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    So... I don't know if anyone has seen the movie
    "the Experimenter"
    It's based on a true study conducted in the 60's
    Which says that a persons free will is extremely influential.
    Blind obedience... Because of "niceness".
    It was ran for a long time.
    Hundreds of people sampled.
    A very small percentage broke through and turned the tide on how much freedom we truly have over our actions.
    It is attached to several other interesting studies out of Yale by the same psychologist.
    If anyone is interested.

    I found it interesting, as this experiment has been retried many times, by many people and the results have never been debunked.
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    Here is the experiment for those interested,

    This is pretty interesting and I'm surprised that so many people just blindly followed orders, even when they were in disagreement with what was being ordered.
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  3. The good old Stanley Milgram's experiment. It is quite fascinating and scary when you watch the experiment being carried out.
  4. ILoathePorn

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    I haven't seen the movie. I checked out the link. I believe I have heard of this experiment before. It is crazy.
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    I will hunt it down. Has anyone seen Compliance????

    EDIT: It has some scenes that might be a trigger, so beware of that!
  6. It's not surprising considering people in 1st world countries spend their entire youth in schools which are practically indoctrination camps. Once you teach a kid do read it allows the kid to teach themselves anything. Our leaders insist we spend 18 years fucking around in public schools learning to follow orders and complete mindless tasks. Most of us spent the only time we werent being indoctrinated by schools being indoctrinated by TV. Its no wonder at all why most people dont think about what they do or whats happening.
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  7. Kenzi

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    What are the statistics?
    Like 1/4? Have some awareness.
    & another 1/4 don't even blink...
    They just do.
    Only "so many" Know what is wrong but will keep doing what they are told.
    And the rest just follow orders, grunting through, when asked?

    How do you suppose, with the current media marketing and advertising being what it is today...
    This translates to internet addiction...
    If we are all just 'Sheeple?'
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    Some things that resonate with me in there. Heartily agreed about the conclusions. Public school for sure felt like internment to me. and, offered little tangible benefit I can appreciate in hindsight.

    Except, wait.. it was /there/. As opposed to not, so, it was better than nothing? I hope so. Leaders are outliers by definition, though. Meaning, the society sheep as a whole are still benefited greatly by education. Revamping it would be ideal? Could I design better myself and guarantee better results? No. Not realistically, at least. So, short of a great person helping change all this (hasn't happened yet), or a tide shift within socialized education (unlikely, also hasn't happened yet), then we merely wait. The real problem is their unwillingness to change and adapt and agree on goals. Common Core in the U.S. wasn't really helpful that I can statistically see. Maybe for administrative purposes, but we were talking about receiving education from the institution of Education. I fear for the future.

    One thing we do have power over in our homes, if no financial means for private school or good charter options, is at least that media time. TV off. Do constructive things. Almost anything is better.
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