The Last Season of GOT

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    Oh really? How about for those like myself that are turned on by body hair?
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    This show screwed itself over in my opinion when they made Jon Snow fall in love with his aunt. Sorry but that made the show go full circle stupid. We thought incest was gross in the first season with Cersei and Jaime and then by the end they half stepped in that the audience was semi accepting of this unholy alliance between Jon and Dany, but then it got weird bc Jon thwarted her advances and couldn't follow through once he knew her relation to him. I think it was all just twisted and I seen from the beginning of season 7 or 8 as they started going down the path of John Snow's origins how this would play out. And season 8 was way rushed, and too much poliically driven. It ended bad and I read the books and don't want to even finish them anymore bc of how bad the show ended.
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    They have changed them now just to prove me wrong, haha! :rolleyes:
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    I stopped actually watching the show after I saw how badly they butchered the character of Stannis and in general how the quality of the writing was dropping, but I still kept up with it to see how far it could sink from the amazing seasons 1-4. Its somewhat bittersweet that what I predicted back in 2015 came to pass, at the expense of a show I used to love.

    Honestly, I feel sorry for the actors at this point, in particular Emilia Clarke. I dont really like Daenerys as a character, and found her fan-girls super annoying, but the actress overcame a potentially life ruining stroke and threw herself into the role, only to have her character arc rushed to the finish line in 2 episodes instead of the full season it really needed to be satisfying. In this clip I found, she almost sounds like shes going to cry, it made me want to give her a big hug and tell her its going to be OK. (The video doesnt seem to have popped up here but its just a ten second twitter video that opens if you click the link)
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    That's simply incorrect. There is no pussy shots, and only a few dicks, which are used for humour. Nor are the incest scenes graphic.
    I obviously do not recommend watching the show if you are struggling with porn addiction, but I had to stand up for Game of Thrones just a little.
    It's different for everyone, but personally, when I am watching the greatest story of all time, I don't get caught up on a few naked bodies now and then.
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    That is not what I heard from just about everybody that has ever spoken about it on here (including fans by the way).
    That's your call, of course. But even seeing naked bodies occasionally is not advisable for NoFap members trying to reboot.
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    Making just 6 episodes was stupid idea, I do not know who came up with such a brilliant plan.

    There is no way that they would be able to somehow give enough screen time to every character and important events in plot. What is enough screen time anyway? It is space that is given to viewer to make him care about character, their stories, background, how they feel...

    What I loved most about GoT was this sense that the characters from Westeros could really exist, they seemed and acted so real. It wasn't dragons, white walkers, wizards etc., but interesting characters, their decisions, smart moves, making mistakes and paying for making them.
    Community of GoT viewers was at first build on that.

    Then came wights, giants, grown dragons and so. Fantasy is fun and cool and all that, but if there is no one in the story who you can emphasize with, its just that. Cool realistic looking PC models. Empty.

    I am disappointed. (Brynden Tully on Jaime Lannister :emoji_wink: on bridge of Riverrun)
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    You mean when the best battle commander in Westreros burned his only Heir alive and attacked winterfell with no siege equipment?
    Wasn't a big fan of that either.
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    Theres all that, then there is Ramsay attacking with a vastly inflated army theres no logical reason he should have, it somehow ALL being cavalry, Stannis not even making his army march in formation, and to add insult to injury, not still winning on account of his army being made up of pikemen who's entire job is to kill people on horeback.

    Compare this to the book version of the same story, where Stannis has a much larger army of mountain clansmen and smaller northern houses he liberates from the Ironborn, he commands way more respect, and he has positioned his army near a frozen lake its theorised he will trick the Bolton forces into riding over so they fall and drown. Meanwhile, Ramsay and Roose are having to deal with discontent in their own ranks, with two major players being the Manderlys, who hate the Boltons, and the Freys, who everyone else hates. As of the last book Roose sends these two forces out into the snowstorm together, and its logical to assume the Manderlys will turn on the Freys and go over to Stannis.

