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    Thanks friend,

    I think I started to underestimate the PMO cycle, I was aware of what I was doing but I still justified it and gave free rein to the fall, now this is horrible I have been relapsing all these days, I feel bad about myself, I have not been able to get up , I should never have taken the break in the NOFAP forum, how stupid I am.

    I think there is nothing left to do but continue, keep walking, re-read, review the forums, and the information that helped me achieve more than 40 days of streak.
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    Thank you flight officer!

    If I think I must continue, we have no alternative, this garbage cannot take more days from our lives, it is horrible to relapse : (
  3. My friend this the time where you should be so cautious.
    Its now or never.
  4. Bro, I recommend you to have 90 clean days and take a break from this community.
    Good luck!
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  5. Day 1/5 Farmer.
    Terrible fall yesterday friends. So bad I know it is the last time. This is a battle for existence I will fight for my life.
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    Hello friends. My urges are at peak now and I find one solution to stay busy for whole day. I'll stay internet free for 1 whole months and come back in day 50. So till then I'll be off.
  7. All the best brother do whatever you have to. We all have your back you can rise above.
  8. Sorry to hear...
    This is worth fighting for. When you fight back again and again... you become stronger than before.
    Bruce Lee once said “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”
    So keep on fighting...
  9. See you my friend on Day 50 :)
    Good Luck and stay on track.
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    DAY 1!

    Thank you Officer, here we go again ... we have to go to outer space... :)
  11. That's so true bro. I feel a stronger motivation than ever.
    On that thought Day 2 as a farmer. It is getting very dry out here the grain is struggling to grow but it is resilient it will yield.
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    Sorry guys I totally forgot about updating here.
    I've already found the coordinates and am on day 10
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    OMG mate. I love this movie. I want to start from 0 despite I started in april.
    I would love to go through every scene. This is an amazing idea. I'm really into Interestellar.

    Put me in the farm NOW!

  15. No Worries.
    I'm happy that you're on track and moving on...
    Now you're an Astronaut.
    Good Luck!
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  16. Welcome Voyager!
    I appreciate that you want to start from Day 1.
    Good Luck!
    Yield more on Farm!!!
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  17. Day 3/5 Farmer
    Just 48 hrs to harvest.
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