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  1. Day 7:

    After 13 hours, my workout is finally done! I've been doing 10 sets of sit-ups and each set was a 4 minute long tabata workout.

    * 1026 sit-ups (10 x 4 min)
    * 80 min slacklining

    Cheers, my fellow fapstronouts!
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  2. Day 8: rest day.

    * 80 minutes walking
    * 17 km cycling

    I just realised I’m not satisfied enough with Tuesday’s workout. My body just didn’t feel sore enough the day after. When I have a pull-up or dips day, I apparently have to do many more of them and I need to work for many more hours. That’s just the way it is.

    Anyhow, today my body is completely f*cked up from yesterday’s sit-ups! Feels great! :D
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  3. Baldur

    Baldur Fapstronaut

    By that time I would recommend you doing weighted dips/chins. You will save a lot of time and progress faster.

  4. Thank you for the tip! Yeah I will do that next time.

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  5. Baldur

    Baldur Fapstronaut

    You are welcome. :)

  6. Day 9: rest day. Was busy with work most of the time. Did my morning exercises at least. Today I'm fit for fight. :emoji_punch:
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  7. Day 10: thought I did nothing but now I have a hard time to stand! :D

    * 200 weighted squats +20 kg
    * 60 reps on captains of crush 1.5 (not perfectly closed but almost)

    Thank you @Baldur for the tip ;)
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  8. Baldur

    Baldur Fapstronaut

    You are welcome! =)
    What I like to do when I have my girlfriend around is I take her and do some frontsquats with her.
    Or if she is up to it I put her on my shoulders and walk/do squats with her. It is a fun activity. Haha. :)

  9. Day 11:
    * 431 sit-ups

    My sit-ups are getting more and more explosive!

    Sounds awesome, I wish I could see that! :D
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  10. I am in this challenge.
    So well I used to be somewhat active 2'years back. I used to play tennis, but then got diagnosed by stress fractures in tibia bones of both of my legs.
    It got worse as I kept playing with it
    I haven't done much of physical activity since then.
    Recently I have started my rehabilitation program.

    Some outlines :-
    1. Meditation + Breathing Exercises (20-30mins) (Everyday)
    2. Stretching (Everyday)
    3. Walk (starting with 4 mins 30 seconds and increasing 15 seconds every day till I reach 40 minutes ) (Everyday)
    4. Swimming (6 times a day for 45 minutes)
    5 Cycling ( 10 minutes or so ) (Everyday)

    It will took me months to get to 40 minutes of walk (provided my shins remain pain free ) and then I will slowly add jogging, then running , jumping.
    And maybe after a year or so, I will be able to play tennis at good intensity.
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  11. Day 1
    What I did :-
    1. Mediation + Breathing Exercises (25mins)
    2. Stretching
    3. Walk (4mins and 15 sec)
    4. Cycling ( 10 minutes)

    Note: Swimming pool was closed today.
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  12. Day 12: heavy muscle soreness in my legs and arms so I couldn’t do much. Cycled 22 km and it was no fun!

    Today I feel much more energetic :D
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  13. Baldur

    Baldur Fapstronaut

    Good to hear you feel more energetic! :)
    About the muscle soreness, it might be because you overdid it. Haha. Training should not kill but build you up.
    Too much soreness will hinder your progress in my opinion. So...next time you train your legs just relax a bit into it.

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  14. Yeah, I overdid it for sure :D Thing is, I hadn’t been doing that exercise before and I thought I had strong legs from all cycling. Apparently not, haha. I actually didn’t feel that tired during the time I did the squats, it came a bit after.

    Next time I’m going to do the same amount, hopefully it will feel better afterwards. :)
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  15. Day 2
    What I did :-
    1. Breathing Exercises (10mins)
    2. Stretching
    3. Walk (4min 30 sec)
    5. Swimming (28 lapsx25 m= 700m)
  16. Day 13:
    * 30 min morning exercises
    * 126 sit-ups in four minutes
    * 10 pull-ups
    * 220 push-ups
    * 34 km cycling
    * 2 hours krav maga
    * 1 hour bouldering

    Wait a minute, that's around five hours of workout!
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  17. great job

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  18. Day 3
    What I did :-
    1. meditation+breathing ( 25mins)
    2. stretching
    3. WALK (4MIN 45 SEC)
    (30laps x 25m= 750m)
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  19. Day 14:

    * 30 min morning exercises
    * 22 km cycling
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  20. Baldur

    Baldur Fapstronaut

    I am delighted that all of you train. :)
    Keep on going brothers and sisters!!

    I play with the thought of doing a marathon with obstacles. Just a thought until now but I enjoy running more and more
    since I bought myself some nice Vibram Fivefingers. No joint pain whatsoever. :D

    Cheers and keep up the good work!
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