    I appreciate the show cant show ALL of this nuance, but it didn't even try to. It broke the rules of its own world to make Ramsay invincible and Stannis a moron, and it was at that point I knew I could no longer trust the show to be consistent in any way. Now, three years later, we see similar issues pop up with the wildly inconsistent number of troops Dany has, the making normally smart characters stupid (why did Varys do what he did so openly), and shock and setpiece at the expense of logic.
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    Its so obvious from those behind the scenes clips that the writers dont care about the show anymore and were just trying to wrap it up so they could move on to Star Wars. You can almost see the gears turning as they think "shit, how do we rationalise this?"
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    The quality of the writing started to deterioate since series 5 when the show took over the book but last series was shockingly lazy!
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    I'd rather just see a spin-off series with Arya and Jon
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    Ultimately, I like how the show was wrapped up. But i agree with you. It needed more time for the execution. More focus on dialog and character moments. Apart from it being squeezed, i think it works out for the best. A period of calm, of rebuilding, and knowing that the next monarch will be chosen not born eliminates a bunch of shit. Thing that ticks me off the most about season 8 is how so many beloved characters seem to lose their intelligence. They seemed to be less thinking, planning individuals with their own hopes and desires, and more plot devices. Cersei was the worst. Sansa maybe came off the best, as she was actively engaging the world and looking out for her and her people's interests in every circumstance, and learned her lessons well from Littlefinger. I'm actually really okay with this ending. It's not a hero's ending in any way. The whole series has pointed to this happening and anyone who expected a happy ending was delusional. This is probably more of a controversial opinion but I'm so glad there was no Arya killing Dany scene or Bran warging into a dragon. I've always disliked the more magical and fantasy parts of the show (including the white walkers). So i'm glad that there wasn't some deus ex machina kind of way to save Jon.The first parts of the episode with Dany giving her speech and Jon killing her were great imo. Simple and to the point, very heart felt and generally a good tragic end to that story, Very beautifully shot too. I actually really like the Stark's endings. Jon being king felt really cliche to me and while it would technically be a "good" ending it still felt to generic for me. I like the idea that he goes north and he is with Tormond and Ghost. Arya sailing off made perfect sense and the north being independent was great. It had a great sense of closure and I did feel it really captured that Bittersweet feeling.
    It would of been so much better had season 7 and 8 just been 10 episodes a piece. Just a little more time to flesh out the story points and make them feel earned. The Bad:

    That "trial" scene was just really forced and weird. It went from Jon killing Dany to everyone seemingly chummy and sitting around the dragon pit. I just had to guess that a lot of time had past. It felt really out of place and didn't convey the gravity of the situation. I would of much preferred it if they had at least shown that the Unsullied still held the city and that there were armies waiting outside. Make the tension of the situation more known.

    Bran being king is technically a good idea. But it just really feels out of nowhere. Why was anyone else okay with this? Sansa said she wanted to be independent, why the didn't the iron islands and Dorne say the same thing? My personal vote would be that no one is king. It just doesn't make sense anymore.

    That council scene was pretty silly. I mean Sam practically winks at the camera when he says "its called a Song of Ice and fire" then they started making jokes. Idk some of it was good, anything with Davos is good, but man it just felt forced.

    Speaking of which Tyrion should of died. His "punishment" is dumb and Grey Worm should of known that. Jon's death would of started a war so that makes sense. But Tyrion being hand of the king felt really cliche and dumb. I love Tyrion but he should of died. Pod is now a kings guard? Why? Give him knighthood let him get married and have kids, why does he need to be in the kings guard. for that matter why the hell is Brienne in the kings guard? Shouldn't she be serving with Sansa? Not bad just odd.

    Bronn being at the council felt like that whole Q rating meme. On one hand I get it and kind of like it. He was a cut throat just like all the other houses and its very thronesy to put him there. But I don't think the season earned that. Dany had to die. But she really did have to die. You could never have a respected government built on what she done. And top of all that, an aunt and a nephew, lovers ruling the seven kingdoms. That wouldn't have been breaking the wheel. That would have been more of the same. In a way, Dany needed to die to accomplish her primary goal. And she did. Jon was happiest in the true north. He's going back there to be with the free folk. He needs room to wander. He's got Tormond and Ghost. So happy for him, that he has a life now where he can breath and not feel burdened by responsibility or expectation. Jon finding the strength to kill Dany was great. It was a very optimistic ending which left so many paths open.

