The legalization of Pornography

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  1. So after experiencing the effects of pornography would you want to ban it? Or make it harder to access? I ask this because i myself am in favor of banning it. I wanna protect people from what i am going through, from the detestation porn and masturbation has left on me. What do you guys think and be nice if someone disagrees treat each other like family.
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  2. Chudmeister

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    It would be like banning cigarettes, they are killing you but it's your body. It should be banned, there would be more human connection and less antisocial people.
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  3. JakeWoods

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    I don't think it should be banned. I do however believe people need to be made aware of the effects that it can have. If I had known what it does to your brain when abused, I would have never used it.

    It's similar to cigerettes, everyone is informed on the danger of cigerettes but people still use them, this is their choice. I believe it's the same with porn.
  4. I don't really believe in banning things. Im Christian but I dont believe in forcing my morality on anyone else because some people think differently and should be able to make their own choices as long as they don't directly effect others. The only real solution to societies problems is a collective wake up call, cultivating a culture of real common sense parenting and a deviation from this corrupt media we consume.
  5. Funny you ask. Yesterday in bed I had the same thoughts.
    But a prohibition would fail. Just like any other prohibition on the planet eventually fails.

    But what would be a great idea is to apply taxes to it. Just like for tobacco or alcohol.
    Because it would still be accessible, but not for free. This way it´s also harder for minors to access it.

    This may sound totally ridiculous but I think this might work :D
  6. ConstraintsTheory

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    I don't think banning porn will solve anything. It will create a black market of sorts to get that type of product out to people. Prohibition didn't work it just created black market brewers to make alcohol. i don't believe in a nanny state where you have other people telling you what you can and cannot have or watch or wear or even say.

    However I think awareness to the dangers would be a good thing. I think the vast majority of people are unaware of the detrimental effects it has on them.

    Like smoking it's printed on the box what it can cause and do I remember the PSAs about what cigarettes contain at the end of the day it's a personal choice if someone lights up.

    I remember a math professor told me that in his home country of Brazil they actually have pictures of the side effects of smoking such as a blacken lung. A funny side story my professor told me that one day an older man walked in and bought a pack of smokes and it had a man that was impotent due to smoking the older man said he didn't want that one he wanted the ones that gave the black lungs. Haha...

    However, I will say this though it is statistically noteworthy that smoking warnings and the awareness of the dangers of smoking has lead to a decline of People smoking. Granted people still smoke but not nearly as much these days.
  7. Ashin_kusher

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    I don't think they should ban them because that would make me a hypocrite since I advocate for the legalization of marijuana and use the logic that if it's only hurting ourselves, the government shouldn't have a say in it. But I do think they should at the very least make it so you have to fill out your age on all adult websites. Cigarettes and alcohol websites all make you do this. I also like what the guy above me said about taxing it. If you made it to where it was required to make an account on porn websites and pay a one time tax to use the account, or yearly, a lot less people would use it. At the very least they should be required to talk about the negative effects of porn that are scientifically proven before you enter the site.

    Any of those would be a deterrent without actually telling adults what they can and can't do to their own bodies. I know as a young kid if I had to figure out a way to pay a yearly tax on it, I would not have been able to access that kind of stuff without my parents knowing about it which would have definitely deterred me.
  8. Red Eagle

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    The problem with porn is the accesability. Every teenager can access it and fuck up his views on sex. I'm personally in favor of banning it but I know that is probably not possible. It should be at least much harder to get your hands on it. You should have to actually spend money on it. This would correct most of the faults of high speed internet porn. Being able to watch as many videos as you desire. That is what causes the negative brain changes.
    They should also teach that porn is not realistic in school.
  9. Queen_Of_Hearts_13

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    I don't think it should be banned but restricted like I don't know if it's possible but to somehow restrict it more on the internet? That way kids (who's brains haven't developed and are more susceptible to addiction) wouldn't be able to access it.
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  10. Skadoosh

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    It's basically legal prostitution. On top of that, there is a lot of abuse and whatnot in pornography and it's honestly just a terrible thing in general, let alone the damage it's causing people both physically and mentally. If prostitution is illegal, pornography should be as well. It's not ever going to be banned though.
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  11. Gotham Outlaw

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    In a realistic world I think porn sites should require credit card info. That way minors will have a hard time finding porn. I also think there needs to be more info on the negative effects of porn. If however some bizarre turn of events lead me to be Earth's dictator I would shut down all porn sites and have the producers and performers executed.
  12. Queen_Of_Hearts_13

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    I like the whole education piece but why have people executed? That's extreme. Have the producers arrested and the performers would need psychological treatment after the abuse they've been through
  13. Gotham Outlaw

