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Do you want to participate in The Final Countdown?

  1. Yes, for sure!

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  2. Maybe later

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  1. @The Winner 1st goal completed: 10 days.

    I would go on with the second goal: 30 DAYS

    30 days left.

    May be the force with all of us.
  2. Congrats :)
  3. Thank you, this post has to be an inspiration for everyone.
  4. Sammyforthewin

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  5. Hardcandy

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  6. Hi NoFap Warriors!
    Day 3- 2 days to go to meet my goal!
    @The Winner
    We have made mistakes along the way but that doesn't mean we are not making progress it just means we are learning and not giving up cuz we are still in the fight. We are meant for so much more but for us to be able to fulfill our dreams and aspirations we need to be sober only then will we be able to enjoy life to the fullest :)
  7. Wish you the best @The Winner hope it's a false alarm and nothing serious. Stay calm and optimistic, take it easy and don't stress too much :)
  8. 11 days complete!!! Thanks so much Nofap community, been such a great help.
    New goal: 2 more days.
    2 days left.
  9. Randox

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  10. Good luck on this new streak buddy, stay focused & keep yourself busy with other things during the day. :)

    Congratulations ✔ on achieving your first goal on this challenge!
    Many success is waiting for you. :)

    Well done bro, keep it up inshAllah :cool:

    Nice man, stay strong always going forward!
  11. So close to your goal, that's really good and I like those short motivational paragraphs you write with your check-ins. 

    Thank you, this message means alot to me. ♡

    Congratulations ✔ on achieving your 11 days Countdown Goal! 

    (Please tag me whenever you set up a new goal to update the list.)

    Good job guys, Great to see you progressing best of luck to both of you! :)
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  12. Randox

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    Thanks buddy, You're doing amazing too :)
  13. Thanks man, i saw myself doing a little better in this challenge, but i still hope to end on a good note :)
  14. Thanks. Alhamdulillah :)
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    Count down check in:
    Day 3✅
  16. Goal 10 Days.
    Only 2 Days left!


    Personal Goals Countdown+

    Spiritual activities:
    Goal 30 Days.
    Only 25 Days left!
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    138... Have a great weekend!

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