***The Gratitude Attitude Challenge***

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  1. Day 3:
    1. I'm thankful because I had survived to 3 urges today and I didn't relapse :D
    2. I'm thankful because I am able to express my feelings like never before and set limits
    3. I'm thankful because I could wake up early today and do many things
    4. I'm thankful because the day isn't over because I still have a lot of things to do :b
  2. SaapKaBaap

    SaapKaBaap Fapstronaut

    @LoyalKnight Thanks brother! You will be reaching yours in no time, Just be strong and Keep being Awesome.
  3. Aiyoshi

    Aiyoshi Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for using the only remaining headset in this house.
    I am grateful for walking around and getting lost today.
    I am grateful for God giving me hope everyday.
    I am grateful for this
  4. perseverence24

    perseverence24 Fapstronaut

    1. I am grateful for having the motivation to fight on even after failure.
    2. I am grateful for the people in my life who motivate and drive me to be a better person.
    3. I am grateful for building an attitude of long term perseverance and not short term gratification.
    4. I am truly greatful for this platform and for everyone that shares it gives me a daily reminder of just how thankful I should be with what I have.
  5. htyerr

    htyerr New Fapstronaut

    Découverte très accidentelle ce forum aimable.
  6. Steve Sancteria

    Steve Sancteria Fapstronaut

    got the actual book of this, my favorite advice is to really focus the day instead of the days comming or the past days.
  7. Steve Sancteria

    Steve Sancteria Fapstronaut

    • I am grateful the vibrating energy even though I am tired. Never been motivated, energized and tired at the same time xD
    • I am grateful for solving my problem with my dry skin (NoFap benefits seem to be endless)
    • I am grateful for the new cool melody I´ve composed yesterday and today
    • I am grateful for my insane positive mindset, practicing pays off ;D
    • I am grateful that life will give what ever I am asking for, life is generous, life is great :)
    • I am so happy and grateful I can spend all day long working on my goals, practicing the fundamentals and have fun doing it.
    • I am speechless, extremely happy and grateful that I actually can write down 1000 things I am grateful for right now but have problems finding something that I dislike.
  8. Survivor12

    Survivor12 Fapstronaut

    1) I'm grateful for waking up today and starting third day without PMO
    2) I'm grateful for my parents being here with me , even though my bond with them isn't that stron but I'm working on it.m

    3) I'm grateful for nieces and nephews they really know how to make me smile.

    4) I'm grateful to the people here who are willing to help me even though they are going through their own pains.
  9. plant goodness

    plant goodness Fapstronaut

    Participez au grand crapaud.
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  10. plant goodness

    plant goodness Fapstronaut

    1. I am grateful I made a big old toad remark in French just now. Let's hope they don't get feisty or cry.

    2. I am grateful for new chances. If one didn't come then well you'd find yourself in a world of real, tangible pain with no end in sight of your torment.

    3. I am grateful for difficulties. Sometimes they suck hard but if you eat that toad you can shit it out and be happy again.
  11. nojerking

    nojerking Fapstronaut

    1. I am grateful for another day;
    2. I am grateful for the good sleep I´ve been having;
    3. I am grateful for the oportubnity that came up to me.
  12. JohnPaulGeorgeRingo

    JohnPaulGeorgeRingo Fapstronaut

    1. I am grateful for this community, I was really on the verge of a total relapse on all fronts until I got back connected to this place and how amazing it is that we all share a common bond and seek to elevate one another to become our greatest version. I am humbled by that.

    2. I am grateful for jealousy, it can be a very powerful teacher to observe but not become. It often highlights my own insecurities, which I can work on or leave be at my discretion. It is a strong motivator once the energy channeled into something outside yourself is channeled into your own development.