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    Porn has ruined people's lives, and caused some to commit suicide. It's also a fantasy world where I'm a dictator. It's not meant to be realistic.
  14. Eroticism is okay. Pornography should be banned and actors/producers should face jail.
  15. I don't believe it should be banned; however, I do believe it should be treated like other commodities such as alcohol, cigarettes, etc. There needs to be stricter rules and regulations within society. Family's shouldn't have to purchase parental filters and plans to avoid pornography on the internet, it is the porn users who should have to contact their survice providers to add on porn viewing capabilities. That will not only cut down on the costs families have to pay to use a resource, it should impact pornos income as well since the embarrassment of adding that feature will, most likely, deter others from watching porn.

    Yet, there is no fool proof way in our technological age. There will be those who will create work arounds to get what they want.

    Banning it completely will just create a huge underground market which will draw in underground/criminal low life's. Like with what happened in the USA during prohibition.
  16. Gotham Outlaw

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    I think you're right on with that. I mentioned needing credit card info for mine, but I think your idea is actually better. Service providers will only let account managers change the internet plan.
  17. Forbidding pornography would eventually, in some cases end up with worse scenarios than it is now. Even now, a lot of people on the side make money off people who watch porn, not to mention us, porn addicts. It would open more rough market of porn, and since it would be illegal those who provide porn would make more money due to constant risk.
    By putting "regular" porn into illegal basket, you would spread out even bigger accessibility to child pornography as well.
    Since these two would belong into same category as of illegal and you'll come up with bigger issue as possible.

    Drug is illegal as well, yet drug cartels and dealers make huge amounts of cash out of it. Their greatest sabotage would be legalizing drugs. So if we can get something out of this, it would be that forbidding porn through law would eventually cause bigger problems than they are now. Rising up awareness about pornography addiction and great education about it, would significantly change things, to the better.
  18. Themadfapper

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    Prohibition does work. It can work for drugs and alcohol. A few cases where it supposedly failed doesn't make it an absolute truth. In the case of porn, prohibition would make a tremendous difference. Even if it was just light prohibition driving it underground would be huge. We are saturated with porn from the time we are born it's all over television, magazines, the internet, it's everywhere. Porn being forced underground and not on mainstream TV would change lives and many people who otherwise would have been hooked would not. That would put things back closer to the 50s or 1800s much less sex addiction certainly less porn and wanking.

    This idea that prohibition can't work that it is governed by some unalterable fate is false. It's a American "freedum" fairy tale, IMO. Having hardcore porn on regular free TV, having children watching it, or a society that doesn't allow porn. Do we assume both society's end up the same?

    As for drugs. Americas has them illegal sure, but the media glamorizes drug usage, it is encouraged. Not only are drug dealers cool in the movies and many in society hold them in high esteem, but drug use is encouraged in the movies and we always hear about celebrities doing drugs. The point is it's not real or effective prohibition when they don't allow it, but encourage and push it at the same time.

    Some say the CIA is involved in drug trafficking. Now that may just be to other enemy nations to cause destabilization? It would not shock me though as drugs are pushed so heavily by Hollywood Meanwhile drugs being illegal and the ostensible war on drugs allows the government to take away more and more human rights in the supposed war on drugs.

    If America invaded Mexico and Columbia and shut down their Cocaine. If they actually shut down Heroin production in Afganistan instead of restarting and cultivating it. If they went after big time drug dealers and executed them if they shut down gangs. And most importantly if hollywood[ which nearly owns the minds of the majority of the people] portrayed drug dealing and usage as something similar to how they portray Nazi Germany. That would be the end of illegal drugs in America for the most part.

    Also, another evidence of how they allow drugs is seen in our everyday life. Most of us have been around drugs at some point in our time I think? We can see that the distribution of these drugs is not very clever, and how they do it is common knowledge amongst people. Everyone knows what the drug dealers are doing and how it's done. It would be the simplest thing to shut it down, yet the cops turn a blind eye to it and allow it to happen.

    corrupt policing is no joke and the penalty for it should be such that it is discouraged from happening again, but we have the opposite right now with cops getting passes.

    There has been censorship in the past it worked. All this porn addiction and wanking addiction started when they started pumping out porn obviously. The idea that going back to the old censorship laws won't work is frankly Brainwashing!

    I apologise for the rant about drugs as it really doesn't apply to pornography.

    Pornstars are celebrities now and porn is advertised all over the place. [ porn to me is lude pictures it doesn't have to be a movie] It's an attack on society.

