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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Issah, Apr 22, 2019.

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    In my culture the bridal party has to do about two dances at the wedding reception, and for the past 2 months we have been meeting up some Saturdays to practice the dance moves. The guy who was helping us with the choreography was a handsome, spiritual and funny guy.

    Anyway I thought he could be interested in me, he seemed really friendly, giving me extra attention but we never exchanged numbers or anything like that.

    So saturday the wedding came and everything was great. It was a fun, beautiful night. At the end of it my cousin and I are in a car together and he calls her. And then she tells me she met this guy so-and-so and we joke lightly and move on.

    Anyway later on, alone in the car i just start getting in my feels on some what is wrong with me tip. Am i not pretty enough, am i lame or too silly. Why would he seem interested in me but not be interested enough to do something about it, he met my cousin that night but had known me for about 2 months.. and as my pity party was deepening. This thought popped into my head..

    If someone doesnt see me, they dont have the eyes to see. And that's okay. Someone elses personal preference has nothing to do with my value as a person.

    And I just felt really proud of my brain in that moment. Cos sometimes it seems like I dont have my own back and I just let myself wallow so it's good noticing theres a mental change taking place.

    So I thought I'll create a thread for those mental battles that we win, no matter how small. A thread where we can share thoughs moments where something happens and instead of just letting thoughs self defeating negative thoughts consume us, we cause ourselves to think more positively/realistically.

    Maybe if we share thoughs instances outloud we will create more of them?..

    A thread to celebrate the little wins that go on in the corridors of our minds.
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  2. Path to infinite self love and acceptance is sometimes so mysterious

    Best thing is that you're aware and seem to be very wise person, take it as a stepping stone for better things :)
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    Dunno if it's the prayer and affirmations I did this morning or the need to improve (on Something..Anything) just so there can be a win to post on this thread, but I started today on a good note, and as a result I accumulated a few wins as the day progressed.

    My most appreciated win though is.. (its so lame hahaa but it's my win so dont judge..) But, I made the bed this morning! Whoooop whooop. AAAANNNNDDD cleaned a bit before leaving (which i usually do on the weekends)

    Mornings during the week are my most underutelised moments, I hit the snooze button way too much and usually end up being a frantic mess, whose probably going to be a little late :( and I dont even eat breakfast every morning!

    So these seemingly small steps, were giant leaps in the scheme of morning things for me.

    If I can just start by not snooze buttoning so much and be consistent with that flippen bed making, by the end of the year I might just have a morning routine of legends. :) *cue in fireworks*

    Or atleast have time for breakfast..

    Aaah baby steps.
  4. congrats that's progress!

    Now make it as goal to do that at tomorrow morning! Then it is already 2 days of consistency, it builds up and then 3rd, 4th 5th and so on..

    It takes just a one month to have that legend routine, if you stick to it everyday since now! :)

    Momentum is the thing which grows when actions are consistent, and then it is easier to do those things daily because you get used to them :)
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    Well, today was a bad day. When I got home I wanted to work out and I tried but I was too tired and clumsy so I kept trying until I started to get cold and had to stop or I would pass out, so I guess I won because I didn't gave up in trying I suppose.
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    @Successwithin your affirmation suggestion in the other thread triggered me to actually try some these past few mornings. So thank you.

    @Infrasapiens a small win is still a win :) I remember hearing this finance lady say when we start saving it's not about the amount we save but about strengthening our ability to follow through with the decision we've made. So the fact that you worked out even though you didnt really want to shows you strengthened something, even if it was just a mental muscle.

    I have no wins to document lol. But heres a beautiful quote "Some days we give our best and somedays we just exist.. that is what it means to be human" Najwa Zebian. :emoji_hibiscus:

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