THE LAST JEDI currently has a worst user score than any other Star Wars movies

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Taylor25, Dec 16, 2017.

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    Fan art, yo.

    “Meesa horny.”
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  2. I felt the movie was a bit too predictable in some parts. It didn't quite have the excitement as The Rogue One imho.
  3. No, I googled "Jar Jar Kinks".
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    Lord of the Holes? Yeah Ive seen them........last year. But I still have to watch that hobbit.
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  5. Movie goers are tired of the social justice propaganda being pumped in to all forms of media. There's been an awakening.
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    Yes! B/c movies are never be used for social propaganda!

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    307 fresh reviews and 27 rotten reviews all by critics on Rotten Tomatoes and it stands at 92 percent. 53 percent by the audiences? What the fuck is going on?
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    Key phrase: social media. I watched the movie, but first I’m going to address the influence of social media and why I just can’t let it sway my opinions on things like this. Let’s be honest that it is pretty much off the rails anymore when it comes to today’s general discourse. It can’t just be “I liked it” or “it wasn’t very good”. Through social media, seemingly every critique or assessment of anything is somewhere along the lines of either “the greatest of all time” or more frequently, “the worst pile of crap that no human should ever experience”. Just like the 5 star rating system. You usually see 1 star or 5 stars for the same product, rarely anything in between. It’s like people are trying to be the loudest ones in the room when it comes to everything these days. It gets magnified even more when you have a highly anticipated release of an edition of one of the most popular franchises in American cinema. In summary, screw what you hear and watch it for yourself.

    Now to the movie:
    Personally, I would’ve liked for them to explain where Snoke came from. It also felt like a letdown when they made the half-hearted admission that Rey’s parents weren’t anyone special. I only say this because ‘The Force Awakens’ made quite a tease about this storyline as if to set up something big concerning this later on. Other than these two things (and maybe the one where Leia could fly back from a space explosion), I liked the movie. I would give it a favorable review overall.
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    I know this is an off-topic thread, but this movie got me thinking about my rebooting and the whole idea of letting go of the past, even killing it if you have to was something that really motivated me. Also, Rey fighting so hard because of the faint glimmer of hope that she's holding onto. We all need to hold onto that hope with all we've got and fight for change. Even if that change is terrifying. I hope I'm not out of place in posting this here.
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  10. I have no clue what you're attempting to say.
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    [​IMG]Never mind.
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    The report I got was that the fanboys who hate it are also nerdy enough to program bots to give out disproportionate numbers of zeros on those sites.

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