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The Feeling You Get From Abstaining

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by Batty Belfry, Aug 20, 2019.

  1. Batty Belfry

    Batty Belfry Fapstronaut

    My longest abstinence streak of 252 days was recently broken, which was brought on by my social and professional diffidence I decided to control with edging. I thought this would be acceptable practice, more than acceptable when watching pornography, to avoid denying myself as a sexual being. Masturbation without visual cues were no good, since my imagination was not my own; it was invoked by residual memories of videos.

    While I think masturbation without pornography and a healthy, sexual mindset is a better option, my abstinence from both has given me control over how I feel and act. I know I should find release in less selfish and more meaningful ways, so I have taken to habits that are analogous to who I am and who I am sexually.

    Reading each day, writing for myself and others, tutoring families, all have shown me my worth is recyclable and cyclical. Values are learned and taught, inhabited and shared, bringing me my own transparent closure, and I hope transparent closure for those I helped. This feeling you get from abstaining doubles over when you're focus on priorities becomes higher than the feeling you get when aroused. Arousal does not have to rely on what rests between your legs, and after a time, it won't.

    The mind and body has more purpose than masturbation or pornography.
  2. Stug

    Stug Fapstronaut

    When you abstain completely you grow spiritually and as a person.
    Everything with sex is lower mind.
    Everything with reason. logic and emotions are the higher mind.

    There is no doubt you make huge leaps in personal growth if you avoid any animalistic lower brain stimulation.
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  3. Captain!

    Captain! Fapstronaut

    True, here read this to strenghten that inner belief.

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  4. Last year I ended a streak of 380 days. And I have struggled to get past anything like 36 since that time. New post is helpful in reminding me the part of the reason I was able to do that was a real resurgence in reading, spirituality, attending to diet, etc. I think now I need to reach out more and get some accountability! Thanks for the post.

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