The flatline phase

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by berto159, Oct 14, 2013.

  1. berto159

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    It seems to me that my first few days of nofap have launched directly into the flatline phase. I haven't had any natural erection. I don't have ED, and I know for a fact if I saw porn I could rev the engine and thing would get going. I feel kind of numb, almost lethargic about the whole thing.

    What causes the flatline phase? How long does it last typically (I know everyone is different)? Am I in for a huge shock when the flatline phase passes, for example massive urges?

    Thanks everyone. Just started day 4 of nofap.
  2. Jacob

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    I had a flatline pretty much the same, as I began. No I didn't have any shockers, just a few urges late a night since and having to stop myself from having any sexy daydreams. I considered a period of reduced libido as a great opportunity to lay some of the foundations to help the rest of my reboot. Mostly this meant watching a lot of videos like "nofap academy" and "sacred sexuality".
  3. berto159

    berto159 Fapstronaut

    I agree with you completely. I think if I had urges right away, there probably would have been a relapse post from me.

    I have noticed some bedtime urges, and a little trouble sleeping. I also found a bunch of flatline
    info on your brain on porn.

    Thanks for the reply jacob. I have a thread under newbies check it out.
  4. StillAWarrior

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    Im in the same phase, some advices for you but most for myself, 1. Do not test, do not have insecurities, it is a normal phase and it will pass, not even wonder about your cocks health, this is the path to follow. 2. Work out, try to take walks , hit the gym, or even work out just in your home, some push ups some cruches some squats stretches try to help your body with this phase. 3. Watch your diet, eat healthy 4. Keep yourself motivated positive and happy, find things that make you happy except po or pom, Write , Draw, Listen to music, socilize , get your mind busy with other things !.. Im on my flatline too, i seek for accurance and some help but i will keep going, i will never return to my self destroy, i will live !!!!
  5. Dr.Shilo

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    I believe the flatline phase is due to a sudden drop in dopamine throughout the body. It's well known that depression can cause decreased libido and chronic depression is a deficiency in hormones like dopamine and serotonin. So don't worry about this flatline phase. It's just your body going back to normal. Eventually your brain re-wires itself so that it no longer needs such high levels of dopamine and then your body will adjust and be turned on only in the appropriate moment

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