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    If you want to join a gamified NoFap thread, then join us. In the thread there will be wars between two armies for 10 days and the surviving army will be victorious. If you want to know more, click the link on my siganture.
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    Day 7. I waited to post today because I was having some pretty bad urges. I didn't know which way I would go. Not knowing. That's the worst and creates a lot of anxiety for me. When I decide to relapse, all the anxiety pfft gone. The certainty of what I'm doing creates that calm, whichever way I go. The certainty can be made by deciding to do something else. I'm going to watch a movie, calm down, and then practice guitar for a bit.

    I was talking to a woman friend. Asking her how I can get a girlfriend. She's very kind and supportive. A mother too. She said that girls like guys that are interesting. Guys who have skills and are interesting to talk to. Be someone that your girlfriend will have an exciting life with. Well then I will keep developing myself, and not get lost in feeling sad and doing nothing about it. I was feeling horrible the past couple of days. And a part of that is that I did nothing with my time to feel good about myself. The pain was all consuming. I don't know how I haven't relapsed by now.
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    Status of the mission
    3/3 complete

    After blow up the temple, the three jedis
    return to give the informs of the mission
    to the council.



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    Day 22

    JEDI KNIGHT, ah I think saw that somewhere too. Nice one!
    There was something I was wanted to say from last post. I forget, I'll leave at that for now.

    Activating my Twitter again recently because I wanted to see the NoFap twitter account on certain posts. I want to bookmark one my favorites. Posts I wanted to post here. Well this one will do for now.

    Essentially, what one of the fellow Jedis keeps mentioning. And yes I am completely aware it is fake (PMO). I always came to a realization to it since coming back here in the forums and way before that. No need to repeat it to myself.

    The more spiritual and more higher streak I get. The more is the opposite for the "need" for a significant other. Not that I don't desire it because I am always open to it. Of course, there is a strong desire. Just saying when I get more spiritually strong then for some reasons it becomes the opposite for me. The fellow Jedi keeps mentioning it and it is reminds of another people who keeps empathizing it. If you keep thinking about women, that can lead to your downfall. Because of this, then now the question will I PMO because I am lonely & horny? Hmm no, you better say no. Most of the time, I am alone. Dealing with it like a Jedi.

    Here comes my spiritual side lol. Still wasn't the reasons that got me into Star Wars but this is one of the favorites in The Original Trilogy.

    Yoda: Luminous being are we, not this crude matter. You must feel the force around you.

    Keep Training

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    Personal mission:
    2)Reduce social media: 1/3 this mission cost me but i will keep trying

    3) NEW MISSION: uniform your hours of sleep 0/3

    By the way excelent idea Jedi knight for this, i did finish the tasks of the week with more calm.
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    Day 8 down. I think I might be coming down with a flue, which makes it harder to do nofap. I'll just make sure to get a lot of rest so I'm not too tired.
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    day 12✅
    personal mission 1/3
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    Day 26 and 27 checking in!

    Only 3 days to reach the month and 6 days to beat NNN!

    Today I went for a run and spent the whole day advancing with various slopes, the attacks are less frequent and not as strong as before, but I will not trust myself, I will stay on guard, I will complete my training.
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    Day 23

    Luke: You want the impossible.

    Yoda lifts X-Wing out of water and puts it down in land in front of him.

    Luke: I don't believe it
    Yoda: That is why you fail.

    Keep Training
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    Mision 1 ) 1/3
    Mision 2) 0/3
    Ok honestly , i didn't follow the strategie but for now i will do it.
    Even in the flatline periods.
    Let's go once more.
    Humor to neutralize the dark side.

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    Day 28 checking in!

    The attacks lately have been mild, appearing for a few seconds and then disappearing without a trace.

    I feel good, wanting to keep moving forward.
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    Day 24

    One other thing, my body is healed most of it from colds. Most of it are from coughing. From my previous post, I would say I have restricted 100% cold beverages/cold water (except for kombucha). I refrigerate it but it is cold but not cold enough compared to my ice coffee & my protein shake. So I already do that. So that one (kombucha) is ok I noticed. I can't put ice of course because it will make it colder. As I drink and pour it into one of my insulted tea/coffee mugs it retains the same temperature from taking it out. I usually put ice in it and it makes it colder but it that is a no no now. That will make me sick since it cold seasons now. Other than that no cold beverages as much as possible until Spring or leading up to Summer season. This will go on for until April.

    So it is about 4 months? None cold drinks with my exceptions. My point is imagine if you did that with SR/no PMO goals. Huge ups if you can restrict yourself to do that. It doesn't apply with the cold drinks because after 4 months you should still continue doing the whole no PMO practice. It has to be ongoing if possible. No cold drinks strictly for 4 months correlated with the no PMO. Just my thoughts.

    Yoda: Concentrate. Feel the force flow.
    Through the Force, things you will see. Other places. The future. The past. Old friends long gone.
    Hmm...Control, control. You must learn control!

    Luke: Han? Leia!
    Luke: I've got to go to them

    Keep training

    JEDI KNIGHT Fapstronaut

  16. Revanthegrey

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    Checking in:
    Adding more tactics of battle to the reboot.
    Well the week has end.
    So for next week i will start new personal missions.
    Maybe with the last ones i couldn't complete this week.
    New strategie: Mode force unleashed
    After a reset or on periods of doubt do all you need to do for change your enviroment and yourself.
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  17. LLOYYD

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    As Luke left his training & so did I. Relapsed and the same reason with a few things. Starting again sooner or later. I need to make some adjustments.
    It's okay, failure is a process and I said it before.

    Fell to the darkside once again. I will rise again. See you in a bit fellow Jedis.
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  18. CosmeFulanito

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    Day 29 checking in!

    Only 1 day to reach the month and 4 days to beat NNN.
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