***The Gratitude Attitude Challenge***

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  1. I am grateful for the beauty of nature
    I am grateful for being able to listen to beautiful music
    I am grateful for the kindness i receive here every day on Nofap, thank you my friends :)
  2. Drift

    Drift Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for:
    • Having one more full day off before work.
    • For getting to know someone better that I had a few rocky first encounters with
    • For getting in a hard workout yesterday for the first time in a while.
    • For retrogirl making 2 weeks
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  3. db001

    db001 Fapstronaut

    I’m grateful for taking time out to relax.
    I’m grateful that I have enough to eat every day.
    I’m grateful that I’m saving money.
  4. LoyalKnight

    LoyalKnight Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for following things today:

    1. For conquering another day.
    2. For facing the flu I am fighting against face-on right now. I am going to win this battle!
    3. For staying firm and determined.
    4. For the support I am getting.
    5. For the many awesome people.
    6. For Irish Rap.
    7. For the fact that I my cold - the flu - is gradually healing.
    8. For the fact that I finished some assignments I had to do despite being quite sick.
    9. For looking forward for some good rest!
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  5. A1exV

    A1exV Fapstronaut

    I am grateful to have enough curiosity and hope to keep exploring myself
    I am grateful to have a place of rest
    I am grateful to have a body in full working condition
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  6. OrbitSpace

    OrbitSpace Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for:
    •A new level of communication and trust between my son and me.
    •A phenomenal public presentation on an important topic by a good friend, and my joyful astonishment.
    •Long visits from old friends.
    •A friend's stunning ability to mentor youth.
    •So many good models of integrity, honesty, and leadership.
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  7. ISFPdude

    ISFPdude Fapstronaut

    I'm grateful for my friends, in real life and online, who show me that I matter when I don't believe it myself.
    I'm grateful for music, which is basically the best thing.
    I'm grateful for humans, who, despite their constant stupidity, have so much good in them.
  8. I am grateful for my pc, it let's me connect to people
    I am grateful for my mother, i owe her my life and so much more
    I am grateful for my children, they inspire me to be a dad they can be proud of, not a pmo addict anymore
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  9. I am grateful for these great comments here - everyone is coming from a different life, and yet all are trying. That makes me feel good about humanity. It is humbling.
  10. Tryingto

    Tryingto Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for a repeat watch of Julie & Julia.
    I am grateful for the books I am reading.
    I am grateful I did not work today.
  11. I am grateful for my friends who often share their lives with me and lookout for my well-being.
    I am grateful for the books that I have read that helped me grow as a person and inspired me to not give up.
    I am grateful for having a place to live and to sleep.
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  12. I'm grateful for the healthy food and drinks that I have started having.
    I'm grateful for the change in mindset towards my body. I now take care of my body. The goal is to treat the body as a temple.
    I'm grateful for the books that are out there to help us stop the addictions we have.
  13. James0224

    James0224 Fapstronaut

    1. I am grateful for a warm place to sleep
    2. I am grateful for nice warm clothes
    3. I am grateful for the nice weather
  14. DE.HK

    DE.HK Fapstronaut

    I am grateful and thankful for:
    Hosting a great party a couple of days ago.
    The silence. I enjoy the silence.
    Having made meditation as my routine.
  15. 1. I am grateful for my good health!

    2. I am grateful that others are working together here on nofap, to train ourselves to live more honorably and joyfully.

    3. I am grateful to be free of PMO today!
  16. RationalBrody

    RationalBrody Fapstronaut

    I am grateful today for:
    • my evolution in the last year.
    • getting into Intermittent Fasting
    • all the struggles, mistakes; all the insecurities that I hold. They will make me stronger.
    • Having successfully completed the first week of my NoFap quest
  17. Drift

    Drift Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for

    A new day and week

    A busy weekend

    Exercise opportunities
  18. CarrM

    CarrM Fapstronaut

    Today I am grateful for the progress that has been made, the tools that have helped me make this progress, and discipline I am learning
  19. Tryingto

    Tryingto Fapstronaut

    Today I am grateful for a slow morning
    Today I am grateful for a yummy breakfast smoothie
    Today I am grateful for blue skies
  20. max9292

    max9292 Fapstronaut

    i am grateful i am facing my depressive thoughts
    i am grateful for this day at work
    i am grateful for the football match tonight

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