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    After I wake up today I won't listen to movie songs and movies because these are diverting me from my important work. For 30 days
  2. This one was a quite interesting rule which I feel is very much of a skill that you can learn to master. Whenever you start to think about something you don't want to think of, you quickly look around and take in impressions from what you have around you to get some input, just to be able to switch your thoughts to something else as fast as you can.
  3. I join too. There's a couple of bad habits I wanna change.
    I'll start with this...

    " I will not take my phone with me in my bath." (1)
  4. Failed to wash clothes and read think and grow rich yesterday. Let's hope good for today.
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    And I want my get-up-routine to contain these three elements: making bed, doing gymnastic on Yoga mat or other exercise, drink water or tea.
    This should be doable ON EVERY MORNING
    Btw, my favourite morning tea is freshly cooked ginger tea wih freshly made lemonjuice :)

    I'll add an easier one to it though:
    After I pee at home, I will clean up two misplaced things in the bathroom.
    (Thanks @Force Majeure )
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  6. This one didn't really work out as it worsened my pain in the back. I have diagnosed myself now to have degenerative disc disease now... I will remove this habit and add two new:

    4 (replaced): After I have taken my deep breaths on the morning, I will follow a six minute program to strengthen my back.

    13 (new): After I have put my phone on charge for the night, I will follow a six minute program to strengthen my back, then stretch my hip flexors, do bar hang to extend my back and finally lie on my spike mat.
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  7. Changing this one:
    3: After I take my vitamins, I will plan or do one thing on my todo-list, then review my life goals.

    To this:
    3: After I take my vitamins, I will think about how I can make it easier to reach my life goals.
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  8. Ok now number 2 !!

    " I will take out 30 minutes for exercising daily!! "
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  9. 14: After I enter the living room, I will do five squats.

    These type of evening routines are quite hard for me since I've got two kids that may from time to time not leave any second left. Time will tell if I will have to review this habit. In the meantime, I will do my best. :)
  10. 15: After I go down the stairs, I will do two pull-ups and then dead hang for five seconds.
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  11. This didn't work out at all. The reason it didn't work is because the routine is scheduled too late: when I put my phone on charge I just want to go to bed directly so I don't want to start exercising then. However, I have been doing dead hang and lied on the spike mat. I will continue doing this but will wait a while before I define a steady habit for it.

    That said, I'm replacing my rule 13 with a new one:
    13: After I sit down in my home office I will do 50 reps with my hand grippers.
  12. 16: After I drink water, I will do 10 push-ups.

    I'm starting to feel quite ripped since now I am doing micro workout almost all the time. In addition to that, I am climbing several times a week and I am also doing the no sugar challenge for 30 days, now on day 15.
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  13. Remarkable changes are happening! I've had back pain for five years and now with the new habits introduced in this challenge the pain suddenly starts to disappear! I love this. :)
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    I believe that the basis of the problem of addiction to pornography or any other addcition is escape from reality.
    Yes, the reality of your life, you must accept your feelings and face them within the safety of yourself and others.

    So "After I have a feeling inside me, I will feel it and accept it" no matter how bad or good this feeling is .
    I willl never run away from my feelings again :):emoji_raised_hand:.
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    After I wake Up at 4:45am I will run for 1:00 hour.
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  16. That is so true. What a great one :emoji_relaxed:
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    Great idea i'm in,

    1- After i get up at 6:00 AM i will do 20 push-ups
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  18. Awesome and welcome!
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    Today I will Learn Java for 2 hour's Yea
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