***The Kindness Challenge***

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by BushidoWarrior, Nov 17, 2015.

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    1. @Chef Boy She likes real gentlemen who don't whine or masturbate.
    2. @KoalaDude Sup dude?! Hang ten bro!
    3. @fucked_up Yo are you fucked_up bro? Hope everything is straight man.
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  2. fucked_up

    fucked_up Fapstronaut

    Nice one dude. Yeah everything except my life is straight. Hope everything is straight ok your side too
  3. Well all I can say is is that your choice of username is like a magnet to keeping shit fucked up. Porn fuckin ruins lives brah. Wake up or watch it keep gettin shittier bro. This ain't a fuckin game kid.

    This video should explain more about why I am saying your username was ill-conceived. Sorry if this is harsh kid there comes a time where we have to man up or risk turning into degenerate worthless losers,

    I've been thru war kid and I'm alive of course everything is straight. If it wasn't I wouldn't be in this challenge nor reaching out to you.

    Go on.

    Keep criticizing Toshiro for having a big ego or being a judgmental prick. When your life is fuckin ruined maybe you'll rethink my intentions.

    Fuckin boys need to man the fuck up around here.

    Ban me, I'm ready to move on and up anyways.
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    1. @PotentLife Weariness is temporary. Either stay in the cycle, or break it. Weariness is not forever, unless you choose it.
    2. @Marki211192 Recover.
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    1. @Ted Martin Truth. Peace and Wisdom be with you.
    2. @Believe & @Lone_Wolf Me too Believe. I'm just gonna piggyback on this comment like a hobo wearing a clown nose hopping aboard the NoFap Express to Awesometown if ya don't mind. Hope you're having an OUTSTANDING week Lone_Wolf!!
    3. @DannyCool I wish you well in your quest Danny boy!
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    1. @magnificentpasture "Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper, but the one who confesses and renounces them finds mercy." Tis good you confess them here, but it really only counts if you confess them to a Father/Pastor/Priest etc. which I hope you also did or plan on doing.
    2. @Lazarus Shuttlesworth Jesus loves all of us, because he wants us to change and trusts we eventually can and will embrace the goodness in us.
    3. @Hannah77 That sounds blissful Hannah! Today is a day to be outside, indeed.
    BONUS ROUND: @Cool Joey AWESOME JOEY!!!!!!

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    1. @AccioMagikarp Very unique username! Welcome!
    2. @MatthewSmith33 Hope is all going well Matthew!
    3. @Geyser I hope the Geyser has been dormant lately! Dormant, but not sleeping. Channeling the immense power within rather than wasting it in a momentary blast of pseudo-relief.
  5. Wow.

    Either this challenge
    1. seems fake, forced, or corny (it's not, kindness is awesome, and it's fun to be kind in all kinds of ways whether it's a challenge like this or it's whacking someone upside the head as a stern warning for their own good)
    2. seems too difficult or time consuming (tagging at least 1 person a day is not time consuming or difficult)
    3. or it shows the lack of truly kind people on this forum, porn and fapping kills kindness after all
    1. @Phoenix333 Sir. Sir. It's about to get hot like Phoenix flame in here. I'm gonna have to make another post for your kindness dose, brace yourselves.
    3. @fupornwife You're going to be like a Karezza Master when you're done here Ma'am.
    1. @gallardo Nice video indeed! Thx for sharing!
    2. @Brock Brannigan I hope you're crushing your recovery Brock! God bless you!
    3. @Daniel856512114 Hope everything is well Daniel son. You look like you play violin or viola, surely your skill will increase the longer you progress here.
  6. Holy shit balls gonna whack this sucker off with 33 hits of kindness right now since I need to manage my productivity and limit usage here in these final weeks, scaling the challenge difficulty back to 1.

