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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Deleted Account, Aug 17, 2019.

  1. I m 29 years old and the way I feel loneliness I wish nobody should feel in that way.It all started after my father's death .Its not like sitting idle and doing nothing in life makes u lonely but the toughest part is being felt that loneliness even when u r surrounded by people.
    Sometimes people don't get you..your temperament your cause of pain...They say "everything is gonna be fi9 oneday" bt when??? I think no one can answer. I feel it everyday and may be I hv to live with it. Here I don't blame anyone but its me who feel this urge 24/7 to be able to converse with her fvt people. But its not necessary for others to respond you the way you respond to them. So what to do??? Why feel like hell?? Why feel like crying and shout like a crazy one??
    Why m so sensitive and why do I care too much?? Should I give up?? Should I stop caring?? Will it change anything?? The answer is probably NO. Becoz not everyone will feel the way you feel.. Learning to fill my void space with some activities now. I just want to forget myself my temperament and my sensitive nature. May be I will find the peace soon.
  2. Hey man!

    Sad to hear your story, I guess no advice will lift your mood.

    Just know that although you feel lonely, we will be here for you.

    Oh, and if you feel like crying and screaming, then cry and scream. Best case: It helps. Worst case: Everyhting stays the same.
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  3. Stug

    Stug Fapstronaut

    From 20 years experience...don't walk away from it and don't go to parties or other social gatherings.

    You should spend some time alone figuring out if you like society or not. If not then say goodbye and find your own path.
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  4. I m female actually :)
    Yes I knw the worst case mostly. I feel unless and until situation changes the feeling is gonna remain same.
  5. I actually like social gatherings especially wen its family or friends. Thats why loneliness eats me. I crave fr conversation with the people I love. I miss my childhood wen I used to play with my cousins...there was love all around but now I find emptiness there. Family issues have broken that tie. Everyone has grown up after a moment. They are happily married with the luv of their life.whereas I find myself stuck in that same childhood. Its my body that grew up bt my heart and mind is still like a child. I crave fr those days which is not possible now.Everyone has changed in accordance with their priorities.and all these happened soon after my father's death. Its been 6 years I am living in a cage of loneliness. During this period so many people came into my life but they were all a part of disappointment. They broke me emotionally. So now I am left wid only vry few ppl. Hope I find peace vry soon.
  6. Stug

    Stug Fapstronaut

    Well it seems we are kinda in the same situation...9 years total loneliness for me (with childhood loneliness it would be more like 20 years). Got betrayed by most girlfriends and most cheated. Most people are useless trash who do not care about anything, they are part of society. I don't like society at all its morally bankrupt and broken down to crude animal like materialism. Few people i meet in my life are ok but rarely i hang out with anyone. I was traumatized and depressed/suicidal for most of my life so i isolated myself from society as best as i can. In society you are a debt slave who needs to generate taxes for corrupt insane goverments and somehow most people are fine with it. Economy will crash next few years tho (society will crash)

    At this point i'm so convinced people are insane it's a blessing to be alone most of the time, i don't want to be one of the zombies. But yeah it can be lonely sometimes not many people are spiritually inclined or authentic. It's not the emotions but the attachments you have to the past.. everything was like this and that etcetra..its irrelevent, planets circle, seasons change and people change. Its really hard to get adjusted to the energies of the new reality, the aquarius age so to speak.

    I'm really callous and stern so i gave everyone the middle finger , in rather see society go up in flames. I'm not going to beg anyone for attention, i only expect abuse and misery (9/10) anyway. I found out that if something is lacking usually it's some issue deep in me, seeking for people, drugs or materialism never fullfilled me. Society doesn't value sensitive caring empathic or intuitive people, the people in charge want a bunch of primal slaves.

    Maybe you should try a new life... a new way of looking at things, look for new enviroments. Become more self sufficient and build yourself up from ground level. I think you should let go off all those attachments. I don't think your father would want to see you suffer like this. I think if you fix all of this and become a better person you will attract better things and people as well.
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