The Great Gama

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  1. So researching on a famous wrestler named the great Gama & interested in doing his training routine, which what I’ve seen is Hindu Squats, Hindu push-ups & isometrics as of wrestling a tree. Though I am wondering if anyone would know more of what he did for his exercise routine, if any one has more reader he on the guy? The only thing I think he might have done is exercises with a Gada/Mace outside from that I don’t know, but what he did gave him a long winning streak & to be able to lift a 1200 kg stone. Doubt I’d be that strong as of not starting it at the age of 5, but would be nice to do as an alternative to exercise any where with out heavy weights.
  2. You can follow this guy. He is brutally strong and he is an active Gunnery Sergeant. If high rep bodyweight training is your jam, then he is the man worth following...

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  3. Thanks for the suggestion, though have to be careful of jumping exercises as I live in an a flat above a light shop, so I can’t do burpees.

    Wanted to try something like this as want to try to find alternatives to doing pull/chin-ups as of recently moved in & haven’t got all the furniture in, but when they arrive I’m not sure I can fit my adjustable pull-up bar in it & do alternatives with rowing and handstand push-ups.
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  4. Funny you said that. He usually doesn't jump in his burpees (in like 60-70% of his videos or even more).
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  5. Yeah I’ve noticed, I do the supposed way. But still will be careful.
    Though at the moment the routine I’m doing inspired by the Great Gama is doing 10 sets of 5 (At the moment building up to do more);

    Hindu Push-ups, Pike Push-ups, Hindu Squats & Bridges.

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