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Do you want to participate in The Final Countdown?

  1. Yes, for sure!

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  2. Maybe later

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  1. Please read the Rules+ carefully.
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  2. Ah, i missed your motivational speeches :)
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  3. Black Duke

    Black Duke Fapstronaut

    Thanks bro.
    Countdown: Day 29
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  4. Dhruv_

    Dhruv_ Fapstronaut

    Sorry brother 29 days left
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  5. Welcome to The Final Countdown ✔ @Freedom_lover
    I added you to the Participants list.
    Good luck on the challenge!
  6. Welcome to The Final Countdown ✔ @Detectiveanswer
    I added you to the Participants list.
    Good luck on the challenge!
  7. Reminder+
    Please read the first page to understand everything, If you have any question you can ask me here or PM me.
    MUST RESPECT the thread Rules+.

    The main goal here is to help each other to reach our goals, show support to all Participants no matter their background.
    If you need help/encouragement, ASK for it here.

    If you relapse, Please don't feel shame on reporting it. We all fail and make mistakes nobody is perfect. Choose a Smaller Countdown Goal that is more achievable for you and get back up as soon as possible.
  8. josbo21

    josbo21 Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    It looks like a great idea to keep our focus in the very important things. My goal would be 10 days, @The Winner.

    GOAL: 10 DAYS
    From now on, 10 days left.
  9. Welcome to The Final Countdown ✔ @josbo21
    I added you to the Participants list.
    Good luck on the challenge!
  10. Goal: 15 days
    Only 14 days left!

    Good start of week to everybody! n_n
  11. Newstart1622

    Newstart1622 Fapstronaut

    Goal for the rest of my life!
    Only 23 days left!
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  12. WonderingKid21

    WonderingKid21 Fapstronaut

    Goal 14 Days
    13 days left ^^
    we can inshaAllah :D
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  13. SweetTransformation

    SweetTransformation Fapstronaut

    Shout out to mon frero @The Winner !!! What a fantastic initiative and I hope it will be a fulfilling journey for everyone involved.
    Okay, my target is 90 days. At the moment that I s seeming very much achievable, however I am aware that things change along the way which may affect my mood or response to things. I guess this is 90:
    Maybe I should get myself a little advent calendar for this or something and treat myself to something nice each time I make it past a day lool.
  14. Sorry to tell you this, The 3 places left were Reserved already.
    That means the thread is CLOSED now and I can't add you to the Participants list.
    I appreciate you wanting to join.
  15. @The Winner i relapsed today, bit of a tough day, but no excuses. Can i start my same goal over again or do i have to do a smaller one?
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  16. No excuses as you said Batman, Get yourself ready for tomorrow as it is a new day with new opportunities.

    Thank you for reporting it.
    Please Choose a Smaller Countdown Goal and let me know about it.
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  17. Okay, i'll start with 30 days this time and go from there, thank you :)
  18. The Final Countdown ✔ is CLOSED.
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