    1. @Alpinist It was such a pleasure knowing you here man, even if it was only knowing each other behind masks of anonymity. I enjoyed all your threads you're an amazing person gonna miss your digital mental footprint buddy.
    2. @A Vikings' Son I love and trust in you brother. Stay strong, win!
    3. @shearer93 '93 till Infinity WUT SON?!?! GET THIS DONE BRO, CONQUER YOUR OWN MIND!
    4. @Wrong Side of Heaven Keep going, steady does it man!
    5. @harsh chandani You got this man!
    6. @Owari Owari I'm going to miss you, find your purpose and devote your mind, body, and spirit to accomplishing it, don't waste your vital force and innate talents to the demon of PMO!
    7. @acceptance&surrender CONQUER AND DOMINATE. SURRENDER TO NONE OTHER THAN YOUR OWN BETTER JUDGMENTS and guidance from above or Mentors/Teachers of some kind if you have any.
    8. @adamos127 I hope the exploration is going well adamos!
    9. @agentcarr20 This is excellence.
    10. @alekniranjan Very good.
    11. @Funky_Buddah I hope you're well mate!

    This takes longer than expected lol I don't blame people for not taking up this challenge, will crush the remaining 22 tomorrow.
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    1. @Merlin74 STAY MAGICKAL MAN!
    2. @Merlionno You have such a sweet face. Find a relationship, say goodbye to NoFap, and never look back man. Stay strong, find your purpose, don't submit to gloom and doom. Rise up, become your best version, like yourself, and you'll be ready to say goodbye and attract potential mates to ya.
    3. @Ankur Sharma Excellence.
    4. @Els11 Hi (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
    5. @noFapToTheFuture Your avatar is right on. Muhammad Ali was a great man.
    6. @Syrie Hi ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)
    7. @MrCharacter Love the avatar mate. Love your character. Keep building it. I'm going to miss you.
    8. @Amukadi8 I'm going to miss you Amukadi, you know what, I'm going to follow you on Soundcloud right now so we're still connected somehow. I might be back here for a progress update in several years, who knows what my future self will decide is best?
    9. @Marsbar “Forget the years, forget distinctions. Leap into the boundless and make it your home!”
      ― Zhuangzi
    10. @GnosisToday “If you have insight, you use your inner eye, your inner ear, to pierce to the heart of things, and have no need of intellectual knowledge.”
    11. @Son_of_Iroquois I'm going to miss you Son. Stay strong in your quest, and acquire self-discipline, and wisdom will come flowing into your mind that will set you free once and for all.
    12. @L Coroneos Time to end this thing man. You weren't destined to spend the rest of your years counting streaks on NoFap. Find your purpose and end it. Become a new person who just doesn't even want to fap.
    13. @Law Wisdom!
    14. @overclocked I hope you are trying to overclock your mental faculties as much as your computer! Level up your mind man!
    15. @JesusGreen JG, keep up the brave journal here man! Aesthetics, self-confidence, well-being > wasting yourself away to strangers destroying their lives on camera.
    16. @Hermetic Axiom I dig the username. Power of Hermes be with you.
    17. @The Godfather I think I saw your avatar on Reddit lol. Hope your trek is going well, may the future be fruitful!
    19. @nomo Nice avatar!
    20. @Strugglesaurus May your future be bright and rewarding!
    21. @Dorian Gray I hope Dorian crushed/is still crushing his progress.
    22. @Nofapsincebirth Come on dude you can do this!
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  7. Merlionno

    Merlionno Guest

    Thanks man, means alot to me
  8. BushidoWarrior

    BushidoWarrior Fapstronaut

    @deathstroke1990 ~ Well done my friend. I'm back after a long absence myself. May we both succeed with flying colours!
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  9. BushidoWarrior

    BushidoWarrior Fapstronaut

    1. @SMK ~ I highly recommend meditation. It teaches you to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable feelings like boredom. Somebody once told me that boredom is simply a lack of attention. How true that is! Kia kaha friend. Wishing you well.
    2. @Enigmatic ~ Forty days! Wow! You've achieved a lot my friend. I'm happy for your success so far. Kia kaha!
    3. @Dhampyr ~ Sixteen days a champion. Well done my friend. You are becoming a cerfified beast. Take no prisoners in the game of life. Let nothing stop you becoming your best self. CARPE DIEM!
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