, and i feel connected. He and she have helped with the mood swings. Now i pray to get the aid not to watch P and M.

    1. Today i will drop my box off to my friend so i cant watch tv period. Since i have Netflix on my laptop but i its a bit difficult to block that, I’m just gonna drop that off with the box too. This way i am not emotionally watching TV, i am choosing to watch tv. I can work from my iPad setup. I will only get the box with the series comes out to watch once a week then return it to him. I will not associate it with junk food, i will have a healthy meal prehand. My cheat meal night will be at a resteraunt where i can at least go and try different foods and enjoy with human company on a different night of TV night.

    2. I will pray everyday for them to keep me focused. I have said this numerous times but i will check in here as much as possible. Staying close to a group keeps me accountable to staying clean.

    If i really really wanted to i could still PM but I’m going to choose not too. Getting rid of tv is because i want to read more, and use my spare time more productivity and not associated with days i am moody and learn to be one with myself. It also is associated with PM, so that will help me with that entirely. I dont know what’s going to happen in the future but all i can do is guide my path today.
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  14. ohayou615

    ohayou615 Fapstronaut

    Wow. Wet dreams are natural phenomenon to 'flush the pipes' so to say. While we don't remember most dreams, including wet dreams, these are normal. I'm actually back in the US since there is nothing to do in China during CNY in addition to the coronavirus...
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  15. Pedro.Conquers

    Pedro.Conquers Fapstronaut

  16. Take the new guy and let's see what he's made of. @Calisthenics4Stoics
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  17. You're right, I'm just minimising my sources of dopamine for a while. I feel a lot better not using any socials and youtube for the day and I was so productive today you wouldn't believe.
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  18. Let's do it then!! Me vs You.

    Mother of God, a woman sent me some nudes and I fucking fell for the trap.

    But fuck that shit, I only had 2 failures in 2020.

    There will be no fuckkgn more, I swear it to myself and will prove it to you @Saiyan123 and @Pedro.kills

    As of 23:00 of 27/01/2020 I completely and honestly compromise myself to not masturbate not orgasm alone and when the 6th of May arrives, I will be 100 days PMO free.
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  19. AllenJT

    AllenJT Fapstronaut

    I haven't used any social media aside from GroupMe for my dorm hall for probably over a year. I gotta say, I don't miss them. You don't realize just how much your days and your mental is affected by social media until you've taken a long time away from them. It's like a video game... you may enjoy it enough to spend a significant amount of time on it, but does it really do anything for you in the long-term aside from wasting time? No, not really. Now I'm not saying don't do either at all, what I am saying is that you need to be aware of how immersed you become in these things. Because if you don't notice it until you've wasted a considerable amount of time or done something you're not proud of, nothing changes. If you can, replace the time you spend on social media with doing a better activity like hiking, reading, walking, etc. I'm proud of you guys.

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