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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by PasterofMuppets, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. PasterofMuppets

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    This place is full of awesome people, alright? Hower I'm noticing that destructive hordes of misogynistic, "alpha", macho-man opinionated TROLLS are becoming more and more common and present here. If this keeps going on and on, this forum is very probably gonna die like the infamous "crazy semen retention cult" subreddit.
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  2. PasterofMuppets

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    I know. It's the price one has to pay to be able to say that he lives in a fair society.
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  3. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    Millennials and Gen Z have been indoctrinated in liberal-cultural marxist censorship. Which means all you snowflakes need to realize others don't hold your same beliefs.
  4. If your aim is to quit using porn then it's very easy to make use of the tracker, find an accountability partner and take part in the threads that you are interested in. I'm refreshed to see this place is not the cult of everyone has to agree with each other. If you feel these people are wrong then youre free to drop some knowledge. If not, youre free not to engage them just like you are everywhere else.
  5. Children throw both crying fits and temper tantrums. The people who complain about not being able to express every unfiltered thought in their heads are just as childish as those desiring safe spaces.

    In the past men/women were measured either by their virtue or their vice and not some letter of the Greek alphabet.
  6. Millenial

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    You have to to let everyone air their views and feelings even if it's in a way that is sometimes offensive. We do all have the same goal.
    People often just want to share how they feel, and not always be corrected or even offered solutions.
  7. sparkywantsnoPMO

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    I am speaking privately, not as staff. This opinion is my own.

    There is a balance to strike. Some of us have serious problems. It can include suicide, misogyny, etc. Sometimes, people need to say something out loud to realize they’re saying something wrong. I know I when I goto my SLAA group there have been a few times that it was only as I said it that I realized it was porn, or another unhealthy behavior.

    That being said, it can’t be said at the expense of others. There needs to be a tact in bringing things to the table and working them out. Saying: “I have felt (group) is beneath me because (reasons). What am I missing?” is different than, “(Group) was put on this planet to serve me. They’re trying to make my life miserable, so I’m going to return the favor. Anyone got some ideas?”

    There’s room for a healing discussion in the first, not in the second. Now, I wrote the first one that way purposely, as it can very easily become, “You’re not wrong! (Group) is worthless!” And at that point it crosses the line, but it doesn’t have to cross the line.
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  8. I believe there should be a balance but realistically, there usually isn't. It's important for mature adults to learn to take the good with the bad. We live in a broken society and there are alot of hateful misguided people. I'm black and I live in America. If I got all whiney and butt hurt every time I heard something that was racist or hurtful to black people I would be crying all the time. Running around reporting every racist comment on youtube and arguing with every troll on the internet. I could hate all white people but that would only make me bitter and psychologically unhealthy. Its better to recognize the facts like:
    -People are imperfect and everyone matures at a different points during their life so you should cut them some slack then disregard their comments if you dont agree
    -People have their own beliefs and some people will never agree with you so loosing sleep over it is foolish
    -Some people have no love in their hearts and are going to troll to make other people feel like shit so you should be mature enough not to feed into their negativity
    -You're not always fucking right. Sometimes were all wrong but we still express ourselves
    -Some people are gonna remain children so let it go and don't act like a child yourself

    I think this site is great and its helped me tremendously. Whenever I see a bunch of counter productive foolishness on a thread I move on to something more productive.
  9. I assumed you were white.
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  10. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    In my other thread, I suggested people emulate the courage most Black guys have when talking to a woman and trying to meet her. Some people got massively butthurt over it. smh.