    3. I am grateful for my handwritten journal, which give me a great space to reflect and realize my journey, the dark times and the amazing times too. Such is life.
  13. av_2905

    av_2905 Guest

    1. I am grateful for the other members on this forum who always help others out and give great advice.
    2. I am grateful for having another day, another shot at becoming a better person.
    3. I am grateful for my sisters, because without them I'd be a spoiled little brat. They put me in my place when needed and that's helped me become disciplined. I've never said this to their faces, but I love them so much.
  14. plant goodness

    plant goodness Fapstronaut

    You should say it to them! Do it by text if you cannot muster courage to do it by face.

    I am going to send my sister one now that you mention this. I send one to my parents from time to time they appreciate it,

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  15. NightReaper775

    NightReaper775 Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for my reading habits.
    I am grateful for my family.
    I am grateful for this streak.
    I am grateful for being motivated.
    I am grateful for food and water. I am grateful for not indulging too much in junk food also!
    I am grateful for not wanting to game anymore.
    I am grateful for feeling I am being reborn.

  16. SaapKaBaap

    SaapKaBaap Fapstronaut

    1. I am grateful for having a good time with my college mates.
    2. I am grateful that I went outside. The rain allowed me to go at last. [was having a fever, so was waiting for it go.]
    3. I am grateful that my PC is still working. [I swear to upgrade you, just don't die on me yet. Wait till I get a job]
    4. I am grateful for being positive after having some bad memories that was bubbling up like anything in my head.
    5. I am grateful that I did my workout.
  17. microsmurfen

    microsmurfen Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for my new pass.
    I am grateful to finish the book. "The happiness hypothes"
    I m grateful that i try my best to have a good time with my dad. He is overweight, drinking and spreads alot negative energy especially against me. And last 3 days we been alone in the house...It is not easy. It feels that he is the only person left in my sphere that is super negative and influence me to "sad mode". I so wish i could change his behavior... I cant avoid him, hes my dad...
    I am grateful for my meditation and increasing awareness.
    I am grateful.
    Peace guys
  18. TODAY I am grateful for:-
    1. Having an amazing day!
    2. Being able to visualise what I really want in life
    3. Being really positive about life since the past few days
    4. The abundance of life and opportunities that surrounds me!
    5. My parents, family and friends
    6. The beauty of this universe, and its generosity
    7. The fact that I have access to more or less whatever I want in order to bring myself up in life
    8. 2017 being THE best year I've ever had
    9. My defeating laziness and procrastination by exercising since the past two days
    10. My being able to study for longer periods of time than earlier
    11. Me feeling more confident in general
    12. The Law Of Attraction, that has helped me attract so many things in my life!
    13. The fact that I can dream any dream, and that I can achieve anything and everything
    14. This forum and this challenge
    15. That girl I liked, who texted me today after sooo long (lame, I know, but I felt kinda nice lol)
    16. The fact that I controlled my mind and avoided junk food today!
  19. Nick:3

    Nick:3 Fapstronaut

    Damn! how do u get up at 4:30 every day? is there a way to need less sleep or something?
  20. Nick:3

    Nick:3 Fapstronaut

    1) I am grateful for the awesome friends in my life

    2) I am grateful that there are no more toxic people in my life

    3) I am grateful to the great lord calvin harris and all his awesome music XD

    4) I am grateful for inspiration particularly from zelda, which has inspired me to draw new game concept art.

    5) I am grateful for my creativity giving me an awesome chance to make an individual difference

    6) I am grateful for the course I am going on next year, that will further me in to stuff I love! Also that the uni has a green screen, motion capture capabilities, and a comic course so i can pester the hell outta the comic teachers to teach me stuff x3

    7) altho i was feeling a little desperate today, overall during this period I have been feeling independent and great being single so I'm grateful for that too

    8) I love the house I live in, and my family and cat :3

    9) 2 new girls are in my life, altho one of them friend zoned me I still like her and hanging out with her :3 and the other well Ima wait and see :)

    10) I know people going to my uni next year which makes me feel more assured

    11) I was in a bad place last year and im glad i'm far from it

    12) I managed to come up with more than 10 things to feel happy about :3

    13) feeling tired but I like that cos it's getting fairly late anyway

    14) the sky is beautiful today!

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