The Gillette ad that people are rightly pissed about.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Ra's Al Ghul, Jan 17, 2019.

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  1. Ra's Al Ghul

    Ra's Al Ghul Fapstronaut

    All I gotta say is thanks Gillette! This is yet just another reason![​IMG]
  2. People are mad about that? Why? I thought it was an awesome message. I detest the phrase "boys will be boys" as used to dismiss tons of inappropriate behavior, as if the male species is so terrible they just cant possibly be expected to be decent human beings. I think it's a great message that we need to expect more from young men.
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  3. Hm. I just watched it to see what the fuss is about and ignoring the controversial message it was sending, making a thread like this only helps Gillette. I didn't know who they were before the ad and before me stumbling onto this thread. Now I do. Which is exactly why they made it the ad, the backlash plays right into their hands.

    If you really want to hurt them, you're better off deleting this thread instead of helping them gain more attention, which is exactly what they want.
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  4. According to what people have been saying that's been pissing them off, the ad itself implies that boys roughhousing (as many boys do) and even approaching a girl is somehow unacceptable. When you watch it, you'll see a scene of a white guy about to approach a white girl walking on the street and some other black guy stops him, as if the white guy was going to be disrespectful when he easily could've just thought she was attractive and wanted to introduce himself to her respectfully.

    I concur that the ad does seem to have a good message, it's just seems to be the way it was delivering the message is pissing people off. That and it implies that bullying and harassment only comes from men.

    EDIT: Edited to reflect that I'm not saying these things.
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  5. Jackb97

    Jackb97 Fapstronaut

    Gillette. The Best a Beta can get.
  6. Exactly. And this is the Internet, mind you. Where there are so many people, groups, and companies that are all vying for the same thing, which is attention. Giving SJWs attention absolutely helps them because it spreads their asinine messages, whether the person talking about it agrees or disagrees with them.

    And so because this thread told me about the ad, that ad of theirs got one more view and one more Google search. By me. Before I saw this, I had zero idea who they were.

    I'm not trying to say that this thread absolutely should be deleted since people may want to talk about the ad itself anyways. I'm just saying that whatever happens, as long as this thread exists, it's only going to help them.
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  7. diesel2256

    diesel2256 Fapstronaut

    Not so sure about that one. I suppose time will tell. I've seen a whole lot of guys saying that they'll never buy Gillette razors again. Effectively, this has become political. If you're conservative, traditional, or masculine at all, Gillette isn't the brand for you. Liberals might be more likely to buy Gillette now, but I highly doubt this uptick will outpace the negative reaction.

    Speaking of which, I think the razor in my drawer is a Gillette brand -- in the trash it goes.
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  8. Uh... no. That's not what happened at all. That scene was clearly trying to portray men who grossly hit on and objectify women on the street. I think anyone can understand that pretty simply.

    Let's not forget that the very foundation of the ad is "be the best man you can be." Tell me, where is the harm in that statement? And how does it make men look bad? It does the opposite. It shows that men have amazing potential to be great individuals and respect others and be decent human beings. And there were plenty of men shown in the ad who were acting that way, and those men are awesome.

    That's so completely not true. How does telling men to be better and not harass people automatically mean that women never harass people? This is an ad from men, to men. That doesnt mean women are perfect, it just means this isnt the ad for them. If there was a video that camr out urging women to be better in some way, I wouldnt whine and complain that it implies that men are perfect.

    This whole annoyance is so silly. Arent yall conservatives the ones who brag about not being special snowflakes who get your feelings hurt over dumb crap?

    Also, in regards to the roughhousing, that's your interpretation. It was not mine. And if a dad wants to tell his son not to rough house because he might hurt someone, why exactly is that a bad thing? You can let them get their energy out in healthier ways. It's not like wrestling is a requirement for the male species to survive or something.
  9. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    just watched it, looks like yet another attack on masculinity
  10. Yes, because heaven forbid conservative, masculine men decide to take a stand against sexual harassment and bullying. The horror! We must defend our right to catcall women and beat each other up, because we are so manly and strong!
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  11. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    none, unless "being the best man" is associated with soyboyism, as it seems to be with the ad
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  12. I saw this ad completely free from politicalization (i.e., I saw it on my own without even knowing it would be controversial or anything), and I honestly didnt even think twice about endorsing it. I thought "oh wow, that's great! They're calling out the phrase 'boys will be boys' and saying that we should have higher standards for young men and not dismiss bad behavior as some kind of misandric statement that boys arent capable of being respectful so we shouldnt expect them to be." I cant see how any man could find that to be an attack on men. It seems like the exact opposite to me. I love men, and that's why I hate that phrase, because it implies that men are dumb, carnal beings who cant possibly control themselves. I think more highly of men than that, personally.
  13. So stopping kids from bullying other kids and telling your fellow men not to treat women like objects is being a "soyboy"? That's quite sad. Seems like basic human decency to me.
  14. Yeah, but people say a lot of things and talk a lot of shit. It's what they do that matters. This doesn't end with the angry reaction from men, it goes beyond it.

    Nike released an ad featuring Colin Kaepernick that was labled "disrespectful" when it first came out, yet their stocks and sales went up.

    You're also assuming that there are a LOT of people that have a problem with Gillette's ad at all, that this number outweighs the amount of people that actually agree with it (and the number of likes and dislikes wouldn't prove a thing) and that when people consider making a purchase, they also consider that company's political stance all of the time. I'm definitely not a liberal and I don't have too much issue with the ad itself.
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  15. Don't shoot the messenger, I'm just repeating what I've been seeing people say. I should have mentioned that.

    Anyway, I watched the ad itself and got confused the first time I saw it since I didn't see anything that was outright offensive. For example, the scene with the pool. I certainly wouldn't call a girl I didn't know well enough "sweetie" and another guy told him not to do that. Seems pretty alright to me.
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  16. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    Not at all. Where did you get that idea? How is approaching a woman objectifying her? Being masculine≠being a jerk. Its just another attack on traditional masculinity.
  17. Yeah, I didnt understand that. I thought you were speaking your own opinions. But either way, I'm not shooting you, I'm combating the ideas you expressed. Whether they were yours or someone else's, I disagree with them.

    Yes, I agree. I think a lot of people are outraged over nothing, which always makes me laugh when it's coming from conservatives who I have seen, on multiple occasions, mocking those "libtard snowflakes" for getting outraged over nothing. The hypocrisy is strong.
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  18. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    roughousing is intrinsic to males nature
  19. MLMVSS

    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    I think the main issue here is everyone’s assuming. Maybe Gillette’s assuming men are bad simply for being men, when that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Or maybe men are assuming Gillette is saying they’re attacking men for pointing out that men should do something.

    In my opinion, this is hyped. If you’re uncomfortable with Gillette, don’t buy their stuff.

    It’s important to remember that there are bad or misguided men, and that shouldn’t ever be dismissed either as “toxic masculinity” or “boys will be boys” because both extremes are unfair to men, and hell, even women. They do bad because they have been taught and conditioned by some force, whether their family or society, to be bad, and that shouldn’t be condoned.

    That’s all I really want to say on this commercial.
  20. I suppose that depends on your definition of "masculine." I dont think being masculine = being a jerk. I also dont think that's what the ad suggested at all.

    Read between the lines, dude. The video was clearly attempting to portray harassment on the street. Maybe they didnt do a great job of it in your opinion, but that's obviously what they were trying to show. They weren't saying that approaching a woman is objectifying her. He wasnt just approaching her. It's a damn commercial, they only have a fee seconds to convey the situation. To me, the situation and the implied message was clear. Apparently it wasnt to you, but whatever, I guess we just agree to disagree.
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