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    Hey everyone!
    I'm an aspiring athlete and a colorful guy who was praised by everyone.
    Many of my major goals looked achievable and i did achieve quite a few
    The problem started when i could not get over a long losing streak( not sports but overall in my life ).
    Although i kept tackling the problems , i started giving up( something i never thought i would) and that is where the pressure got the best of me and the addiction began.
    Initially i reduced the stress through it but i kept loosing my self as a person.

    Finally, I realized that there would be consequences in the long run and that i had to fight the demon within.....
    That is why I'm here..
    Hope one day I'll get rid of it and need all the help i can from you guys...
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    Welcome man!
    You did the rigth choice coming here ; )

    Rebooting is for the mind and body, NO PMO and keep reading rebooting materials so you'll brain wash yourself!
    Learn from mistakes. Don't hesitate to ask for advices.

    Have a nice journey toward a healthy life-style
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