The last straw

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    I'd like to stay anonymous on this site as much as possible, while sharing my experience as openly as possible. So to do that I'll start out by saying one day I wondered, as I was staring into the wall in my room with not a glimmer of emotion or motivation, why I went from being a prominent athlete and scholar up until my 8th grade year. I began failing grades and losing interest in sports until I eventually quit sports altogether in sophomore year. I stopped wanting to have relationships with girls and I was tired, sad, and apathetic all the time. This wasn't who I always up, so I googled the symptoms. Then it dawned on me while I was scouring the Internet; what could my daily routine of pmo be doing to me physically and mentally? Then I found this website and many others. I have tried to quit many times before but after a week my head would start to spin (literally, I felt dizzy) and I would give in. Then it would spiral down into binging and making matters worse. Then I was back, staring at the wall, as a junior in high school with not future ahead of him, thinking, "Is this it?" I was so sick of life I just wanted it to be over with. But after reading the stories and success here, I decided that it won't be it. It's the last straw and it's time to take my life back.
  2. Hello friend and welcome to NoFap, congrats for your first step, check some useful links in my signature and goodluck with your challenge!

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