***The Gratitude Attitude Challenge***

Discussion in 'Events & Challenges' started by BushidoWarrior, Sep 21, 2015.

  1. UnitCircular

    UnitCircular Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for:
    - Having a close friend whom I feel connected too.
    - Being able to practice yoga.
    - For this forum and all the positivity that comes from it.
  2. Semaphore

    Semaphore Fapstronaut

    grateful for my legs that can still allow me to run a 5k
    grateful for my wife - an amazing cook and hard worker
    grateful for the encouragement I get from those that have beaten PMO
  3. Strength And Light

    Strength And Light Fapstronaut

    I am thankful that my dog is responding well to his heart medication.
    I am grateful that we're getting a new fence in our backyard soon.
    I am thankful that I'm able to stay on top of things at work and at home.
    I am grateful that my daughter is growing and becoming an awesome little person.
    I am thankful that I continue to practice habits that help me like meditation, eating healthy and exercising.
    I am grateful that I have close friends and loved ones to confide in and draw inspiration from.
    I am thankful for the mystery and wonder of life and the limitless universe.
    I am grateful that there is always something else to be grateful for no matter how deeply I probe.
  4. Baldur

    Baldur Fapstronaut

    I am thankful to be alive.
    I am thankful for flowers.
  5. LoyalKnight

    LoyalKnight Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for following things today:

    1. For conquering another day.
    2. For my streak of PMO.
    3. For doing hardmode. There is no other way to beat this addiction.
    4. For the many awesome people here.
    5. For actually having a really good day today. It was productive, way better than the last days. I liked it!
    6. For realizing that a life without the gym is not for me!
    7. For having plans for hitting up the gym on the morrow.
    8. For having finished some tasks.
    9. For looking forward for the morrow.
    10. For planning going to bed quite early today - I feel really tired.

    Good night to you all, stay safe and sound!
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  6. db001

    db001 Fapstronaut

    I’m grateful that I have fought off a cold.
    I’m grateful for visiting an amazing city.
    I’m grateful for learning new things.
  7. max9292

    max9292 Fapstronaut

    Grateful for this day , people on the work start to see I am working very well and I am learning so much things
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  8. Tryingto

    Tryingto Fapstronaut

    Today I am grateful for my work.
    Today I am grateful for Thomas Merton.
    Today I am grateful for Wendell Berry.
    Today I am grateful for Kathleen Norris.
  9. James0224

    James0224 Fapstronaut

    I am grateful for my body
    I am grateful for living in a developed country
    I am grateful for a warm house
  10. OrbitSpace

    OrbitSpace Fapstronaut

    Grateful for:
    •Continuing recovery from flu
    •Time with my wife
    •Making progress on taxes
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  11. hotsauce720

    hotsauce720 Fapstronaut

    Im grateful for mistakes i made
    Im grateful for all pain
    Im grateful for bad sites of my brain
    (We should agree with bad sites of us, cause in contrast to this sites we can see good things-DUALITY)
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  12. I am grateful for my children, they deserve a pmo free father
    I am grateful for the daily support i get here on NoFap, thank you all !
    I am grateful for so many little things in life, like my cat enjoying her meal, a bird singing in a tree in my garden, the laugh of a child in the street,... :)
  13. RationalBrody

    RationalBrody Fapstronaut

    Grateful today for:
    • the nice place that I'm living, being able to enjoy maximum intimacy and peace
    • getting my blood tests done (testosterone, thyroid, insulin, cholesterol) without paying for it; insurance covered it
    • The Tim Ferris podcast! So much wisdom learned from it.
    • Having forged a strong meditation habit for almost 1 year
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  14. I am grateful for being able to let go and to live in the present moment.
    I am grateful for the many new job offers I've been getting.
    I am grateful for the strength and courage I feel when I read the many inspirational profile quotes.
  15. karimmassarani

    karimmassarani Fapstronaut

    I am grateful that I have good friends who like me for who I am, and not who I pretend to be
    I am grateful for living in a nice air conditioned house and for having food and water
    I am grateful for finding this rare and wonderful community of people whose goal is to improve in life
  16. Baldur

    Baldur Fapstronaut

    Awesome list Beamer! Enjoying the little things is such a beautiful way of living. =) Thanks!

    Yes! Congratulations. :)


    I am thankful for a beautiful day. Lovely small talks and for putting my feet in ice water. Together with the sun it felt amazing. :)

  17. max9292

    max9292 Fapstronaut

    I am grateful the same for little things. It is the first thing I recovered since I discovered nofap. I love the movie "the fantastic world of Amelia" dealing about that. I am grateful for the brioche as breakfast in the morning when I take the train to go work, I am grateful for orange juice before gym, the coffee after lunch
  18. db001

    db001 Fapstronaut

    I’m grateful for good weather.
    I’m grateful that I’m keeping up with demands at work.
    I’m grateful a good sleep last night.
  19. hotsauce720

    hotsauce720 Fapstronaut

    what hardmode mean? u think that when u have orgasm with women u cant overcome this problem?
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  20. I am grateful for this community
    I am grateful for resisting pmo yesterday, i will do the same today
    I am grateful for being alive, life is beautiful !

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