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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by BushidoWarrior, Nov 17, 2015.

  1. BushidoWarrior

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    duration ~ every day for 30 days
    Step 1/3
    Easy difficulty ~ Pick a random NoFap user
    Medium difficulty ~ Pick two random NoFap users
    Hard difficulty ~ Pick three random NoFap users

    Step 2/3

    On their News Feed/s, you post either:
    (a) a sincere compliment
    (b) a statement of motivation/encouragement just for them, or
    (c) a message of heartfelt sympathy / compassion if they're having a hard time.

    Step 3/3
    Reply to this thread, and tag their name/s in your post.
    ~ reasons why you should do it ~

    Being kind is a surefire way to increase your own happiness.

    Rejoicing in the victories of others increases your own expectancy that you yourself will win. It's called vicarious victory.

    And let's be honest; it's just a good thing to do. You want to be a good person, don't you?

    Well, what are you waiting for? Let's all go and be awesome people!
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  2. BushidoWarrior

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    1. @thegoodlife ~ Wishing you all the best man! To exist is to persist!
    2. @taqwa ~ Congratulations on your epic victory! I'm sure that you will build upon this success and move on to do great things!
    3. @JeSuisRich ~ You can do this bro! I believe in you 100%!
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  3. galaxim

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    Very good idea! The images are broken (at least, they're broken for me). As @ronswanson said, you're always welcome to comment on our journals. :) In the past I was thinking in making a thread along those lines, a thread called "Your Daily Act of Kindness", where you could list positive actions directed towards others (if you think that's a good idea, please steal it). That's the great thing about journaling, when taken seriously, that you compromise to do something TODAY. You stop postponing your life for a "tomorrow" that never comes. As Ron also said, you DO deserve credit for what you're doing, Binge.
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  4. BushidoWarrior

    BushidoWarrior Fapstronaut

    1. @TheUnnasumingMammothrept ~ Keep it up man, you're doing awesome!
    2. @Handzfree ~ Wishing you a most successful Reboot my man. You will knock it out of the park; I know you will!
    3. @Zinc ~ You've got this bro. Keep at it, and your victory will be guaranteed!
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  5. Beautiful thread! Will begin the challenge soon :)
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  6. @marcpro ~ I like your mindset. Your insights are inspiring my friend!

    @HopeFaith ~ Me too. And I have to work 8 to 5 tomorrow, wish I had just one more day off. Sigh, well at least I have powerful tonic herbs and medicinal teas to give me a boost! What healthy stuff can you think of to pep you back up? Or maybe some wholesome relaxation techniques to get you recharged?

    @BingeArousalAddict ~ I also have low motivation right now. Yet I have this innate spark in me, and deep down I know what treasures await if I can rise and conquer. A life of true beauty, and manifestation of goals that will not be stopped by any external forces. The power is building slowly, but I know what I need to do to keep it building and not fall off again. Humility and patience, discipline and support from positive people in my life will bring me to the life I so envision.
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  7. taqwa

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    Thanks for the well wishes. I wish you much success brother. Stay strong! Win! I expect you to be right beside me soon.

    @braveheart56 ~ Nice. Don't be nervous. This is a different journey for everyone. This could be challenging at times, but it could also be the most rewarding thing you can do for your life!

    @britaxe ~ Lol, very nice to hear my good man. Stalwart progress mate!
  9. Interesting.

    One immediate benefit of taking on this challenge is I am finding myself looking for ways to go out of my way to be kind to people outside of the challenge :)
  10. BushidoWarrior

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    1. @dettol ~ Be prepared for hardship my man. And know that you will be stronger for it! I believe in you.
    2. @Lumberjack-off-Man ~ The cravings have nothing on you. You will get the better of them, and you will achieve mastery of yourself. I know you have the power to do it.
    3. @sashk7 ~ Use those memories man. They can either bring you down, or they can motivate you. Choose the latter. You got this.
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  11. @Donut_Tai ~ That is the mindset of a winner. Good to hear!

    @Buddhist Athlete ~ Very good to hear. Keep making solid progress. You are on the Path to ultimate liberation and perfect enlightenment my good fellow! This could be your last round in Samsara if escaping the dusts is important enough to you.

    @bizket1 ~ Solid and steady wins the race!

    Pretty cool kindness site :):

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  12. Thank you so much my friend! I feel peace after reading this comment.. I hope this is my last round.. I find it very difficult to live the way people are living these days.. it suffocates me! Now I realize why I've seen so much pain in my life.. it is the key to liberation! It takes you closer to the ultimate truth.. limelight makes me feel uncomfortable! I feel happy I found you.. its like finding myself.. I sense a strong Buddha nature in you too my friend! :)
  13. BushidoWarrior

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    @marcpro ~ smash it out of the park brother!
    @Fedora ~ who are you? YOU ARE A CHAMPION!!!
    @braveheart56 ~ They may take our lives...but they shall never take OUR FREEDOM FROM FAPPING!!!
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  14. @Jersey ~ Right on! Way to go, come on now 10 days till 90, smash your fear of the weekend plan something exciting!


    @TheBeachvillain ~ WHAT UP BRO, IS THAT THE DUDE IN YOUR AVATAR!? Totally gnarly, awesomeness my man!
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  15. Jersey

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    Yeah you're right. Tomorrow I will do some bike (80km) =). Thanks for the good vibe!
  16. BushidoWarrior

    BushidoWarrior Fapstronaut

    1. @CL555 ~ BUNKER UP COMRADE! These are the moments which separate the men from the boys!
    2. @marcpro ~ Don't worry man. You did not fail; you found a way that does not work. May your next Reboot be amazingly successful!
    3. @TheBeachvillain ~ I like your attitude man! If you can keep it up, you'll smash your Reboot easily!
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  17. @Abdullah ~ Nice going man, keep it up!

    @Cheekydevil ~ YAAS!

    @Jackhammer ~ Pick your head up and don't look back, just remember everytime you PMO you are actually increasing cortisol levels which equals more stress. I know you don't wanna increase your stress levels. Meditate!
  18. Holy crap I mighta missed yesterday LOL! Ah well I will make up for it, I really thought yesterday that I did this so the thought of doing it was there at least :D

    @Elduderino ~ Try, try, and try again! We all fall down at some point often times many times. But what ultimately counts is the day we stand up and don't ever fall down again. The only way to get to that glorious day is by getting back up each time we fall.

    @Snake ~ "When the snake sits on the right
    The truth is always the anti-venom
    The snake sits on the left
    The truth is always the anti-venom" - USS (UBIQUITOUS SYNERGY SEEKER), Anti-Venom

    @Harb ~ DO YOU MINDFULLY! Way to make progress!
  19. This challenge is difficult just for the sheer amount of effort it takes to get a post completed LOL, jumping back and forth between 3 profiles and writing this post, wowsers no wonder people aren't really participating most likely.

    @Neo76 ~ Happy Thanksgiving!

    @Debarchan Goswami ~ My young friend, don't forget to check out the new version of the awesome P recovery program Fortify 2.0, it is free for people under 20!! www.fortifyprogram.org

    @Getting clean ~ GO GET IT! SUCCESS IS A MINDSET!

    Did yall know being kind even when it seems kinda forced or artificial like in this challenge is kinda AWESOME?

  20. My vow of forum silence forbids me from going any farther with this challenge.

    Twas a beautiful idea :D

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