The importance of O or not

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by gutihaz, Jan 11, 2021.

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    Im 36 years old... Sorry for my level of english, is not my language. So Im worried about the process, because a time ago I have been like 50 days in hard mode and then the erection having sex was amazing, how it has to be. But I dont know if it would be forever if I dont come back to porn. The fact is that I came back to porn.
    But now I have girlfriend, so I am doing abstinence of P and M, but with her I do O, the problem is that my erections are not very good(70% aprox depends on the moment) Im taking pills while I do the reboot completely. The problem is that Im on day 35 and dont see too much good results in my erection and I know that If I have done the hard mode my erection right now would be very good. So the problem is the O?? I mean, If I am 90 days without O and then I have regular O with gf my erection will be soft after that days of O??? Im a bit disconcerned with that. Thank you so much.
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    while i am no expert in human romantical relationship i am pretty sure your girlfriend is going to be pissed if you tell her you can only have sex once every 3 month.

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