The Gillette ad that people are rightly pissed about.

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Ra's Al Ghul, Jan 17, 2019.

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    Oooh bla di ooh bla da life goes on na na na na life goes on....

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    Does anyone here even buy Gillette anymore? I have a couple of vintage double edge Gillette razors, but I never use Gillette blades in them. I can't stand the cartridge razors and disposables they have been churning out for the last thirty years.
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    I can't send any links at the moment since I have only been registered yesterday , but I will give you some citations when am able too mate.
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    Men use power to get sex, women use sex to get power*

    *generally speaking
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    Dude you're toxic af. You should just shut up if all you are going to do is throw shade at people. You're the reason why masculinity is being attacked. You think just because you're a man it gives you the right to be a douchebag to people. You're just a boy.
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    I used to. Then I grew my beard. When I shave my neck I just use the trimmer
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    Back in my home country, people would mock you mercilessly if you shaved your facial hair. Clean shaven people are usually viewed as middle aged politicians and/or perverts. :D
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  10. lol...where is this?
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  11. You strike me as what is called a "concrete thinker". You're doing exactly what I warned against earlier, which is taking the ad at face value. Don't you understand how art works? That's what advertising is. There's symbolism. Things that are presented in the ad don't mean just what they appear to mean, they represent something else. In this case what the things in the ad symbolize is what I referred to as the war on masculinity. Sure people can have different interpretations. But don't pretend like the ad is just innocently free of any context, free of any political meaning, don't be such a tool
  12. Hey lay off @Ra's Al Ghul! After all, "boys will be boys" as they say..... Ra's Al Ghul go watch the Gillette commercial!

    As for @Castielle, stop your Castielle-scolding, I mean woke-scolding. What Ra's Al Ghul has said wasn't very nice, but what he said doesn't match the level of hate that this Gillette commercial represents or that you seem to support and have been spouting in your posts. It's like comparing apples and oranges. I'm surprised at the level of man-hate coming from you, to be honest. Why do you hate men? Stop, just stop. The men on here have had enough. We're just good decent people and we're being victimized. Stop the abuse. You made Ra's Al Ghul go out and get drunk for crying out loud. Poor guy, look what you've done!
  13. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Stop Castielle-scolding meeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I'm melting, melting!!!!! My ears splitting from the sound of nails on a chalkboard!!! My eyes burning from the words on the page!!!! Just stop, stop!!! We've had enough!!!
  14. So basically the contention you guys have with the ad is that it talks down to men and lectures to them as though they're in preschool since you guys claim men already know what to do yet you guys come on this thread and defend the same behaviours that you guys didn't think you needed to be scolded for. Am I missing something here? You guys seem to have your logic backwards.
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    Not for me. Its the content of the lecture, not the lecture itself. Its not that we already "know it all", but that it is just more liberal propaganda.
  16. It really doesn't matter how we act anymore. We could act boorish or we could be nice-guys. Either way the fact that you are a man means that you are toxic, including you. Being a nice guy doesn't get you a pass anymore. Nice guys are still guys, and therefore bad. So might as well not give a fuck how we act and really let the gloves come off
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  17. Which content of the lecture do you disagree with? I thought you said in earlier posts that you were in support of the message of the ad. By saying "men don't know it all" doesn't that play right into the message of the ad... that men don't know and need to be informed of what's appropriate behaviour and what's not appropriate behaviour? I thought you guys claimed that you already knew how to behave appropriately when interacting with women and don't need anyone to lecture to you?
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  18. If you started acting like bad guys that would just play into the feminist's narrative, wouldn't it? Just act like decent, good guys and some women get offended by that then that's their issue, not yours.
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    This thread has been locked for getting more and more offtopic and users insulting each other.
    Please respect each others points of view more in the future, thank you.

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