    I was simply trying to illustrate that Black guys have guts talking to women, a quality to be praised. I witnessed it yesterday when I was out on my run and this Black man was trying to talk to this woman on the street.
  11. That's racist. I'm never logging on to nofap again, lol.
  12. I wish it came naturally. I've made tons of progress but at one point I was super socially akward. Alot of brothers do have smooth game but any guy can if hes willing to push through the akwardness and keep practicing.
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  13. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    Yes, exactly. I just like how they make the attempt without flinching and laying it out on the line.
  14. There was a time when I felt like @PasterofMuppets does on this issue but not now. Trolls don't last long on these forums. I think they just get bored and leave. I guess it depends on what you consider trolling. For me a troll is someone who argues for the sake of arguing - someone who has no interest in the debate at all. And it seems to me people here are sincere and aren't arguing for the sake of having an argument. Never been a member of Reddit but I'm on Facebook and the trolling there is terrible. I hardly go it now and stopped following certain pages because trolls target such pages. I will some member go a bit over the top but it might that they're having a bad day, and when that happens I just laugh at their comments and say nothing. I honestly don't there's any trolls on these boards.

    When I first joined it was pretty bad since there were some members who couldn't have debates without resorting to name calling but such members have since left the forum. or been permanently banned. I think it should be said just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they're a troll. We have to be able to discuss our differences without getting mad or offended, I mean not being able to handle differences in a mature way is on of the causes for many of the troubles in our world. You won't be able to have successful relationships and friendships if you can't handle differences well. I would say about 80-90% of my views are liberal but I've learnt to respect a number of conservatives on this forum. I think it's good to bring this subject up though, it's good to talk about this issue. I use to handle differences well but last year I had lost it, but since visiting this forum I've got back to being more tolerable. I think one thing that helped me was to discuss the issue of debating/arguing in a thread. Also, sometimes it's beneficial to take a step back and calm yourself down when you read a comment that annoys you. Sometimes it's good to leave the forum for a few days or weeks or even months - I've done that sometimes.

    We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory will swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature. - Abraham Lincoln

    We make everything that's uncertain certain. Religion has gone from a belief in faith and mystery to certainty. "I'm right, you're wrong. Shut up." That's it. Just certain. The more afraid we are, the more vulnerable we are, the more afraid we are. This is what politics looks like today. There's no discourse anymore. There's no conversation. - Brené Brown
  15. LewisHepher

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    Speaking from experience, I agree that such "macho talk" is unhealthy for the NoFap process, thus it makes no sense to support these statements at all if you truly want to help victims addicted to porn. Statements like, "You're not manly enough if you are so and so" is ridiculous and sexist, and it influences us to think that men have to act "manly" (whatever that means) and not act like some sissy fit with feelings and emotions. It influences the unhealthy masculinity in all of men, treating women like sex objects, pursuing them for the sole goal of sex rather than a meaningful relationship where we share each other's feelings and pursuits.

    Men need feminism because of these masculine macho-talk. We live in a society where women are treated as the weaker sex, and this mentality desensitizes the idea of women (or rather, porn stars) being equal people whose suffering we should not masturbate to for some quick pleasure.

    Something I never understood about people boasting free speech is the hypocrisy of it. If there's no law against punching someone in his face because you don't like what he has to say, would you do it? Suck it up and let me punch you in your face. You won't die. I won't hit any vital areas. I might even make sure to hit you somewhere people normally won't see.

    If you are someone who's against violence, then act like someone who's against violence and aggression. Don't perpetuate this myth that we somehow have some god-given right to degrade women with rape jokes, degrade men with "masculine" values, and degrade anyone at all by making him feel like he has no right to be treated as a human being with feelings.

    And please, for god's sake, don't act so surprised that he punched you in the face because you made him feel less than human.
  16. Third_Eye

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    That's probably those MGTOW b*tches that wanna whine and complain about women causing all problems in the world. LOL XD
  17. Third_Eye

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    Honestly, I assumed the same thing as @aarondf, bro. LOL
    But I don't discriminate because of someone's skin color.
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  18. forlifeandwife

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    Good call, I lasted about 2 hours on the reddit until i was contacted by people who were telling me that women need to bow to my sexual dominance once I learn how to keep my sperm inside me.... It feels much nicer here.

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