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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by RefreshHopeful, Aug 5, 2017.

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    So I would love to get to know someone, start dating, have a family, but I can't. I am gay and it is not accepted in my religion. I am not looking to change, but I hope that there are other people out there who are also celibate and think that it is possible to lead a rich and rewarding life without a partner. I sure need some hope in that right now...
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    In Catholicism one of our "vocations" is Priest who lead celibate lives. They choose this life in order to devote themselves entirely to the people of God. There are also nuns who lead similar lives, and monks, etc. They certainly lead rich, rewarding lives.
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    Hi there. There have been many well-known people who have remained celibate throughout their entire lives and who led rich, diverse, and fulfilling lives. Is there no possibility of you leaving wherever you are so you can meet someone or perhaps finding a more accepting expression of your religious belief?
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    I just came out of a different expression and did not find it rewarding. So I am trying to be celibate again.
  5. It often feels like we're missing out on something when we're not following the crowd, but I've found there's many things we do without in our lives all the time. There's many movies we have not seen for example, many books we have not read or had no desire reading, but these things do not feel like a loss. The funny thing is when we stop something we find something else to do. I quit martial arts recently and instead I ended up igniting an old passion in drawing. I even found what I feared living without was actually not what I wanted to do. I live we a fetish for giant woman which is an impossible fantasy to have and the truth is because of it I've never had a partner and could likely lead me to never having a partner due to lack of attraction, however I can still exercise, game, draw, read, learn, watch, listen, write. We don't even need to be social sometimes to live rich lives as some historic writers and artists have managed. I'm not a religious man myself, but assuming if there is a God like that in christian theology, they have created a interesting world which to a human makes very little sense, especially when things seem to contradict. However if God makes everyone with a plan, as longs as you hold on to doing the right thing you might find things that contradict don't really in reality. Part of God's transcendent knowledge of good we do not possess. With every sacrifice comes a benefit and though you do not see the straight forward benefits of your celibacy, there must be a reason why you chose to pursue it. Only via seeing it through will you discover what it is and just because you can't see it now doesn't mean its not there. You have faith in God and this benevolent being has probably never manifested clearly, so surely you can have faith that the plan God has set out for you is good even if its isn't clear. Trust me when I say the universe is very big. We view a tiny speck of it called earth, which is smaller than any dust particle or even an atom in relative scale as a whole to us, as a very big place. God evidently has given you something in this place which would allow you to live a rich fulfilled life as a celibate.
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    GO ahead man,do whatever makes you happy.Life is too short to not do whatever you want to do.You can have a beautiful family,a good life and lovely home.I have met one lesbian couple who also went against their religious restrictions to get a life,family and children.And they are so happy now.They have a beautiful 5 year old girl,a lovely home.Go ahead,don't be scared.

    I mean no offense but that's why i am happy that i am an Athiest to be honest.No OFFENSE AGAIN I am saying.I respect your faith in your religion but being athiest removes every god damn restriction from you.I can eat whatever i want,do whatever i want what i believe is that i should have my own moral standards which i should follow.

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