The fight with urges

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by rahulpatnaik, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. rahulpatnaik

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    I'm a porn addict since I was 13 now I'm 22 & suffering from ED.
    Started No-fab with a courage, but relapsed in just 3 days & now today I have completed my first day no urges today, let's see what happens in coming days, I'm a beginner & urges are such a curse to me
  2. 4ndris

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    its all right if you're feeling urges, just go outside somewhere public, sit on a bench in a park, close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the energy rushing in your body*. Resist to touch anything (that's why being in public helps) and soon you'll be able to do this safe at home to! It feels so great and energizing , I am never trading it in for fapping again!! :)

    *do it as long as it feels good (usually (for me) between 1-10 min)

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