***The Exercise Challenge***

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  1. Power yoga and dance class today + a bunch of walking as cherry on top. :)
    Surprisingly I for the most part don't suck, at the yoga.
  2. Over an hour of gymnastic. On the next day I only managed to make 10 min of exercise.
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  3. Hi all,
    Would love to join this group as I'm currently struggling with my exercise routine, I'd like to keep myself accountable. If no requirement for hardcore insanity-type workourts, I'm in! :D
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  4. Did 36 kg dumbells bench press for 3 sets today. Feels good. Starting to get strong.

    Only hardcore workouts allowed, sorry.
    Nah, welcome!
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  5. Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul Fapstronaut

    Ran 12 miles yesterday at a sub 8 minute pace.
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  6. Day 16. Leg routine today again. Also yoga. The only part of my body that's sore is my neck, lol.
  7. Day 17. Upper body routine. Tomorrow I'm trying out a spinning class; that's gonna suck, because my endurance is pretty poor.
  8. I had a great winter-hiking-experience. After that I fell out of the zone again. Now I've got a real life accountability partner for exercise and other stuff.

    Great to see that this thread gets going again!
    Wish you all awesome workouts!!!
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  9. Day 18. Did the spinning. Don't think I'm doing it again. :p
  10. Way to go! That sounds like a good restart, taking the challenge for real once more. I want to do the same but right now I have an injured foot which has been a pain in the *ss for the last two months. This has really messed up my training. As soon as my foot is good again I will take this challenge one more time.
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  11. I'm gonna hit the gym. I'm feeling really down, but it usually helps to cheer me up.
    Injuries really suck, I was taking up running for a while, but the arches of my feet started hurting and eventually I gave up. Maybe I just need a special type of shoe, but I can't be bothered with that right now.
  12. I ended up doing both upper body and legs yesterday. So today I just did 10 minutes of jump rope. I have 17" calves and barely fit into some of my jeans, so I've cut back in the jump roping, tho. :p
  13. The dance class was rough today, damn social anxiety. My mindfulness training (among other things) does help, though. the old me would've had a complete mental breakdown.
    Also I did "legs". But it's devolved into mostly glute+hamstring training since I'm content with the size of my quads and calfs.
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  14. Day 22. Upper body routine again. I'm still getting noticably stronger every single week (newbie gains :cool:). It's really motivating.
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  15. Day 24. Still going strong. Almost didn't do anything on day 23, but I got a late workout in.
  16. Shoto Jaya is back.Recovered from my wrist injury.Today is the tricep and chest day
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  17. Grrr I messed up. No daily exercise (but nearly). Which did I do something and which not??
    Today at least I did a bunch of workout! So back to 1/30.

    To myself or who it may concern:
    10 Minutes of exercise is already enough, which means you just need to start with it. Most of the times it will become more like 40 or 60 minutes.

    Note: weekly updates intended.
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  18. Want to stop 656

    Want to stop 656 Fapstronaut

  19. I failed too.:p
    I'm not enjoying my leg routine. I might need to switch up somehow.
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