The first week is the most difficult?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by 1978, Sep 14, 2019.

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    Does anyone else here find that the first week is the most difficult in terms of resisting PMO?

    I find that if have been going through a period where I have been doing PMO several times a week, if I try to stop doing it, I find the first week is the most difficult. It's because I'm used to doing PMO that I automatically want to do it.

    But after that first week, it can get a bit easier. It's like the cycle has been broken. Even if I'm feeling horny after that, it feels easier to resist PMO because I've broken the habit. It's as if my body then stops expecting it to happen.

    I suppose you could compare it to when someone does a fast (stops eating for a while). The hardest part is early on, the first few days, the cravings for food can be extreme. But after a while, the body starts to get used to not having any food.
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  3. Yeah I usually relapse around day 4.
    I once locked myself in my Walk in robe for a few days with no light and enough food. It was a really good experience basically disected my thoughts, feelings and attributes really got my soul and mind on the right path for some time. But as the victors say " consistency wins" so gotta have a plan of action and stick with it
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    I find it too be, can't get past 2 weeks atm for a while. Came back on the site to get back into shape. I need to beat this thing. Want to be at my full potential all the time
  5. Yes it is for me. I would have to keep myself fully occupied with other things and not let my mind wander.
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  6. The funny thing is I used to go for weeks without PMO with no problem bc I’d be busy with life things and too exhausted or preoccupied with other things. Then the minute I joined NF I became an obsessed lunatic craving P. Like my brain panicked or something. Suddenly it was all I could think about. I had nightmares every night for the 1st week where I’d wake up screaming for help. Then I was afraid to turn the light off at night and go to sleep so I’d stay up all night bc I knew the nightmares were coming. The 1st week was awful. Even so I don’t regret it.
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    I just made it one week and I can say for sure it was quite the challenge. Due to the fact that I live alone and don't have many opportunities to be distracted it was through sheer willpower that I pulled this off.

    I'm just curious what the future will hold
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  9. First two weeks are the hardest for me, then it gets usually easier.
    Starting at week 4 urges come and go in waves, abbout every 5 days, but not that strong as in the first weeks.
  10. BreakingBenjamin

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    First weeks are hard, but it pays off :)
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    Days 5-7 for me the worst then its more autopilot after that i agree
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  12. Yep. Most of my relapses happened during my first week or, to be more precise, during the first couple of days of a new streak. I think part of the reason why the first week is the hardest because it is easy to rationalise like “You’re just losing a couple of days. It’s not even really a streak anyway”. In my experience, the longer I go the easier it gets especially after the second week.
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  13. Harry Pottery

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    First week was the hardest on my first try. Now it is not that hard. But yeah, like someone said day 4 seems to have mystical powers over us!
  14. Advocate109

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    It's all difficult tbh

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