The energy of Creation

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    Sexual energy is the most powerful energy in the nature.
    Energy is not good and evil.
    Energy is energy.
    Eletric energy can be good and can be use to bad things, right?
    Same as sexual energy.
    Sexual energy make us Gods in low scale.
    I will prove you why.
    With sexual energy we can create a new LIFE.
    The power of creation, in your hands.
    The union of two beings to create a third bein. Father, Mother and Son.
    The Trinity.
    With sexual energy we create a relationship, is more than sex, is about life.
    Sex is just the process to create a new life.
    We can use sexual energy like animals, or use like smart beings.
    always Our choice.
    We can build relationship or destroy...

    This Chakra is named Svadhisthana.

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