***The Exercise Challenge***

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  1. Awesome challenge, i'll hit the gym tomorrow, so i'll start it tomorrow! ;)
    I also noticed that when i don't exercise i feel weak and kinda depressed the whole day. Exercises for the win! :D
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  2. Address007

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  3. Let's do this! :emoji_sunglasses:
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  4. So today at the gym, I ran for 10 minutes on the treadmill at a great speed. After that i trained legs and shoulders. So many hot women there it was hard to concentrate. But i made it, felt good. I can't wait for tomorrow, i'll train muay thai! ;)
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  5. how did this amazing challenge die out?
    There were so many dedicated people here ...
    it's a shame! But maybe it can be revived ...
  6. I guess it’s just a matter of consistent good updates of your workout journal and you will get followers? Be the first.
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  7. Baldur

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    Well for me it was the fact that life kept kicking me in the balls and
    as soon as I got up it kicked my knees to keep me down.
    It is up to us to revive it...
    Currently I'm giving some self defence classes online and I train with my kettlebells in the quarantine state we live in.
    I hope you guys and girls are doing great.
  8. sagasing

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    Brother just curious what do u teach also how much do you weigh and what's your height as i m also doing self defence classes.
  9. Baldur

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    Hej Sagasing! :)
    I teach a mixture of Krav Maga Global, Urban Combatives, some MMA/BJJ/Judo and Phillipino Martial Arts.
    I currently weight 92 kg and am 1,90 m.
    What self defence classes are you doing? :)

    Last weeks training focus: Balance, by balancing over different things, walking for long distances on trails.
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  10. Trevorphilipz

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    I don't know if there are any Christian members here in the forums, but seeking God and His counsel have been effective tools for me and I believe He can help others as well, not just in nofap but in life in general.
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  11. sagasing

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    Just judo but man!!! U r just amazing thats a lots of stuff
  12. Today I went for a run for 1,5 hours early in the morning, during which I got lost in the woods :D

    Today in the evening: Yoga
    Thursday: M.A.
    Friday: Run ~ 15 km
    Saturday: Yoga
    Sunday: tummy ;)
    Monday: legs and maybe arms
    Tuesday: BREAK

    + as often as possible : going out for a walk or exercising early in the morning
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  13. Making my 15 mins look pathetic, bro. :)
    I dont really like to run, so I figure a short run is what I'll do consistently. Right now my body can't manage very much anyway.
  14. Hey Ensamheiten! Nice to see you again, bro!
    Pathetic? No absolutely not! I used to make short runs too. Like 15 minutes, 20, sometimes 40. Just recently I started with longer runs. And I love it :p

    Today I looked at some porn pics and pmo'd. Afterwards I got angry with myself and went for another run: 1 hour.
  15. Amazing Athest

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    ok im in i have a endomorph body so i need to do more cardio and i will
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