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    I've tried NoFap for 1.5 years now with my biggest streak being only 9 days.
    I was heavily addicted to sex and pmo. I spend ages 13 - 20 masturbating easily 7-10 times a day. I remember waiting for my sexual partners to fall asleep or leave so I could pmo. I'm never satisfied even when I'm like a zombie form so much sex and pmo. This lifestyle is ruining me, I play a lot of sport and am doing a masters degree and both are affected by how much I pmo. I've noticed I'm like a completely different player on the court, can't perform at all if I've cummed more then 4 times before a game and its the same for studying - it's like I'm an idiot when trying to use my brain. This lifestyle destroys the gifts you have been lucky enough to be given in life. It makes you average, worse than average. I'm sure I don't need to explain all the other problems it comes with, most of you will be aware of them all.

    Now I've given some small details about the problems it's caused I'd like to ask for advice on the reasons why I can't help myself.
    As soon as I go 20 hours with cumming I'm hit with massive headaches and brain fog, I cannot function. My energy is so low I can barely move. I get cold symptoms and cold sweats. My head is just full of sex, I can't control my mind at all. Can't believe I hit 9 days that time.

    Firstly, sexual thoughts. I can't stop thinking about sex and having dirty thoughts. And when I do my brain is filled with that training feeling that destroys my focus and it feels like my progress has been reset. It's the exact same feeling as a relapse but not as massive. How do I correct this?

    Is there a good porn blocker I can use for my computer?

    Do accountability partners really help?

    What else can I do? I'm just trying to plan for when my willpower becomes so weak and I might give in to the sickness.

    P.S sorry if what I've written doesn't make sense, my brain right now is destroyed, I think I'm on day 2 and I'm messed up. Took me 4 hours to write
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    I would imagine sincerely working with a partner would help more than trying to one man it. Or girl it. Woman or boy it


    Edit: Solo is nonsense unless you have no choice?

    Just thinking you can't do this alone or else you wouldn't be here?

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    Where do I find a partner and what sort of partner are we talking about?
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    If you can, read the book-Power Over Pornography. There's a soft copy on pdfdrive. It's written in a fun and way and doesn't dwell too much on the science on porn. Also it has exercises that you should do often. Do not try to read the book all at once but take it step by step. Goodluck.
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    why are you constantly having sex? Because you crave happiness. Find happiness elsewhere in life, and having sex everyday will literally ruin your whole body.

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