The Importance of Meditation

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  1. I wanted to write a post about how important meditation and mindfulness has been in my recovery.

    Firstly I am no expert, i'm not a monk or a hippie I am just a huge believer in the mindfulness.

    Imagine when you are hanging out to know the feeling. Your mouth goes dry, your focus narrows and you become solely focused on getting off. Your brain is clouded by the fog of dopamine and you are literally swimming in your desire to jack off... happens to us regularly right?

    Well how about instead of going for the phone, tablet, laptop, chat app or anything else you use to get off with you have an intervention on yourself and meditate.

    Through meditation and mindfulness I have learnt to recognise when I am feeling triggered and to 'watch' or 'curiously observe' my triggers as they are happening to me. I can see myself getting horny. I can feel my heart rate go up. I know that if I continue that way it is going to end in PMO or other destructive behaviours so I reflect on how I am feeling in that moment without judging myself or my feelings....just watch.

    The result is that the feelings generally subside and I am able to move on...

    Is it tough? Yes in the beginning meditation is tough. It doesn't come naturally to us and it can be hard to quiten the mind. It is 100% vital for me though to address my PMO / cybersex and phonesex triggers and has helped me put together a 59 day streak which I am enjoying now.

    I recommend if you are new to meditation try Headspace app or any guided ones on youtube (if you can stay off the harmful content that may trigger some folk on this forum). Wim Hof Method is also good (google / youtube search)

    The practice will get easier in time. I do 15 mins twice daily. It will make you generally calmer and provide an extra layer of emotional resilience that will help you cope with the stress of day to day life.
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    Good post.

    I’ve done meditation before, but I never focused or took it seriously. It sounds like it’d be good to do, since noFap is something that requires a lot of mental discipline to accomplish.

    When you think about it, meditation is kind of the opposite of PMO. Meditation, if I’m not mistaken, is about slowing down, and giving your mind a break, whereas PMO is about giving yourself as much stimulation as possible, often to the point of insanity.

    Anyway, thanks for the post. I’ll be sure to add this to my reboot.
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    Meditation is indeed about removing stimuli. And being content without any stimulation.
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    dude....thanks for making this post! I appreciate it!!!
  5. Happy to help. I hope you get something out of it. Try this one as a starting point. Just a relaxation one.
  6. It's good advice. I've been starting meditation myself, for various reasons, not just for nofap. When I first started I could barely do 5 mins.! Now I'm doing 15 mins. pretty much every day, and finding myself actually looking forward to it. Just like exercise, some days are better than others, but I'm slowing realizing a cumulative effect which as you say is helping me build a more resilient attitude.
  7. Agreed. It can be difficult in the beginning but now I love getting my 15 minutes in 1st thing everyday. I try and do another 15ish after dinner. Replace those unhelpful activities with positive ones :)

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