***The Exercise Challenge***

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  1. day 4
    what i did :-
    1. breathing exercises (20mins)
    2. stretching
    3. walk (5 mins)
    4. swimming ( 30x25m=750m)
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  2. I done legs today.
    1. Deadlift
    2. Leg press
    3. Seated leg curls
    4. Hamstring curls
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  3. day 5
    what i did :-
    1. stretching
    2. walk (5min 15secs)
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  4. Baldur

    Baldur Fapstronaut

    Did some swimming. Lots of relaxing. :D
  5. Hey Force, do you know how to combine these exercises? I did the test for push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups and squats. Would be better to do every exercise on a different day? Or do you put them together?
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  6. Day 6
    What I did :-
    1. stretching
    2. walking (5min 30secs)
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  7. Day 15:
    * 30 min morning walk
    * 6 km cycling

    Day 16:
    * 26 km cycling

    Day 17:
    * 25 min morning walk
    * 7 km cycling
    * 317 dips in 38 min (avg 10.5 reps / set)
    * 200 weighted squats +20 kg
    * 1000 biceps curls 3 kg (500 / arm)
    * 40 slow-speed reps on my hand grippers (CoC 1.5)
    * a little bit of slacklining
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  8. I think it depends on what your goal is. If you just want to live a healthy life style, you can go for a cross fit-like schedule of doing everything several times a week. If you want to build muscles more, you should probably be maxing out a specific muscle group as much as you can when you work out. I have done the cross fit-like schedule for years but now I'm changing it a bit more towards maxing out. This is because I have changed my long-term goals.

    For example, you could work on push-ups and sit-ups one day and pull-ups and squats another day. Let's say your max in push-ups is 30. Then you could do 20 push-ups, wait a minute or so, then do 20 push-ups again, wait another minute and do more. You keep repeating and after 20 minutes you take a little break, then you switch to sit-ups. Another way of doing it would be to do push-ups, sit-ups, push-ups, sit-ups,... and you could skip the breaks in between. Then it's going to be more like cardio :D

    Today I'm going to work on sit-ups as I did legs and arms yesterday. :)
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  9. Day 7
    What I did :-
    1. stretching
    2. Walk (5min 45secs)
    3. swimming (10laps x 25m= 250m)
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  10. Day 16: rest day.

    * 1 hour slacklining.
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  11. Day 8
    What I did :-
    1. Walk (6mins)
    2. Stretching
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  12. YES, that's what I'll do. The reps, sets, breaks are already contained in the programm (50pullups.com)
    Cheers @Force Majeure ;)
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  13. Day 17: rest day because I’ve gotten a slight cold and wanted to save the energy for today’s krav maga session.

    This is the first time I feel a bit sick since I started with cold showers! That was 382 days ago. :) Still, the cold I have is very small so will be able to train anyway today. Cold showers works like magic!
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  14. Day 9
    What I did :-
    1. Stretching
    2. Walk (6min 15sec)
    3. Swimming (36lapsX25m=900m)
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  15. Get well soon bro.
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  16. Day 18:

    * 20 min morning exercises
    * 2 hour krav maga
    * 1 hour bouldering
    * 12 km cycling
  17. Day 10
    WONT SWIM FOR 5-6 Days.. need to take complete rest of arms

    what i did :-
    1. Walk (6min 30secs)
  18. Day 11/365
    What I did:-
    1. Walk (6min 45secs)
  19. Day 19: rest day. Many rest days here unfortunately but that's because I have been feeling a bit ill, it's getting better now however. :)
  20. Day 12
    What I did :-
    1. Walk (7mins)

    Just resting my elbows...

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