    Visually, the episode was amazing as always. All the Drogon shots were awesome. I loved the throne melting scene. And Drogon flying Dany back to Volantis. Drogon would have destroyed Jon if he weren't a Targaryen. That was a great scene.
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    Conceptually the ending worked, in execution I dont think it did. You already mentioned some of the plot holes but there are so many even an uber nerd like myself cant remember every one.

    . Drogon not killing Jon and instead destroying the throne may as well have been a deus ex machina, symbolically it makes sense but it just comes across as cheesy, why wouldn't the creature so loyal to Daenerys not be sent into a rage when he finds her dead? Jon pats him that one time but that nowhere near enough setup.

    . Dany gives a speech in a language only the Unsullied can understand (High Valyrian). The Dothraki and Westerosi characters have no way of understanding what she is actually saying, may as well be gibberish to them.

    . Arya sails off to find new land its already canon doesnt exist, so she is basically dead when she runs out of supplies. Either that or she sails around the world and lands at the far corner of Essos which is thematically way less exciting.

    . Bran being king is not a good idea. Hes a barely human lich who will live hundreds of years before he succumbs to old age, just like Bloodraven before him. He is detached from the real world and is being advised by some of the most incompetent people left alive. A Maester who never forged a chain, a master of coin who is an unscrupulous sellsword, a hand who apart from that brief stint in season 2 has basically been messing up the whole series. Only Davos makes sense. Cant wait for another civil war that kicks off 5 minutes after that bickering scene ends.

    . Speaking of which, Bran can see the future, so he saw all the events of series 8 and did nothing to stop them. It seems to me he only told Jon about his lineage to mess things up KNOWING he would then be voted as king, which sounds awfully nefarious to me.

    . At the dragonpit scene, why does Yara laugh along when Sam suggests direct democracy? The Ironborn ALREADY democratically vote for leaders, or did the writers forget?

    . I appreciate the thematic intentions of Jon going north, but I dont understand why Sansa didnt just immediately pardon him, as would be in her power to do so now the wall is separated from the other kingdoms by a newly independent north. They could have easily just pretended to go along with Greyworm then gone back on it as soon as he left, I dont understand why this didnt happen from a logical standpoint.

    . On that note, Naath is full of butterflys that carry a deadly flesh eating virus only the natives are immune to. So Greyworm and all the Unsullied are dead.

    . The part with the book made my soul leave my body, it was so on the nose, and a blatant rip off of Lord of the Rings.

    . The biggest issue I have despite all these other things is the amount of dead time the final episode had, time spent on characters just walking and not really doing anything, a little bit of this makes sense but it went way way too far in this, if you remove all of it theres only like half an hour of actual meaningful content. Like I said originally it really felt like the writers stopped caring and just wanted to rush it as much as possible so they could bail and do Star Wars. HBO would have given them as many series as they needed and they turned it down, this is official, I will never not resent the writers for doing this to an adaptation of one of my favourite book series.

    At this risk of sounding like I'm speaking from a horse so high I'm above cloud level, I was talking about this kind of thing as far back as season 5, and barely anyone ever listened to me. The kind of rational and thought out disagreement you gave me was the appreciated exception, not the rule. The majority of the time I would try to articulate what I have articulated now, albeit for different seasons (for example the whole Stannis thing) and be hit with lines such as "Oh you just need to stop nitpicking", "Just shut up and watch it", and the old classic "Stop being a contrarian". I cant help but find it ironic that actually liking this last season seems to be the contrarian position now, even I didn't see that coming :D

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    No. I started the first few episodes of season 1 when it first came out and I wish I hadn't. It might be a bit strange but the thing that really bothered me was elfs say fuck this, fuck that. I have no problem with someone saying fuck but when a character that I tend to associate with children stories says that word I find it disturbing.

    Anyway, I admit that's a silly reason. The real problem I have is that GOT had sex and nudity enforcers on set. I'm not against sex and nudity per se if it's put in for the sake of telling a story but GOT isn't. Another thing is GOT is based on the Plantagenet and War of the Roses so you could read a book or watch a documentary about that. It's better because it's real history and still has an impact on the world today.

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    I wouldn't recommend due to sexual content - i myself have relapsed after watching GoT everynight, and today decided to end it.
  19. He didn't ask if the show had triggers. The man just wanted to know if the show was good or not.

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