    Just like you have been brainwashed to think that outlawing porn will make more porn addicts [ it sure as hell won't for future generations, potentially they might not even know what it is] your brain gets influenced by all the smut you are surrounded by.
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  19. If you understand the way prohibition works, then you'd know that banning something dangerous is absolutely the worst way of decreasing its use. It just creates an unregulated black market, and actually increases the number of users.

    During prohibition years, consumption of alcohol increased - and then when it was legalised again, consumption actually decreased.

    The same is true for other drugs. In countries where drugs are decriminalised or legalised, there are actually fewer drug users, and less addicts.

    Another aspect about criminalisation that is incredibly dangerous and that I doubt anyone here has even stopped to consider. When you make something previously legal illegal, the people who "pick up the slack" and take over the industry, are the ones who run similar illegal industries.

    In the case of say cannabis, this means, the people who sell cocaine, heroin, etc. This means people who might not have been exposed to those drugs if cannabis were legal, are exposed to them because many people who can get them weed illegally, can also get them other drugs.

    ...but what about porn? Surely there isn't an illegal porn industry, right?

    ....But there is. Child porn. The people making that would be the ones to pick up the slack and take over the porn industry if it went underground. So now you get a second problem, people who would have previously just been exposed to regular porn, being exposed to child porn as well. Surely though people know the difference right - that child porn is simply completely wrong? Well, they do now, but, when regular porn is illegal too, and people start questioning and judging a law that's restricting peoples ability to indulge in their sexual desire to watch others having sex.. then people start asking questions about the other forms of porn.

    It happens with drugs. I tried weed, realised it wasn't all bad. I tried psychedelics, realised they weren't all bad. So I figured, morphine and heroin probably weren't as bad as they made out either. Not only that, but even my initial interest in drugs, was all due to prohibition. I thought illegal would be exciting. I ended up an addict because of prohibition. Had these things been legal/decriminalised, I'd have never even tried them.

    The other thing is, what are you going to do - start locking people up for filming themselves and their partners having sex? That seems pretty draconian to me.

    What about the users? Are you going to arrest people for watching porn? Because if you are, that's fucked up.. You're worried about porn ruining peoples lives, and yet you're happy to throw them in jail and ruin their lives for them. Double standards much ...and if you aren't, then there's no deterrent to watching porn - so people will continue watching it all the same.


    Policing peoples bodies and habits has never worked, and never will. Prohibition is not the answer. Education is. Our sex education is completely backwards right now. We teach kids about masturbation in school, but all we teach them is that it's good and healthy. We never even briefly stop to mention the fact that just like anything else in life: you can do too much of it. We never stop to say "Yeah it's healthy, if you do it in moderation, but too much and you can become an addict". We need to start doing that. If I was aware that masturbation and porn were addictive from the beginning, I wouldn't have used both with the frequency I did.

    We don't need to demonise porn or masturbation, and we certainly don't need to criminalise them. What we do however need to do, is let people know that they're not something you can keep using indefinitely without consequence. Moderation is necessary for everyone, and for some people, it's better to avoid them entirely.
  20. Themadfapper

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    I'm not gonna throw out insults. I'm just gonna say your version of history is not only false it's absurd to anyone who looks at it with the tinist amount of common sense. You actually think alcohol consumption was greater during prohibition?

    You have to use your own fucking brain and think. Use logic and stop believing every stupid fucking thing you hear. All you have to do it think about it, instead of believing everything you are told without question.

    For example how common do you think alcohol consumption is now? It's ubiquitous, isn't it! Nite clubs, bars, these are huge business. Alcohol is the main part of so many lives and it is a massive gateway to other drugs. It's in the nite club scene, it's in the secluded family scene where mommy or daddy are drunks or just recreational drinkers.

    Like I said don't believe everything you read that is just something I grabbed off google and newspapers are notorious for being full of shit. But use some common sense, man. Were people swimming in pools of alcohol back then? How could they possibly be doing more than they are current society?

    You are saying that up is down that black is white when you say prohibition will increase the usage. Maybe you have some flawed belief in people that they "always find a way". They don't! People are sheep that do what they are told and if they are told evil they do evil.

    With porn, this is so much more obvious than drugs. The legalization of all this vile smut is cancer on society and the evidence of that is all around us. How can hiding porn especially from children cause its usage to be more prevalent? It's everywhere right now we are saturated with it. Do you think making it "illegal", having some boundaries is what I mean not the death penalty for old playboys is somehow going to make it more ubiquitous than it already is? I don't think that is even possible.

    Also, keep in mind alcohol is easy to make. Anyone can make it with very little in a basment. Cocaine, on the other hand, seems to be more difficult.