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  2. Bro don't be hard on yourself.
    Try to avoid the triggers.
    Hope in this streak you will break the record.
  3. Hey there!
    Wherever you're you gonna spread happiness and positivity around you. You're one of kind :)
    For you I'm gonna personally count your days and update here. As per your current streak concerned You are promoted to dive into wormhole. Hope you will make contact back to earth and looking forward to see you on September 20 with success story as you mentioned.
    Good luck! Be safe! Hit the music ;)
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  4. Yeah bro. Happy that this challenge is gaining momentum and provides benefit to Voyagers.
  5. I completed my Day 1 but relapsed.
    Ahhh... I want to reach endurance in this streak and want to see earth from above for once.
    Day 0/5 - FARMER
  6. Day 3 Deep in the wormhole time is warping around me there are dimensional planes one could only imagine. Controls are unresponsive.

  7. Some of the theoretical science behind some travel to beyond!
  8. I'll come back to this challenge after I complete a week.
  9. Thanks for sharing :)
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    My Journal
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    checking in for day 4....feeling great
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    Checking-in Day 4, I will not PMO today.
  13. thinking_differently

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    ———Mission Log———
    Day 2 was decent.
    The next 2-4 days are gonna be crucial.
    Lockdown is in place. No Youtube, No Instagram(that’s going away for long).

    “Don’t go gentle into that good night.”
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  14. I worked well on the farm today, so it's a clean day
  15. Welcome Voyager!
  16. Its been 4 days in this wormhole it just keeps going it appears to be ending for a moment then we are catapulted into another void no less marvelous as when we first entered. The structure of the hull seems to be holding together but one may speculate in a moment of madness it is not as it somehow bends around my hand as we get tossed around like a cork in the ocean.

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    Checking-in Day-5. I will not PMO today as well. Hey @hoping_cannon I am a Drone Catcher now. Gotta catch the drone.

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